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HTC Raphael/MemoryMap

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mk wince spl phys size description raph100 raph800
- - a8000000 00000000 9 SRAM 32MB
+0x000000 256K SPL, heap_index5
+0x081000 driver_globals, DEX'd
+0x081030 1 PCB XC (copy of smem)
+0x081034 panel_id (copy of smem)
+0x081038 CPLD MISC1 (copy of smem)
+0x08103C CPLD MISC2 (copy of smem)
+0x081040 CPLD MISC3 (copy of smem)
+0x081044 CPLD GPO (copy of smem)
+0x081054 CPLD INT4 (copy of smem)
+0x08105C dwPowerOnReason
+0x081100 0x200
+0x081131 TVOut Cable in / out ( 1 / 0 )
+0x081160 uc_waked_up_by_bt
+0x0811D8 pmem_heap_phy_addr
+0x0811DC pmem_heap_size
+0x0811EC model_name
+0x081200 0x100
+0x081250 Radio status ( 0 = reset / 1 is okey )
+0x081400 0x80 battery struct
+0x081410 battery.battery_id_kohm.
+0x081414 battery.
+0x081418 battery.
+0x08141C battery.vendor, if ( battery.battery_id_kohm > 0x800 ) battery.vendor = 0xff; if ( battery.battery_id_kohm > 280 ) battery.vendor = 1; else battery.vendor = 2;
+0x081420 battery.capacity, set by battery driver. if ( batt_vendor != 1 ) capacity = 1340 else capacity = 1800
+0x081424 battery.
+0x081430 battery.predict_percentage
+0x081434 battery.
+0x081438 battery.charged_capacity ??
+0x08143C battery.
+0x081440 battery.ADC_A
+0x081444 battery.ADC_B
+0x081448 battery.charge_full_time_diff
+0x08144C battery.temp_flag
+0x081450 battery.
+0x081458 battery.
+0x08145C battery.poweron_reason
+0x081464 battery.
+0x08146C battery.charged_capacity
+0x081470 battery.
+0x081480 0x80 power struct
+0x081481 power.
+0x081482 power.battery_life_percent
+0x081498 power.battery_voltage
+0x08149C power.battery_current
+0x0814A0 power.
+0x0814AC power.battery_temperature
+0x0814B4 power.
+0x0814B6 power.
+0x0814C4 power.
+0x0814CD power. (USB related)
+0x0814CE power. (AC related)
+0x0814D0 system_power_state
+0x0814F4 clock_enabled
+0x0814F8 pmic_clock_enabled
+0x081500 config_data.debug_method
+0x081504 config_data.kitl_fixed_IP
+0x081508 config_data.kitl_fixed_net_mask
+0x081524 config.driver_disable
+0x081900 0x100
+0x081C00 SKUID PCBA PN[0]
+0x081C01 SKUID PCBA PN[1]
+0x081C02 SKUID PCBA PN[2]
+0x081C03 SKUID SKU Num
+0x081C04 SKUID PCB ID
+0x081C08 0x1F SKUID RF SKU ID
+0x081C28 3 SKUID Check Sum
+0x081d00 0x108
+0x082100 +0x1100, *DEX
+0x083000 +0x2000, gpio1
+0x084000 +0x3000, gpio2
+0x085000 +0x4000, gpio1shared
+0x086000 +0x5000, gpio2shared
+0x0d0000 DEX related
0x50621000 +0x0f6000 4K BT TX
0x50620000 +0x0f7000 4K BT RX
0x5061f000 +0x0f8000 4K BT Clp
0x5061e000 +0x0f9000 4K BT TX cmd
0x50622000 +0x0fa000 4K BT RX cmd
+0x0fb000 4K BT related
0x5a000000 +0x100000 8 heap_index0
+0x200000 7 pmem_heap
- ac000000 +0x300000 1 -?
- - +0x800000 1 qcsbl
- - +0x900000 1 oemsbl
0xf0000000 - - +0xa00000 rwx, code, entry pistachio
0xf0020000 - - +0xa20000 rw-, data
0xb0100000 - - +0xa26000 r-x, code
0xb0140000 - - +0xa2d000 rw-, data
0xb0200000 - - +0xa2e000 r-x, code
0xb0240000 - - +0xa37000 rw-, data
0xb0d00000 - - +0xa38000 0x2000 rw-, data
0xb0e00000 - - +0xa3a000 0x4000 rw-, data
0xb0000000 - - +0xa61000 r-x, code, iguana
0xb0300000 - - +0xa40000 rwx, code
0xb0040000 - - +0xaf0000 rw-, data
0x00b07000 - - +0xb07000 0x3000 r-x
0x00b0a000 - - +0xb0a000 0x86f000 r-x, code thumb
0x01379000 - - +0x1379000 0x00ab9a60 rwx
aa000000 01f00000 1 SMEM
+0x000 0x40 PROC_COMM?
