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HTC HD2/ParanoidAndroid FAQ

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ParanoidAndroid FAQ. This Wiki lists some answers (in alphabetical order) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the ParanoidAndroid (PA) ROM in order to spare you from searching or reading 100s of pages.

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ParanoidAndroid HD2

Access Forum > HTC Leo: HD2 > HD2 Android > HD2 Android NAND Development > [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID HD2 [TABLET/HYBRID] [CM9][1]


Check the 2nd post for Bugs & Fixes ! #2


Users who have Green Camera flash problems please flash PARA_hd2_v1.0_GreenFlashFix via recovery [2].


CyanogenMod is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for select Android devices. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, TMobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android. [3]


CM9 is CyanogenMod of Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich implemented for HD2 Android. [4]


molesarecoming, D4rKn3sSyS, Rick_1995, Milaq, arif-ali, Cotulla, rapmv78, tytung, securecrt, wis1152, e344 & Xylograph


Default System UI DPI - User interface density, can be reflected on statusbar, Recent apps, etc. This one can't get you outside of your current mode.
Default User DPI Is the one used when your app is not on pad.prop list, so when you run a new app that it's installed by you, and not on /system/app, it will run at this density. This one cant get you outside your current mode neither.
Message that appears every time that you change DPI or layout mode for any app IS NORMAL, we put in there so changes can be applied, APP IS NOT FORCE CLOSING, we're asking you to force close, please read at least!
Major buckets of density values explained by Google's Dianne Hackborn in Google+ are called ldpi (approx 120dpi), mdpi (160 dpi), hdpi (240 dpi), and xhdpi (320 dpi). [5]


FAQ < ParanoidAndroid

Global density

Is the one used by your hardware configuration and all non PAD touched applications. It's the old one that you can change with build.prop, and this one can get you outside of tablet mode - Phone mode. Don't touch it if you dont know what you're doing. This one has nothing to do with PAD or PAL, as it's the one designed by google.

Google Apps

Google Apps Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.x) Universal Packages [6]

Google Play

Google Play does not allow density changes and will stop working if you mess around with that. This rom fixes that problem for you 100%.
Google Play Error 492 where Market could not see all your apps solved by sboyer by re-"flashing" latest gapps from here: Just put system and META-INF folder in your /ICS/root subir on the SD-Card. SD Post 2899

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 is the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more [7]


The following kernels have been used with PA HD2

HTCLEO-Kernel_2.6.32-ics_tytung_HWA_r2.4-uniMAC [8]
HTCLEO-Kernel_2.6.32-ics_tytung_HWA_r2.4-uniMAC-update [9]
Dorimanx kernel 6.9 HWA [10]
When using different kernels don't forget to use this ROMs ramdisk (initrd.gz) otherwise your WiFi won't work.

Instructional Thread Helps Users Learn and Tune ICS Kernels

Reference to ICS kernel related stuff [11]


Keyboard must be on the same global density, for both tablet and phone mode. This also applies for some apps like facebook, otherwise it produces some visual bugs (images getting cut, etc).
Users who have problems with softkeys overlapping the keyboard please flash ParanoidAndroid-0.9b-KEYBOARDFIX via recovery. [12]


It is recommended to use all launchers on Phone mode, and highest density (240 for HDPI, or 320 for XHDPI). If DPI’s are lower that some magic values, it may cause crashes when using themes.


OTA (Over The Air) tool is not ready/compatible with our HD2 yet. Don't use it for updating the rom !


ParanoidAndroid website [13]

Partitioning SD card

SD card partitioning wiki [14]

Per App Density (PAD)

Per App Density is a core feature of Paranoid Android that enables you to change individual app's DPI [15]

Per App Layout (PAL)

Per App Layout is a core feature of Paranoid Android that enables you to run your apps in tablet or phone mode [16]


Users that would like the missing ringtones on sd-card instead, please flash PARA_hd2_v1.0_Ringtones via recovery. [17]


SD ROM users can check out the Nand Portadroid done by wis1152 [18]


Statubar Toggle is a core feature of Paranoid Android that enables you to show or hide statusbar with a single tap [19]
Disable Settings > System > Statusbar > Auto Hide statusbar

Tablet Mode

If you see the dock on launchers in tablet mode, and not the old layout, this is NORMAL, it was ugly before, and now it's preset to phone mode at 240 density. If you want to get the old ugly tablet mode for launchers, go to settings > paranoid > hybrid settings > list apps, select your launcher, put density to 120-140 and put in on tablet mode


Users who want to use VPN, please try this fix from tytung [20]

Please post questions on the forum