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HTC Raphael/MicroP

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cc - KLT1: The I2C id is 0x66 (0xcc>>1)

cc,10,val8 channel interpolation ; wr
cc,11,val8 total runtimes ; wr
cc,12,<0a,x pointsequence cmd+buf ; wr mul
cc,13,<0a,x pointsequence cmd+buf; wr mul
cc,14,<0a,x pointsequence cmd+buf; wr mul
cc,15,<0a,x pointsequence cmd+buf; wr mul
cc,16,2,x channel power enable; wr mul
cc,20,val8 ledmisc ; wr
cc,20,val8=02  lcd poweron related ; wr
cc,20,val8=0c  led ; wr
cc,20,80,30     leo100
cc,21,1/0,0,4    topa100, leo100: SPIcontrol
cc,22,val8  LCDbrightness ; wr -> wince manual control: 0x00 - 0x90
cc,23,02,x naviledbrightness_auto ; wr
cc,23,1,0 ; init_frontlight ; wr

cc,24,04,x ledautomode ; wr
cc,25,02,x turnoffmethod, GPO control? ; wr 

cc,26,02,x ledflashtime ; wr
cc,26,1,0       ; wr -> backlight on/off

cc,30,02,x - get ledversion ; rd
cc,31,02,x readchannel power enable ; rd
cc,32,02,x ADClevel, brightnesslevel, msgled,resetsource ; rd
cc,33, ADCval read; light sensor -> read high byte of dword (0x0000 - 0xff00)
cc,40,xx,yy - see below
cc,41,3c,x -> LED TBL (hardcoded) ; wr mul
cc,42,[3c,1e],x -> DC TBL (hardcoded); wr mul
cc,43,[0a,3c],x -> NAVI TBL (hardcoded) ; wr mul

cc,51,val,4   -> extsystemLED behaviour
cc,64,   -> reqRemoteADCvalue

cc,70,xx,3,1 -> wr, spilcmdata
cc,71,[a,11,29],0 -> wr, lcd control
cc,72,2,0    -> rd, lcd control

cc,74,a,    -> reqGsensorData
cc,75,    -> reqGsensorXYZData
cc,76,    -> see table below
cc,77,    -> see table below
cc,78,    -> see table below
cc,79,    -> see table below
cc,90,    -> wr, EnableGPO : GPOStatus: 0x2000000, EnableGPOValue: 0x2
cc,91,0,3 -> wr, DisableGPO: GPOStatus: 0x0,DisableGPOValue: 0x3  
cc,a0,    -> wr, SetRotationPolling: RotationPollingCtrlValue: 0x10a01
cc,a2,    -> wr, SetFaceUpDownRotationInterrupt:
cc,a3,8,x -> wr, setRotationThreshold: [0]: 0x0 [1]: 0x40 [2]: 0xff [3]: 0xc0 [4]: 0x0 [5]: 0x40 [6]: 0xff [7]: 0xa6
cc,a4,    -> wr, SetFaceUpDownThreshold: FaceUpDownThresholdValue: 0x160016
xx yy Description
00 20 default (lcd backlight on, no leds)
00 LEDs off
01 Home LED
02 Back LED
04 End LED
08 Send LED
10 Solid ring LEDs
1f All On (i.e., bits can be combined)
00 sys LED behavior off
01 \"ringing\" (quick flash of sys/Ring & Send)
02 flash/blink once
04 \"breathe\" sequence
05 fade on/off
08 CCW rotate
10 top & bottom 2xblink
20 LCD backlight on
40 Keyboard Backlight (RAPH100)
ce - KSC1: keyboard, The I2C id is 0x67 (0xce>>1)

ce,10,02,x get result rd
ce,11,02,x get pin status rd
ce,12,02,x get_version rd (0,1)
 * RAPH800: 0685
 * RAPH100: -- fill me in
ce,13,val8 -> misc value (keyboard LEDs) ; rd/wr
   * 0x10 - Fn and CAPS LED on
   * 0x12 - CAPS LED on
   * 0x14 - Fn LED on
   * 0x16 - Off

multi: id,addr,size/data,retry
       id,addr,size,(ptr) <- read

See RaphaelKeyboard for keymap

22:44:48 [D:KEY] [[I2C_RM]] (0xcc, 0x32, 0x2)~!
22:44:48 [D:BKL] Got "All_Awake" event~!

22:44:48 [D:BKL] HW_SetFlashLight 8 1
22:44:48 [D:MISC] [WriteSystemLedBehaviorToI2C]: dwSystemLEDBehaviorMask: 0xf1f dwSystemLEDBehavior: 0xffe5 dwPreSystemLEDBehavior: 0x20
22:44:48 [D:MISC] [WriteSystemLedBehaviorToI2C] Clear Batt Bit[[2:0]] 20

22:44:48 [D:MISC] [WriteNAVIBrightnessLEDAutoControlToI2C] dwNAVIValue: 0x178======
22:44:48 [D:KEY] [I2C_WM] (0xcc, 0x23, 0x2, 1 78)

