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Latest version 1.4.26 available, see below!

Since my extended ROM is locked and I really wanted to customize my extended ROM (=collect the best from all available versions without the crap), I created a tool which is called ER2003Edit.

You can use this tool to:

- Display and edit the header information

- Extract and modify the splash bitmaps

- Completely modify the contents (=extract, delete, import, rename) via Drag'n'Drop

- Automatically calculate the checksum during save (thanks to Itsme for finding out the details!!!)

What this tool can't do:

- Edit other ROM images than those for the xda2

- Edit files from the OS and Radio images (support for editing the OS image may be added later)




Just install and try....

Please not that this software hasn't undergone thorough testing, so please be careful, use at your own risk! Only thing I can say for now is that it worked for me!

Have fun!

Current Version Status: Version 1.4.26 - released on 22.3.2005

Fixed bugs and improvements:

- The "Activex can't create object error" on Windows XP is fixed

- ROM file autodetection works now depending on file name,

 selecting explicit file type is only necessary for non-
 usual filenames

- the new passwords are automatically tried

- opening ROMs is much faster

- the operator ID and language ID the the device will be set

 to can be edited (for extended ROMs)

- nbf files are associated with ER2003Edit for direct opening

 of nbf files from the Explorer

- Sorry: No support for other devices yet!

Version Status: Version 1.2.20 - released on 30.3.2004

Fixed bugs and improvements:

- The setup now contains the correct dll for XORing...

- ER2003Edit now includes improved support for the other

 WM2003 ROM files (for header editing) with auto-detection

- "Error accessing image files" is no longer displayed for

 non-extended ROM files (please read last paragraph!)

Version Status: Version 1.2.19 - released on 30.3.2004

New feature:

- Editing of the header data is now supported. You can change

 the device name, operator and language fields. This is
 especially useful for dealing with the "country code error"

Fixed bugs and improvements:

- Due to color conversions the image quality degraded a bit on

 each save.
 This problem was corrected now: The images are now only saved
 when they have been changed

- ER2003Edit now supports the latest version of HimaUpgradeUt.exe

 ( which is used by the latest O2 upgrade (1.60.52)

- Splash screen is now white (some people didn't recognize it

 as a splash screen..)

- Previously changes to the ROM files were made directly to the

 opened file. Now all changes are made when clicking on "Save"

Version Status: Version 1.1.16 - released on 12.2.2004

Fixed bugs and improvements:

- The msvcr70.dll is now installed into the correct directory

- The folders in the open and save dialogs are now remembered

- The bug that images were only saved when displayed during save

 is now corrected

Version Status: Version 1.0.12 - released on 28.1.2004

- Initial Release


Download this setup. All previous versions will be upgraded automatically

Download from this location on FTP: