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This FAQ is an attempt to distill some of that content, to save you from reading through over 200+ pages
User questions should NOT be posted to this thread.
Preliminary work has begun on a CM9 port of Android 4 to the HTC HD2 (Leo).
The main discussion thread: link
You can find the SD version in the SD thread: link
Please visit the NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 A2SD Discussion thread for how to increase the internal storage size, and post all the a2sd questions in this thread: link



Where can I find the NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 ROM?

Here. And when you read this, chances are you found it. ;-)
It is the same for cLK and MAGLDR.
Tytung also maintains his nexus-hd2 downloads list

What is the best speed card to use for A2SD implementations?

Best results are seen using Class 4 or 6 cards. Class 10 cards are best for sequential data writing, as Android writes in a non-sequential manner you will not reap any benefits from them.
Discuss cards here

How does this ICS ROM compare to a fast GB ROM?

This ROM runs a bit slower mostly because 2D GPU rendering is not optimal yet and Android 2.3.7 is more developed and has less bugs. The battery drain is the same and subject to various variables beyond the ROM.
Be aware, that there are multiple reports of the ROM running hotter than GB builds. If your HD is prone to snapdragon overheating reboot, ICS might not be for you -YMMV. This only seems to affect a very small number of users though.

I want a battery % in my statusbar, what shall I do?

Choose it under Settings - System - Status bar - Battery status style. If you got version 1.3 or older you can flash one of oli20021978s mods from here

I can't send any MMS.

If you have 2 APNs under settings/more/cellular network/APN (might be called differently), one called "Internet" and one called "MMS", try to merge both APNs into one by looking at the settings. For the provider Sunrise (Switzerland), the right settings can be found here. Make sure you delete the APN-Type in the APN you use for it to be blank (credit geenyous).

After using WiFi for some time my cellular data won’t connect anymore?

Not being able to connect to the internet after prolonged use of wifi is a known Android bug #2207 (don't ask me why it still exists, I believe its there since 1.6!). I am using WifiFixerFree from Market which connects the data connection every 60 mins and I have no issues with data after several hours of WiFi since then. Before, sometimes even a flight mode toggle wouldn't help (credit geenyous).
BEWARE: It appears that WiFiFixerFree breaks your data connection with the "enableMMS" mode after the set period when you are not using WiFi and you have 2 APNs set (one for Internet and one for MMS)! To be on the safe side, use another connection mode instead, the app will still work to serve its initial purpose. Look above if you can't send MMS and have 2 APNs set.

After I insert my SIM card, I have WiFi issues.

People in certain countries have issues with WiFi in ICS when the SIM-Card is inserted. xda user fardjad has released an app to solve this issue. Find his thread here.

How to turn off vibration on key press?

Settings -> Sound -> Last option "Vibrate (haptic feedback) on touch" - Disable.

How shall I best update between ROM versions?

The easiest way to update is to do a backup in CWR (always do a backup) and then flash your ROM (and if you use cLK, the kernel). There is no need to wipe ANYTHING.
See below if you use a xyz2sd script, as you should modify the ROM zip before you flash it.
If and only if you encounter problems:
  1. Fix permissions - Check if all is ok, if not go to 2.
  2. Wipe cache - Check if all is ok, if not go to 3.
  3. Wipe Dalvik-Cache - Check.
If all fails, either:
  • Go back to your backup or
  • "Wipe all / Factory reset" in CWR and make a fresh install (you will loose all settings)
If you modified the ROM zip, make sure you try an unmodified ROM first if you failed the 3 steps before wiping everything.

How do I stop the mass USB Storage notifcation from appearing when I plug in my USB cable?

  • Add the following command to your build.prop (credit Xylograph):
  • Enable "USB-Debugging" under Settings - Dev Settings.

My apps FC after moving them to system partition - Google+ FCs after a fresh install of the ROM.

Clear cache and dalvik-cache in CWR, after that your moved apps work again. You will loose any app specific data for the moved apps in the process, but the rest of your apps remain untouched.

How can I enable softkeys in V2.2?

To activate the soft virtual buttons in V2.2 flash #6903. It will add this line to /data/local.prop (#6817). Alternatively Edit Your Build.Prop the Easy Way with BuildProp Editor

Height of the horizontal navigation bar

To change height of the horizontal navigation bar, change framework-res.apk #7707 9th June 2012

Change blink lights

To change blink lights #7086
  • Flash
  • Default is

Check for bad blocks

You don't need to wipe your phone #4423.
Just run "adb shell dmesg > d:\temp\dmesg.txt" if you use Windows.
Then check dmesg.txt to find if you have ###BAD BLOCK.