22:44:26 [D:MISC] [KLT_Init] Microp write table start~!~!
22:44:26 [D:KEY] [I2C_WM] (0xcc, 0x41, 0x3c, 0 0)
22:44:26 [D:KEY] [I2C_WM] (0xcc, 0x42, 0x3c, 6 1b)
22:44:26 [D:KEY] [I2C_WM] (0xcc, 0x43, 0x3c, 20 20)

cmd id r/w name boards (nparams)params/(nvalues)values description
x20 w misc raph/diam/blac/? MISC_CAP_SEN_RES_CTRL1 0x02, MISC_CAP_SEN_RES_CTRL2 0x40, MISC_MICP_ISP 0x80
x21 w SPI_EN Topaz/Rhod/Leo/Mahi (1)on Enable SPI link for LCM and accelerometer (and others ?)
x22 w BACK_BRIGHT Topaz/Rhod/Blac/Raph/Diam (1)brightness Set backlight brightness
x23 w AUTO_BACKLIGHT * (2)aa:on Enable/disable automatic backlight (aa=0 for mahi, 02 for diam/raph)
x24 r SPI_BL_STATUS * (2) abl:spi abl is automatic backlight status, spi is spi link status.
x25 w BUTTONS_LED_CTRL mahi/? (4)delay:duty:?:cmd On mahimahi, changes leds backlight.
x30 r VERSION * (2) Version of the microp chip/firmware
x33 r LIGHT_SENSOR Raph/Diam (4)? Get light level (it seems to be the first unsigned short ?)
x40 w LED_STATE Raph/Diam 2(see above) Set navi pad's leds state.
x42 w ADC_TABLE mahi/? (20) Set light sensor table. First 10 chars are MSB, last 10 are LSB.
x53 w LED_MODE Mahi/? (7)? Set flashing leds and/or some mode
x54 r GREEN_LED_REMAIN Mahi/? (2) unsigned short seconds Remaning time for green led on (see LED_MODE)
x55 r AMBER_RED_LED_REMAIN Mahi/? (2) unsigned short seconds Remaning time for amber/red led on (see LED_MODE)
x57 r BLUE_LED_REMAIN Mahi/? (2) unsigned short seconds Remaning time for blue led on (see LED_MODE)
x5a w JOGBALL_LED_MODE Mahi/? (3)? Set jogball's led brightness
x5b r JOGBALL_LED_REMAIN  ?  ? Same as green/amber/blue ? (unused in mahimahi's code)
x5c w JOGBALL_LED_PWM Mahi/? (4)rpwm:gpwm:bpwm:0 Set jogball's led color.
x5d w JOGBALL_LEDPERIOD Mahi/? (2)0:period Set jogball's led period
x60 w READ_ADC_VALUE_REQ Mahi/? (2)0:channel Request an ADC Channel
x62 r ADC_VALUE Mahi/? (2)unsigned short value Read the ADC channel (see x60)
x63 w REMOTEKEY_TABLE Mahi/? (12) Same as x42 for remote key
x70 w LCM_REGISTER Rhod/Topa/Blac (3) Required to restart backlight
x73 w GSENSOR_REG Rhod/Topa/Leo/Mahi (2)reg:val Write a register to gsensor (bma150)
x74 w GSENSOR_REG_DATA_REQ Rhod/Topa/Leo/Mahi (1)reg Announce a reg read from gsensor
x75 r GSENSOR_REG_DATA Rhod/Topa/Leo/Mahi (2)?:val Retrieve reg reading result
x76 w GSENSOR_DATA_REQ Rhod/Topa/Leo/Mahi (1)2 Announce we want to read accelerometer values
x77 r GSENSOR_X_DATA Mahi(old)/Rhod/Topa (2)unsigned short value only the 12 highest bits, only for old Mahi boards
x78 r GSENSOR_Y_DATA Mahi(old)/Rhod/Topa (2)unsigned short value only the 12 highest bits, only for old Mahi boards
x79 r GSENSOR_Z_DATA Mahi(old)/Rhod/Topa (2)unsigned short value only the 12 highest bits, only for old Mahi boards
x7a r GSENSOR_DATA Mahi(new)/Leo(?) (2)unsigned short value[3] only the 12 highest bits for each value, only for new Mahi boards
x7b w OJ_REG  ?  ?  ?
x7c w OJ_DATA_REQ  ?  ?  ?
x7d r OJ_DATA  ?  ?  ?
x7e w OJ_POS_DATA_REQ  ?  ?  ?
x7f r OJ_POS_DATA  ?  ?  ?
x80 w GPI_INT_CTL_EN Mahi/Topa/Rhod/Leo (2)unsigned short interrupt mask Enable interrupts matching the mask
x81 w GPI_INT_CTL_DIS Mahi/Topa/Rhod/Leo (2)unsigned short interrupt mask Disable interrupts matching the mask
x82 r GPI_INT_STATUS Mahi/Topa/Rhod/Leo (2) interrupt mask Read interrupts state
x83 r GPI_STATUS Mahi/Topa/Rhod/Leo (2)GP input status Read input status
x84 w GPI_INT_STATUS_CLR Mahi/Topa/Rhod/Leo (2) interrupt mask Clear raised interrupts
x85 r GPI_INT_SETTING  ?  ?
bit name
x87 r REMOTE_KEYCODE (2)?:keycode Read remote keycode
x88 w REMOTE_KEY_DEBN_TIME  ? Set remote key debounce time
x89 w REMOTE_PLUG_DEBN_TIME  ? Set remote plug debounce time
x8a w SIMCARD_DEBN_TIME  ? Set simcard debounce time
x90 w GPO_LED_STATUS_EN  ?  ?
x91 w GPO_LED_STATUS_DIS  ?  ?

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