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Dell Update Process

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The OTA process for Dell devices is slightly different from normal OTA updates such as on Nexus devices.

On a Nexus or similar device with an update available the device downloads the latest update zip that contains the pieces required to update it to the lastest available version. On a Dell Android device it downloads an update pkg that is an update zip but in encrypted form.

Also on Dell devices, the roms are differentated by region, the decrypted update pkg will check to see that the current recovery region matches the update itself. So that you cannot install an update from a different region without reflashing your stock recovery.

A fota mismatch occurs when the recovery is from a different region then the update pkg, commonly caused by the user downloading the update manually. An example is trying to run a 00 region update (which would be a retail update) on a 31 region recovery device (which would be an At&t device)

Stock Update Process

(Assuming the device has a stock recovery installed)

  1. Checks if there is an available update from Dell
  2. Downloads the correct update pkg
  3. Reboots into recovery mode
  4. Decrypt the update pkg
  5. Run the update pkg
  6. Update pkg checks to see if it is the correct device
  7. Update pkg checks to see if it is the correct region
  8. If both are true, begin update process
  9. If installation completed sucessfully, rename decrypted copy to update.pkg.dec

Update pkg Naming Scheme

Update pkgs are named as thus (with exceptions):


example: Thunder_408_20707_14.pkg

Is a: Dell Venue gingerbread rom, version 408, build number 20707 for region 14 (olleh kt)

  • Device:
    • Streak for the Streak 5
    • LG7 for the Streak 7
    • Gallo for the Streak 10
    • Thunder for the Venue
  • Version:
    • 0xx: Android Various Prototype Roms
    • 1xx: Android 1.6 Donut
    • 2xx: Android 2.1-update1 Eclair
    • 3xx: Android 2.2 - 2.2.2 Froyo
    • 4xx: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
    • 5xx: Android 3.1 - 3.2 Honeycomb
  • Build number: Self-explanitory
  • Region:
    • 00: Retail Unlocked
    • 11: Hong Kong Unlocked
    • 12: Softbank
    • 13: Starhub Unlocked
    • 14: Olleh
    • 15: China
    • 16: NTT com
    • 17: E MOBILE Unlocked
    • 21: O2
    • 30: Dell
    • 31: At&t
    • 32: Rogers
    • 33: T-Mobile
    • 34: Cincinnati Bell(?)
    • 51: Prototype Rom(?)
    • 99: China - Yi

Version String Naming Scheme

The version string reported in about device is:


example: GAUSB1A110100

Is a: Dell Streak with donut, version 101, region 00 (retail/unbranded)

  • Device:
    • GAUSB for the Streak 5
    • GLUNB for the Streak 7
    • GALLO for the Streak 10
    • MILLM for the Streak Pro
    • GTOUB for the Venue
    • GLEOS for the Venue Pro
  • Hardware Version:
    • 1A1
      • for the Streak 5
      • for the Streak 7 4G
      • for the Streak 10
      • for the Streak Pro
      • for the Venue
    • 1A2
      • for the Streak 7 3G
    • 1A3
      • for the Streak 7 Wifi
    • 1A4
      • for the Venue Pro
    • 2A4
      • for the Venue Pro
  • Rom Version:
    • (See Above)
  • Rom Region:
    • (See Above)