How to change hostname

Install terminal from Google Play
in terminal (root needed):
  • Enter "su" (w/o quotes)
  • Enter "getprop net.hostname" (to show current hostname)
  • Enter "setprop net.hostname your_new_hostname" (to set your_new_hostname)

Logcat and dmesg file

After your HD2 boots successfully at the first time, run the following commands to get logcat and dmesg files. #7333 5th June 2012
  • adb shell dmesg > D:\temp\ICS_dmesg.txt
  • adb shell logcat > D:\temp\ICS_logcat_all.txt
Then post them to

Greek Latin keyboard

  • ROM only includes the stock LatinImeGoogle.apk from Google. (5.87MB) #7338 5th June 2012
  • If the Greek keyboard is included in CM9, then flash (13MB) Make sure your system partition is large enough. CM9_LatinIME won't be included next time because its size is too big.

3G Network

If you enable 3G network, it will behave differently according to the bootloaders you use.
  • MAGLDR uses RMNET while cLK uses PPP.
  • In Tytung's opinion, RMNET is more stable than PPP. #7658 9th June 2012

Listen to FM Radio

  • Install Spirit FM from Google Play
  • Forum.xda-Developers > Android Development and Hacking > Android Apps and Games > [APP] Spirit FM Radio: For Broadcom,Texas Instruments & Samsung Silicon Labs FM chips [1]

Known Bugs

Camcorder issue.

Camcorder works with 640x480. Check rapmv78s thread for the latest status.

Gallery app crashes.

  1. Clear cache of Gallery app under Apps setting. In 1.3, Gallery app should now work a lot better.
  2. Use QuickPic from market instead.

Videos are out of sync when played with stock video player.

Use MX Video Player from market as a workaround solution instead. Note that this only works for files up to 480p, 720p and above are out of sync. Also, try to switch to S/W instead of H/W decoding.

After installing a whatever2sd script, I have low sound?

Reboot into recovery, go to Advanced and Fix Permissions. You might have to do this again after you flash another zip.

Ringtone, alarms, notifications that are .mp3 or .ogg that are either too big a file, or has to loud a sound in it you will get this problem. The problem files are in the sounds path, ie, /sdcard/ringtone or system/media/audio/ringtones. If you have a bad file, meaning one that doesn't play, you will get no sound vs low sound. Remove all your own sounds first. It seems to happen after a2sdx because we put back our own tones after flashing and not before.

I can only guess that there is code in the rom that limits sound to protect the speaker.

WiFi on 1.1 sometime causes a SOD (sleep of death).

Upgrade BCM firmware to version .23 from this post.

Multitouch is buggy, sometimes when I pinch-to-zoom it just weirdly jumps around.

This is a known bug of ICS on our HD2. Move your fingers slowly and try to release them at the same time to avoid weird jumping or zooming as a temporary workaround or if you have long fingers, try to make the zoom at the very edge of the screen (corners of the screen).
It's fixed since v2.0 HWA ROM.

Phone process stops and crashes when making or taking a call.

It has been reported that densities of 160 have caused this issue. Use 210 (or any of your choice) instead or try 192 if that is too big for you. Note that some apps won’t install when not on stock 240 dip.
The Pro Version of LCD Density Modder provides a changed market apk that makes the market think you are using 240dpi (no more “application is not compatible” issues).

The sound level is not applied during call until Volume+ or Volume- button is pressed.

This is a known Android limitation / bug, for which we had a hack in GB. This does not work for ICS anymore, so pressing Vol+ / Vol - is the only option atm.

Bluetooth BT Play/Pause problem in music player(s).

This is a known ICS bug, Download the free app "Media Button Router" or equivalent from Google Play to return functionality to Play/Pause button on headset. (19th May 2012) [2] ===

My top status bar has disappeared.

This can happen from time to time, especially when installing a mod. Make a screenshot (power menu) or trigger any other function that causes a notification to appear in the status bar (like enabling torch widget) and the status bar should reappear.
Alternatively, if the above does not work, flash the re-stock file of gogodu5sUs softkey mod found here.

Mic can't be muted in call.

There is no solution to this at the moment. Just don't swear at the other person! ;-)
NOTE: This is no longer an issue in v2.4

Netflix doesn't display audio or video.

The netflix app will install and show the listing of the shows, but upon staring a show, it will output a black screen with no audio. As of version 2.7, this issue hasn't been addressed or fixed.


  • A new thread solely for the discussion of A2SD is HERE.
Please don’t post in the main thread if your question is App2SD related!

What are App2sd / a2sdx scripts and how do they work?

Some info here.

Which script shall I use?

There are several scripts around, the most common ones are:
  1. Amarullz Alpha02 (A flashable zip is provided in the first post by tezgomet)
  2. Script from Hyperdroid ROM (NOT FLASHABLE)
  3. DATA2SD (easy to install!)
  4. Darktremor
  5. vodkinagdan’s script from here.

What are the differences between these four scripts?

