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The Cube is a three (or 4 in some cases) sided application that can be lauched with a swipe of your finger across the screen.


   * HTC Cube
   * Slither's SCLPC++ Cube
   * Slither's SCLPF Cube
   * Ultimate Launch

HTC Cube & TouchFlo

This is the default Cube that come with most cooked ROM's. It is controlled by an application called FTouchFlo or FTouchSL. To enable the cube, open FTouchFlo Config (or the SL equivelant), click on the General Tab and Select Enable FTouchFlo.

To launch the cube, have a look on the Gestures Tab in FTouchFlo Config to see which gesture is set up for open. To do this change the Gesture combo until you see open in the Command line parameters box.

If you have never used the Cube before, go to the General tab and set the Timeout to 300ms.

Now go back to the Today screen and slide you finger in the same direction that was mentioned in the Geture Combo: The format of the text in the combo is From-To so Down-Up is from bottom to top.

Just place you finger in the middle of the screen at the top or bottom and drag it in one fluid motion slide it to the other end of the screen.

Once you have the hang of using the Cube, you may want to reduce the Timeout to 100-150 ms.

Only the HTC Cube's Favourites are mirrored in the HTC Home plugin's Favourites. If you are having problems getting the favourites to stick in the HTC Home plugin., I suggest adding them via the HTC Cube.

Slithers Flash Cube

Have a look here for more info: [1]

Slithers C++ Cube

Have a look here for more info: [2]

4 Sides

Slithers Cube's have 4 sides but the HTC one does not. Have a look here at the Process for adding a 4th side. [3]

Slither's Flash/C++ Cube all in one bundle

Have a look here for more info: [4]

Ultimate Launch - Today Screen Plugin/Program Launcher

This is a today plugin that can contain the following on each face: multiple today screen plugins, program lauchers or a combination of plugins and launchers. Swiping motion horiz or vert can rotate cube or launch programs. Thread here: [5]


Animation Speed

You can configure the animation speed of the HTC cube by modifying the following values in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>HTC>Biotouch>Biotouch> UpFPS, DownFPS, LeftRightFPS.

Anything below 20fps and it begins to lose its' smoothness