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HTC Blackstone Rom156

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Understanding the 1.56 Roms

This Page was opened on 08/04/2009 and was based on the following current versions

OliNex HardSPL 1.14 [{HTC_Blackstone_Flash3|Wiki Page]] Thread USPL 2.5 by stepw HTC_Blackstone_USPL Wiki Page Thread

Objective: To provide :

  1. A better understanding of the 1.56 roms.
  2. Known issues with the 1.56 roms
  3. Status on HotFixes
  4. Useful extractions out of the 1.56 rom

The Thread on this subject is

(ROM) new official RUU_BlackStone_1.56.4xx.x_Radio_52.62.25.34_1.13.2 5.24_Ship ROM


1.56 Rom Details

  • Rom 1.56.4xx.x (43972) WWE, Rom date 06/03/09.
  • CE OS 5.2.20764 build 20769.1.4.5
  • radio protocol
  • SPL 1.54

Flashing outcomes when runing the ship.exe

  1. If your device CID and the CID of the ship.exe do not match you will get ERROR 294 : Invalid Vendor ID
  2. If you have OliNex 1.14 HardSPL installed on your device , it will not automatically be replaced with SPL 1.54 therefore you will have color issues (Green screen) with 1.56 ROMs due to a mismatch of drivers in the Rom and the SPL more in this Thread or Thread
  3. If you didn't have OliNex HardSPL installed, your Stock SPL will be replaced with SPL 1.54 and it's better to flash HSPL 1.56 instead of 1.14 as a final step after the ship ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU) finishes flashing, if you want HSPL to flash cooked ROMs More in this Thread
  4. If you are a Vista or Windows 7 User read Understanding Flashing with USPL as a Vista or Windows 7 user - quick tutorial as you might have USB driver issues that have Nothing to do with the 1.56 Roms

Flashing Methods

  1. OliNex HardSPL does finally support the SPL 1.54 (under version number 1.56.OliNex) thus this tool can be used to flash 1.56 Roms.
  2. Alternatively, USPL 2.5 does also support 1.56 Roms
  3. If you have OliNex HardSPL 1.14 installed you Must update to OliNex HardSPL 1.56 (or you will get color issues, sorry need to repeat this)


  1. Flashing a 1.56 ship.exe will need a hard re-set and thus you will lose all data (contacts, phone list) and programs, sync your data and use PPCPimbackup 2.8 (Link:
  2. Using backup tools such a SPB Backup are not recomneded as system data from your older Rom version could be restored.
  3. Flash as always at your own risk, read the threads and wiki pages of the tools that you use.

Cause of Greenscreen Problem

"The greenscreen problem in the 1.56 roms is caused by the disptools.dll driver. Whenever you want to cook a rom based on this rom version simply replace the disptools.dll file from e.g. the 1.19 rom and the greenscreen problem is gone. It took me quite some time to track this down to a specific driver. However, glad I finally found out. Hope it helps. I also created a cab, see if it works when you are running the stock 1.56 rom and suffer the greenscreen problem. See attachement for the fix." kwbr Post

Options if you have Olinex 1.14 HSPL installed then installed a 1.56 rom and now have greenscreen

- (Not recommended) Revert back to stock SPL (using Restore-SPL-1.xx from HSPL thread) - Update HSPL to 1.56 (After flashing HSPL 1.56 your device will reboot and the greenscreen problem is gone.) - Or Use USPL 2.5

Options if you don't have a 1.56 Rom installed on your device but want it

  1. If you don't have Olinex 1.14 HSPL
    Download stock ROM (RUU exe file) for your CID (region/operator)
    Flash ROM
  2. If you have Olinex 1.14 HSPL
    Recommended method is update to 1.56 HSPL
  3. If there's no stock ROM for your CID
    Wait for a stock ROM to be released for your CID or flash HSPL 1.56 package or flash via USPL 2.5

Options once you have ROM 1.56 and SPL 1.54 installed.

  1. If you want to install another stock ROM
    Download stock ROM (RUU exe file) for your CID (region/operator)
    Flash ROM
  2. If you want to install another stock ROM with a different CID
    Download stock ROM (RUU exe file) for any CID (region/operator)
    if you have HSPL, then just go to next step, otherwise Use USPL 2.5
    Flash ROM
  3. If you want to install a custom ROM
    Download custom ROM based on 1.56 (else you will have greenscreen issues)
    if you have HSPL, then just go to next step, otherwise Use USPL 2.5 (USPL is safe in this case too)
    Flash ROM
  4. If you want to install Duttys HD V2.7 (or Higher) XTREME Rom
    Download Duttys HD V2.7 (or Higher) XTREME Rom Thread
    see 3rd point above.
  5. If you want to install HardSPL
    if you have SPL 1.54, it's recommended to flash 1.56 HSPL, not 1.14, but that's also possible (possible but you will have the green screen issue described above, so not recomended!).

Hot fixes do you need them or not if you have 1.56 installed? (we think Not!!)

Based on HTC UK site here is what I can work out HTC UK Support site

  • Hot Fix to enhance virtual viewfinder in the Camera on the HTC Touch HD
  • TouchHD_NoisePixel.exe ->Yes ---> POP UP
  • Hot fix for resolving a display flicker of the title bar in TouchFLO 3D
  • TouchHD_display flicker.exe ->Yes ---> POP UP
  • However when you try to install them you get the Following POP-UP
  • Hotfix.jpg
  • Hot fix to enable Live Streaming TV function for HTC Touch HD (only for the operator Telenor in Sweden)
  • TelenorSVE_StreamingMediaFix.exe ->Yes
  • Hot fix for improving the on-screen slider feature for answering calls
  • TouchHD_SlidingAnswer.exe - No
    • This hot fix only can be applied for ROM version 1.21.XXX.X or previous.
  • Hot fix to enhance response time for HTC Touch HD
  • TouchHD system.exe - No
    • This hot fix can only be installed in ROM version less than

Useful extractions out of the 1.56 Rom

  • RilPhone.dll found in this Post
  • Note we have not been able to get the extracted RilPhone.dll to work with an extracted 1.13 radio (HDuser 12/04/09)
  • Read thread Latest HD Radio for more details

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