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Fuhu nabi

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Fuhu nabi
Fuhu nabi.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Tablet
Manufacturer: Fuhu,Inc. Fuhu,Inc.-icon.png
Release Date: December 2011
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: (W)214 x (H)140 x (D)24 (in mm.)
Weight: 580g
Display: 7” WVGA TFT-LCD Capacitive Multi-Touch Display (Scratch Resistant Glass), 800 x 480 Pixel Resolution
Chipset: 1.1Ghz (533 MHz x 2) ARM Cortex-A9 Dual-Core Processor PowerVR SGX @200MHz Dedicated 3D Graphic Processor
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 512MB Ram, 4GB NAND
Memory Card: MicroSD Slot, (4-8GB known)
Networks: n/a
Wi-fi: 802.11 b/g
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR
Video out: Not Known
Camera: Front Facing Camera
Secondary Camera: None
Battery: 3,400 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Other features
Additional Features: Micro USB 2.0 Port, Mini HDMI, Built In Microphone, G-Sensor


nabi tablet, first tablet from Fuhu, Inc. who teamed up with Toys R Us to sell a tablet that is fun as well as educational and features a “kiddie” UI (running on Android 2.2.1 Froyo) and allows your children to access Internet, watch movies, read books and have access to various educational programs safely without the worry of them having access to content you do not approve of. The tablet can still be used as a normal tablet just by entering a password and unlocking the tablet.

For more information on the nabi tablet visit:


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