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HTC HD2/Jellybean/FAQ

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Reported Bugs

  • Signal Bar
NOTE: this is solved since v2.1
If you have only 1 signal bar showing, open a file explorer with root access (e.g. root explorer[1]), open /system/build.prop . look for ",singlepdp,apptypesim" and change it to ",singlepdp,apptypesim". save the file and reboot.
  • Developer Options
On this version of android Developer Options doesn't show up in the settings. to enable it, go to Settings/About Phone and tap on build number seven times. Now you should be able to see it in settings.
  • Camera
NOTE: This is solved in v2.1 by reverting back to CM10 Camera.
The camera has a few problems in this version though the pictures it takes are clear. You can install a camera app from google play (e.g. Camera ICS) or use the APK from other 4.2.2 roms . The apk is located at system/app/Gallery2.apk. Apparently the one from Tytung's JB v1.4 works as well.
  • No Data with RMNet
If you still have problems with data, reflash the rom and choose PPP instead of RMNET. this might fix your problem
  • No Wifi
This is not related to the rom. It's regional and it's a known bug and has been since ICS . Install Wifix Manager [3], open it and tap the install button. Dial *#WIFIX# whenever you wifi stops working.
  • Alarm Force Close
Apparently this only happens when you do an upgrade instead of a fresh install. Go to Setting/Apps, find clock and tap clear data.
  • Really Loud Sound
This has only been reported by one user and probably has something to do with Low Sound Fixer running in the background. To fix this issue disable/enable the lowsoundfix app and then reboot the phone.
  • Standby Resume Issue
This is also related to SD Card unmounting by itself. Reduce the animation scale in developer options to .5x (or disable it), use lesser widgets on lockscreen and unless you have a very high speed card (preferably UHS speed class 1), do not install Native SD version.

Additional Tools

  • OpenPDRoid patch and working SWAP script


  • Invisible Power Button

[5] for V2.0 [6] for V2.1 [7] for V2.2

  • Enable Vol. Rocker Wake

[8] NOTE: This is solved since v2.1

  • Disabling Camera in lockscreen


  • Remapping all buttons for waking up lockscreen (avoid unwilling wakes up, calls and photos)

[11] (edit /system/usr/keylayout/htcleo-keypad.kl)

  • Softkeys in landscape (32.0 dip)


  • Adhoc Wifi Fix



mentioned bugs are reported for V2.0 and 2.1 [14]. if you find a new bug/fix post it in the thread (once) and add it here. please keep it english