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HTC Blue Angel/BoardIDs

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Board IDs and equipment of Blueangels!

After booting the BlueangelKernel, log in with
and run:

~ # dmesg | grep -i board 

Board ID Camera WLAN LCD type Provider Model Colour Device ID
0x5 NO Yes O2 Germany XDA III Black
0x5 Yes Yes Sony ACX502BMV T-Mobile Germany MDA III Silver
0x5 Yes Yes Qtek 9090 Silver
0x6 Yes Yes Vodafone Germany VPA III Silver
0x6 Yes Yes iMate PDA2K Silver
0x6 Yes Yes Orange (NL) SPV M2000 Silver
0x6 Yes Yes Orange Switzerland SPV M2000 Silver
0x6 Yes Yes Toppoly TD035STEC1 Dangaard Italy Qtek 9090 Silver
0x5 Yes Yes iMate PDA2K Silver
0x4 Yes No Verizon Wireless (USA) XV6600 Silver
0x5 Yes Yes O2 UK XDA IIs Black
0x5 Yes Yes Orange UK SPV M2000 Silver PH20B

Sony ACX502BMV LCD seems not to be compatible with 0x6 Board

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