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HTC Raphael/MDP

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MDP_TV_OUT_CTL c0000 0
MDP_TV_OUT_BUF_ADDR c0008 r0 << 8
MDP_TV_OUT_FIR_COEFF c0004 0x4c60674
MDP_TV_OUT_SOBEL c0010 0x20
MDP_TV_OUT_Y_CLAMP c0018 0xeb0000+10
MDP_TV_OUT_CB_CLAMP c001c 0xf00000+10
MDP_TV_OUT_CR_CLAMP c0020 0xf00000+10
MDP_TV_OUT_CC_DATA c000c 0x67686970
MDP_TV_OUT_CTL c0000 1

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