+0x040 0x80 VERSION_INFO
+0x0c0 0x10 HEAP_INFO
+0x8d0 0x8 HW_RESET_DETECT
+0x8d8 0x4 AARM_WARM_BOOT
+0x8dc 0xc8 DIAG_ERR_MESSAGE
+0x9a4 0x20 SPINLOCK_ARRAY
+0x9c8 0x8
+0x9d0 0x258
+0xc28 0x10 SHARED_STATE, ARM11 state
+0xc2c ARM11 state, 0x200 < - resume
+0xc30 ARM9 state
+0xc34 ARM9 state
+0xc38 0x10 int_info
+0xc48 0x8 sleep_delay
+0xc50 0x8 sleep_limit
+0xc58 0x10 WM_UUID
+0xc68 0x70 gpio_int
+0xcd8 0x9c40 SMEM_LOG_EVENTS
+0x3fc8 2b radio
+0x3fca 2b radio
+0x3fcc 2b radio
+0x3fce 2b radio
+0xa918 0x8 SMEM_LOG_IDX
+0xb4e8 0x8
+0xb4f0 0x480 *char[9]=APROC, QDSP, USBOTG, GPS
+0xb970 0x800 CHANNEL_ALLOC_TBL
+0xb970 0x20 DS, cid=0x00,4
+0xb9b0 0x20 RPCCALL, cid=0x02,2
+0xba10 0x20 CONTROL, cid=0x05,4
+0xba50 0x20 DATA1, cid=0x07,2
+0xba70 0x20 DATA2, cid=0x08,2
+0xba90 0x20 DATA3, cid=0x09,2
+0xbb50 0x20 DATA9, cid=0x0f(15),2
+0xbb90 0x20 DATA11, cid=0x11(17),2
+0xbcd0 0x20 GPSNMEA, cid=0x1b(27),4
+0x0c170 0x14+0x2000 CONTROL cid=5, TX empty
+0x0e184 0x14+0x2000 CONTROL cid=5, RX empty
+0x10198 0x14+0x2000 RPCCALL cid=2, TX
+0x121ac 0x14+0x2000 RPCCALL cid=2, RX
+0x141c0 0x14+0x2000 DATA11 cid=17, TX empty
+0x161d4 0x14+0x2000 DATA11 cid=17, RX empty
+0x181e8 0x14+0x2000 GPSNMEA, NMEA TX empty
+0x1a1fc 0x14+0x2000 GPSNMEA, NMEA RX
+0x1c210 SMD_BASE_ID
+0x1c210 0x14+0x2000 DS cid=0, ATCMD TX SMD_BASE_ID
+0x1e224 0x14+0x2000 DS cid=0, ATCMD RX
+0x20238 0x14+0x2000 DATA1 cid=7, TX
+0x2224c 0x14+0x2000 DATA1 cid=7, RX
+0x24260 0x28+0x4000 DATA2 cid=8, TX/RX
+0x28288 0x28+0x4000 DATA3 cid=9, TX/RX
+0x2c2b0 0x28+0x4000 DATA9 cid=15, TX/RX
+0x2e2c4 0x14+0x2000  ? empty
+0xef438 pcm module
+0xef440 pcm client0
+0xef444 pcm client1
+0xef448 pcm client2
+0xef44c pcm client3
+0xef450 pcm client4
+0xef600 0x140 voc pcm rec xx buf0
+0xef880 0x140 voc pcm rec xx buf1
+0xefb00 0x140 voc pcm rec xx buf0
+0xefd80 0x140 voc pcm rec xx buf1
+0xf0000 * 0x200 - AT cmd RX buf
+0xf0200 * 0x200 - AT cmd TX buf
+0xf0000 * 0x140 voc pcm rx buf0
+0xf0280 * 0x140 voc pcm rx buf1
+0xf0500 0x140 voc pcm tx buf0
+0xf0780 0x140 voc pcm tx buf1
+0xf0a00 * 0xd82 - SMD1 RX buf
+0xf1782 * 0x282 - SMD1 TX buf
+0xf3fc8 * 0x2,0x2 - AT RX head & tail
+0xf3fcc * 0x2,0x2 - AT TX head & tail
+0xf3fd8 * 0x2,0x2 - SMD1 RX head & tail
+0xf3fdc * 0x2,0x2 - SMD1 TX head & tail
+0xfc000 4K flags?, DEX'd, init_radio=0,fm=1
+0xfc00c Vbus status
+0xfc014  ? gpio0x54=1 related if=2
+0xfc020 radio ver
+0xfc030 g23 ver(AMSS protocol)
+0xfc044 \"power reason\" =0?
