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Factory Settings

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Factory Settings

Accessed using code 126


Hardware related settings (eg. canbus, dvd, tv)

Radio Band

Select radio band that works in your country

Change startup logo


Set default audio levels


RDS: Display Radio Data System info for radio stations that support it

Front camera: Activate front camera (usb for inbuilt recording)

Wheel3: (possibly a poor transcription of freewheel) Affects the operation of the volume knob. If this is incorrectly set, the volume control will not work properly. Likely related to the type of rotary optical encoder used.

RGB LED: Button lights

Rudder: Lets HU know if car is left or right hand drive (eg. for displaying which car door is open)

Disable app install: Don't allow apps to be installed

Key light: Keys lit always or with illumination wire.

No wheelstudy:

Keymap option:

Touchmap options:

Reversing brightness: Change in screen brightness when reverse camera is activated