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HTC Evo/ROMs/3.26.651.6

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General Information

Official Froyo OTA Update


  • Performance
    • 2 to 5 times faster than Android 2.1
    • Faster, more powerful browser
    • Smoother scrolling
    • Faster app switching
    • Overall improvement in responsiveness
    • 4G speed improvement
    • 720p video recording improvement
    • Faster GPS triangulation in Sprint Navigation
  • Features
    • Long pressing Home button shows 8 recent apps (instead of 6)
    • Adobe Flash 10.1
    • Google search (widget and bar) options: Web, Apps, All
    • Camera flash accessible to Camcorder
    • Left and right landscape mode
    • 4-way camera orientation
    • Free apps can be shared
    • Send contact as vCard via SMS
    • Larger Message compose window with Attach button
    • Message count badge
    • MMS slideshow editor
    • Exchange support with improved security, remote wipe, auto-discovery, global address lists look-up, lock screen timeout, and calendar sync
    • Facebook events and birthdays appear in Calendar
    • Unknown Facebook users can be added to Friend Stream
    • Local search in Friend Stream
    • Facebook comments in Gallery
    • Numeric and alphanumeric password locks
    • Adjustable alarm volume
    • Voice dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth
    • Store apps on microSD card
    • Forward/Back arrows in Gmail message
    • Multiple Gmail calendars
  • Android Market
    • "Update All" button
    • Automatic updating option
    • App comments/reviews appear in their own tab
  • Apps (developer-controlled)
    • Installable on microSD card
    • Android Cloud to Device Messaging for mobile alert, send to phone, and two-way push sync functionality
    • Bug reporting for users to send crash reports to devs
    • Data backup and restore
  • Settings
    • Sound and Display settings are separated
    • Dock setting
    • Voice input & output setting
    • "Move to SD card" in Applications -> Manage Applications
    • Different lock options in Security setting
  • New Apps/Widgets
    • Flashlight
    • App Sharing
    • Car Panel
    • Calculator, FM radio, Profile, Ringtone, and Message widgets
  • UI/Cosmetic
    • Enhanced 3G icon
    • Redesigned Gtalk interface
    • New UI for FM radio

Source: New features and changes in Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for HTC EVO from

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