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One S
HTC One S.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: HTC HTC-icon.png
Release Date: Apr. 2012
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 130.9 x 65 x 7.8 mm
Weight: 119.5 g
Display: 4.3" QHD 540x960 SAMOLED
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 (S3 MSM8260 in Asia)
Internal Memory: 16 GB NAND(2GB Rom/10GB Phone Storage)
Memory Card: None
Networks: All Models: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900
Z520e: UMTS850, UMTS900, UMTS2100
T-Mobile: UMTS850, UMTS1700, UMTS1900, UMTS2100
Wi-fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
USB: microUSB 2.0
Bluetooth: 4.0
GPS: Yes
Video out: MHL (requires USB adapter)
Camera: 8 MP auto-focus LED flash
Secondary Camera: VGA
Battery: 1650mAh Lithium-ion Polymer, non-removable
Other features
Additional Features: Beats Audio, HTC Sense 4.0,


  • Z250e: HTC Ville (TMobile US) (S4)
Official Website: [1]
  • Z520e: HTC Ville (International) (S4)
Official Website: [2]
  • Z560e: HTC Ville C (Asia/Oceania, Europe, Australia) (S3)
Official Website: [3]


The HTC One S is one of the two high-end phones from the HTC One series, along with the HTC One X. Due to its 4.3" qHD Super AMOLED display, it's more compact than the 4.7" One X, and therefore better suited for people who prefer a compact device. Don't let the smaller form factor get you down though, this super-slim phone of just 7mm thick sports a speedy dual-core Krait Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 processor running at 1.5 GHz with Adreno 225 graphics (and, in some countries, the older dual-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S3 MSM8260 with Scorpion cores and Adreno 220), along 1 GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. This ensures for a butter-smooth and high quality user experience.
The two colors available are very different. The grey version features anodized aluminum which fades from light to dark going down the phone. The black version is treated with a process called Micro Arc Oxidation which HTC claims is much stronger and more dense than the coatings on other devices, although there have been reports of surface chipping on the edges of the phone. Thread on XDA about this issue

Guides/How to

S-OFF and SuperCID




Custom Roms

Rom Sense Android Version S3/S4 Stability HBOOT Last Update
AOKP Unofficial (S3 version) No 4.3.1 S3 & S4 Testing 2.15 2012-10-29
Beanstalk No 4.4 S4 Beta 2.15/2.16 2014-06-21
CarbonRom (Unofficial) (S3 version) No 4.4.2 S4 Stable 2.15 2014-02-07
CyanogenMod 10.2 (S3 version, unofficial) No 4.3 S3 & S4 Stable (Alpha/Beta for S3) 2.15 2013-12-11
CyanogenMod 11 (S3 version, unofficial) No 4.4 S3 & S4 Nightlies 2.15/2.16 2014-06-09
CyanogenMod 11S No 4.4.4 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16 2014-11-19
CyanogenMod 12 No 5.0 S4 Alpha 2.15/2.16 2014-11-21
Jellybean_Nonsense No 4.1.1 S4 Testing 1.14 tested 2013-01-12
LegacyCarbon (Unofficial) No 4.4 S4 Beta 2.15/2.16 2013-11-24
Liberty ROM (S3) Sense 5 4.1.2 S3 Abandoned 3.01 tested 2014-01-11
Liberty ROM Sense 5.5 4.3 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16 2014-08-03
Liberty ROM - The sixth Element Sense 6 4.4.2/4.4.3 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16 2014-09-04
Liquidsmooth (Unofficial) (S3 version) No 4.3.1/4.2.2 (S3) S4 Testing 2.15 2013-11-26
MagioROM Sense 5 4.2.2 S4 Stable 2.16 2014-01-09
MaximusHD Sense 5 4.2.2 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16 2014-05-08
maximuS 3.0.0 Sense 4+ 4.1.1 S4 Stable 2.15 2013-06-21
MIUI v5 (S3 version) Sense-based 4.1 S4 Stable 2.15 2013-11-29
OmniROM 4.4 (Unofficial) No 4.4 S4 Abandoned N/A 2013-12-03
PAC-man Official (S3 version) No 4.4.4 S3 & S4 Nightlies 2.15 2014-09-06
ParanoidAndroid (Unoffical) No 4.3 S4 Stable 2.15 2014-01-31
Samsung Galaxy Experience ROM TouchWiz 4.4.2 S4 Alpha ? 2015-01-16
Slimbean No 4.3.1 S3 Stable N/A 2013-10-22
SlimKat (Unofficial) No 4.4.2 S3 Stable N/A 2014-02-23
SlimRom (Unofficial) No 4.4.2 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16(beta) 2014-03-15
SourcE 1.4 Unsense mod 4.1.1 S4 Stable N/A 2013-09-05
SourcE 2.1 Sense 5 4.2.2 S4 Stable 2.16 2013-11-06
TrickDroid 9.0.0 ( Sense 4+ 4.0.4 S4 Stable N/A (any?) 2013-01-06
TrickDroid 10.3.2 Sense 5 4.1.2 S4 Beta N/A 2014-07-05
TwistedKat No 4.4.2 S4 Stable N/A 2014-08-04
ViperC2 Sense 5 4.1.2 S3 Stable N/A 2014-06-05
ViperOne S 1.2.1 Sense 4.1 4.0.4 S4 Stable N/A 2012-12-07
ViperOne S 2.2.0 Sense 4+ 4.1.1 S4 Stable N/A 2014-02-17
ViperOne S 3.2.1 Sense 5 4.2.2 S4 Stable 2.15/2.16 2014-07-11
zenROM+ v1.05 Sense 4+ 4.1 S4 Stable N/A 2014-06-03

Custom Kernels

Kernel Android Version Sense yes/no S3/S4 Stability Sense Version
ElementalX 5.0.1 4.1.1 Yes S4 Stable Sense 4+
ElementalX 6.4 4.2.2 Yes S4 Stable Sense 5
ElementalX 7.1 4.3/4.4.2 Yes S4 Stable Sense 6/5.5/5
bada$$ 4.4 No S4 Stable No Sense
Bubba 4.3/4.4 No S4 Stable No Sense
Bulletproof 2.1 Jelly bean(?) Yes S4 Stable ?
Liberty Kernels Various Yes and no S3 Testing ?


Internal Websites for the Phone