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HTC Raphael/MemoryMapPg2

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mk wince spl phys size description
b6000000 88000000 2
b8000000 8c000000 2
ba000000 90000000 2
bc000000 94000000 1 was debug board ?
bd000000 98000000 1 DEBUG???, bt remapped, DEX'd
+0x0 2b
+0x2 2b
+0x4 2b
+0x6 2b
be000000 9c000000 2
bf000000 80000000 1
b0000000 ac000000 0xd ADSP (AD5) RAM
b0d00000 a8000000 1
b0e00000 a0e00000 1 MPU
+0x400 =1
+0x408 =0x33c
+0x410 =0xffffffff
+0x418 =0xf
+0x440 =0xa9400000
+0x444 =0xa9700000
+0x448 =30
+0x450 =0
+0x458 =0n
b0f00000 a0d00000 1
+0x00 0x3c9, 0x3c1, tst 0x10
+0x14 0x88 (raph100), 0x602
+0x20 =0x2821104
+0x24 =0x1ef7bdef
+0x48 =0xc000f0
b1000000 a0c00000 1
b1100000 a0a00000 2 NAND
a0b00000 mpu
b1300000 a0800000 1 HSUSB
b1400000 a0700000 1 SDIO3, DEX'd
b1500000 a0600000 1 SDIO2, DEX'd
b1600000 a0500000 1 SDIO1, DEX'd
b1700000 a0400000 1 SDIO0, DEX'd
b1800000 a0200000 1 uartDM1
b1900000 a0300000 1 uartDM2
+0x70 msmurf/msmutf
b1a00000 a0100000 1
b1b00000 a0000000 1 HW3D graphics
b1c00000 aa700000 1 EMDH (MDDI2 host), DEX'd
b1d00000 aa600000 1 PMDH (MDDI1 host), DEX'd
+0x00 CMD
+0x48 DRIVE_HI
+0x4c DRIVE_LO
+0x68 PAD_CTL
b1e00000 aa500000 1 MDC (MDDI client), DEX'd
b1f00000 aa400000 1 TV_ENC
b2000000 aa300000 1 TSSC
+0x100 TSSC_CTL , bit1=enable
+0x104 init
+0x108 init
+0x110 dataloave
+0x114 dataupave
+0x118 datalo1
+0x11c dataup1
+0x138 datalo2
+0x13c dataup2
+0x158 datalo3
+0x15c dataup3
+0x178 datalo4
+0x17c dataup4
b2100000 a8100000 1 MSM_SSBI (TS init)
+0x18 ~7 orr 2, ~0x38 orr 8, ~0x1c0
b2200000 a9d00000 1
b2300000 a9900000 1 I2C
+0x0 data write
+0xc data read
b2400000 a8700000 1
b2500000 aa200000 1 MDP|
b2600000 a9c00000 1 UART3
b2700000 a9b00000 1 UART2
b2800000 a9a00000 1 UART1
b2900000 a9800000 1 USB
0x5061b000 +0xb000 uart1DM
0x5061c000 +0xc000 uart2DM
b2a00000 a9700000 1 DEX'd
+0xc00 AMDH03, aARM
b2b00000 a9600000 1 DEX'd
+0x800 AMDH02, aDSP
b2c00000 a9500000 1 DEX'd
+0x400 AMDH01, mARM nontrusted
b2d00000 a9400000 1 AMDH00, DEX'd, mARM trusted
b2e00000 a9300000 1 ARM11_GPIO2 (shadow), DEX'd
+0xc70 stat1
b2f00000 a9200000 1 ARM11_GPIO1 (shadow), DEX'd
+0x844 in5
+0x850 out5
+0x854 out5_en
+0x8a0 stat0
+0x8a4 stat2
+0x8a8 stat3
+0x8ac stat4
+0x8b0 stat5
+0x8b4 clr_irqerr5
+0x8b8 intr5_en
b3000000 a9100000 1 ARM9_GPIO2, DEX'd
+0x400 out1
+0x408 out1_en
+0x410 GPIO_Num(Page2)
+0x414 ALT_FN(Config2)
+0x420 in1
+0x504 owner1
b3100000 a9000000 1 ARM9_GPIO1, DEX'd
+0x00 out0
+0x04 out2
+0x08 out3
+0x0c out4
+0x10 out0_en
+0x14 out2_en
+0x18 out3_en
+0x1c out4_en
+0x20 GPIO_Num(Page1)
+0x24 ALT_FN(Config1)
+0x34 in0
+0x38 in2
+0x3c in3
+0x40 in4
+0x54 out5_en
+0x100 owner0
+0x108 owner2
+0x10c owner3
+0x110 owner4
+0x114 owner5
+0x200 bic 1
+0x20c and 0x1f, =0xb
+0x210 0 Dplus, 1
+0x218 =0 sd
+0x220 =0x7f
+0x244 0, 0x555555555
+0x270 tst 0x80000000: 7201A vs. 7200A

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