  1. Amarullz script links /data to the sd-ext partition on SD card, but leaves the dalvik-cache as well as some system apps on the internal data partition (called /sd-ext in apps like DiskUsage).
    BEWARE: This may cause Market to fail to download or update with possible FC of and/or others, as dalvik-cache grows with the number of apps installed and as soon as it covers 90% of your internal data partition, Market will fail. For your reference, if you have a 200mb / 5mb cache system partition, you are left with ~203mb of internal data on an EU HD2. After you install roughly 140 apps (with around 20 games) and a size of ~750mb, your dalvik-cache may grow up to 190mb and further installs or updates are no longer possible.
    SOLUTION: This is why uzi2 uses a modified Amarullz Alpha01 script (NOT flashable) to copy ALL to sd-ext partition on SD card, leaving internal data partition almost empty. Geenyous has changed the SD speed fix read ahead to 2048 from 8192 and provided a flashable zip of the modified Alpha02 script here.
  2. The script from the Hyperdroid ROM (please add information if you know what the script does)
  3. DATA2SD (thread)
  4. Darktremor (XDA thread). There is an app that gives a GUI only for Darktremor’s script called A2SDGUI.
  5. vodkinagdan’s script moves everything to SD card like the modified Amarullz scripts above and sets read ahead speed to “3072”. It also replaces symlinks with directories so we can boot without SD card and has a built in fix for the low sound bug. The script provided in the post is flashable and will wipe dalvik-cache once upon execution.

How shall I install these scripts?

  1. First, back up your SD cards contents as you will loose anything on it.
  2. Then format your SD card with SD Formatter 3.1 (Format type : QUICK / Format size adjustment: ON)
  3. Then partition with one FAT32 partition (primary, 32kb block size) and one ext4 partition (primary, 4kb block size) with a tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  4. Make a NANDROID BACKUP of your ROM as you are going to do some major changes to your system now!

For installation in the ROM, there have been 2 ways discussed:
  • Extract the respective script form the zip and copy it to system/etc/init.d/ in ROM zip with 7zip right from the beginning.
    BEWARE: This may cause bootloops with a fresh install (wiped dalvik-cache).
  • This solution worked for all of the users but can only be applied to a flashable zip:
  1. Boot into CWM
  2. Flash ROM (& Flash Kernel)
  3. Reboot and don't touch anything
  4. Reboot into recovery
  5. Flash script
  6. Reboot into ROM
  7. Reboot into CWM and fix permissions
  8. Reboot into ROM and start setting up your phone
  9. Done

It has been reported that zip operations may not always work with winRAR, so use 7zip to be on the safe side.
You can find more information in BMXJeffs thread.

What shall I do when I update the ROM?

  1. Unzip script zip (not ROM!)
  2. Copy the script (called "10ad2sd" or "40ad2sdx" or similar) to system/etc/init.d/ in ROM zip with 7zip
  3. Boot to CWM
  4. Flash ROM (& Kernel)
  5. Done

How can I make a script flashable?

Just download any flashable “anything2sd” zip and replace the script file in system/etc/init.d with the one you want to use by dropping it into the zip file and deleting the one already there.
  • BEWARE: Don’t un- and rezip and use 7zip!

How can I edit a script?

Use a coding tool like Notepad++ or PSPad editor to create or edit the script, not the standard win7 Notepad app!

Windows Mobile SD Version

I use Windows Mobile - is there a version I can use?

You can find the SD version in the SD thread here.

Where can I find more information about HD2 Android on SD?

HD2 Android SD Development - Sticky Roll-Up Thread. link

How to run this ROM from SD / Windows mobile 6.5

  1. On the SD card create a folder called "ICS".
  2. Unpack the archive "NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-SD_v1.7z" from above thread to this folder.
  3. Run clrcad.exe and after that haret.exe or use any Android loader like the Exceller Multiple Build Loader for Android/Ubuntu.

How to run this ROM from different folder

Install in folder called "ICS" as specified in startup.txt. Do a few reboots to allow the rom to settle down. You can then rename the folder and also change startup.txt at the same time . For example a folder called CM9 would have startup.txt showing set cmdline "rel_path=CM9" instead of set cmdline "rel_path=ics".

SD ICS variations

ICS NAND ROMs, including NexusHD2 ICS CM9, can also be run from SD card using Portadroid Ultimate v4. Portadroid tested HD2 ICS NAND ROMs:-
More information is also available in the Wiki page for Portadroid.
Portadroid thread is here.

WiFi doesn't work.

Possible solutions to this problem:

  1. A country/carrier dependant solution: link
  2. Substitute initrd.gz instructions
  3. Replace initrd.gz with one from HD2-ICS_Beta10_SD_build 1 from here.
What is initrd? (initial ramdisk) is a scheme for loading a temporary file system into memory in the boot process of the Linux kernel. Source:

Camera doesn't work.

  1. Replace the initrd.gz with this (Source: link)
  2. Another solution link
  • Note: Apparently MAGLDR and WinMo6.5+clrcad.exe+haret.exe behave differently (Source: link)
  • Camera does work as you can see in this screen shot :->

How can I add the softkeys to this ICS ROM?

Let the ICS ROM boot at least one time before doing the below!

  1. Download the ICS softkey MOD here, choose tytung's CM9 version
  2. Extract the zip and copy the 2 folders into your "root" folder in the "ICS" folder on the SD card
  3. It should look like this:
  4. Reboot your phone
  5. Done