+0xfc048 4b model id (XC)
+0xfc054 radio dbg flags, init_radio=0
+0xfc060 IMEI
+0xfc070 CID
+0xfc088 1b voc pcm rec tx, tst 1
+0xfc089 1b voc pcm tx, tst 1
+0xfc08a 1b voc pcm rec rx, tst 1
+0xfc08b 1b voc pcm rx, tst 1
+0xfc08c softreset =0x55aa00ff
+0xfc0ac flash type id
+0xfc0b0 clock pll related
+0xfc0b4 subsys clock related (semaphore?)
+0xfc0b8 DVFM pll ?(clock related)
+0xfc0d0 ADIE, x2=forceupd,x4=method,x8=Awake,x80000000=dbg
+0xfc0dc battery id
+0xfc0e0 VREF
+0xfc0e4 1/2 VREF
+0xfc0ef 1b pcb id
+0xfc100 PC_COMMAND (a2m_cmd)
+0xfc104 PC_STATUS
+0xfc108 PC_NUMBER (a2m_counter)
+0xfc10c PC_RESP_NUMBER (m2a_counter)
+0xfc110 2b batt ID
+0xfc112 2b batt Temperature
+0xfc114 2b batt Voltage
+0xfc116 2b batt Charge
+0xfc118 2b batt Discharge
+0xfc120 PC_DATA (a2m_data)
+0xfc124 PC_RESULT_DATA (m2a_data)
+0xfc128 irq
+0xfc130 PC_DATA2
+0xfc134 PC_RESULT_DATA2 ?? probably not.
+0xfc138 lock
+0xfc13c DEX ready=1
+0xfc140 4b - batt ID
+0xfc144 4b - batt Temperature
+0xfc148 4b - batt Voltage
+0xfc14c 4b - batt Charge
+0xfc150 4b - batt Discharge
ioremap +0xfc200 4K audio, params1 (0x50?)
ioremap +0xfc300 4K audio, params3 (0x140)
ioremap +0xfc600 4K audio, params2 (0xa0?)
+0xfc800 0x800 wifi eeprom tmp
+0xfd000 4K DEX'd
+0xfd000 0x2c
+0xfd080 0x2c
+0xfd400 0x2c
ioremap +0xfdc00 0x1e0 audio memcpy
ioremap +0xfde00 ADIE, A Table
ioremap +0xfe000 ADIE, B Table (HTC acoustic)
ioremap +0xfea00 audio
ioremap +0xfed00 audio (bit 0x100 = in_call ?)
- - a6000000 02000000 0x20 SRAM +32MB
a0000000 10000000 0x60 SDRAM (bank 1)
0x52000000 - 15a00000 9 heap_index1
aa100000 16000000 0x12 SDRAM bank 1
0x52900000 - 16300000 4 heap_index4
0x57a00000 - 1666a000 0x96000 FBRAM
0x52d00000 - 16700000 0xaf0000 heap_index3, for CAM (0x52d7*), QTV
ae200000 16d00000 1 unknown SDRAM bank 1
ae000000 16e00000 1 unknown SDRAM bank 1
0x537f0000 - 171f0000 64K heap_index2
ae100000 17200000 1 wince dmesg
0x17300000 - - 17300000 7fe000 r-x, thumb, strings
bb100000 17600000 1 wince dmesg, possibly others?
0x17afe000 - - 17afe000 35e000 rw-
0x17e5c000 - - 17e5c000 500c0 rw-
0xa5a00000 - 0x20000000 0x26 SDRAM (bank 2)
0xa8900000 - 0x22600000 0x17 SDRAM (bank 2)
0xab900000 - 0x23d00000 0x27 SDRAM (bank 2)
0xab300000 - 0x26400000 0x1c SDRAM (bank 2)

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