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HTC Raphael/NAND

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36MB (0x02400000, MPU) are reserved for AMSS, OEMSBL and others.

base offset size description
0x02400000 0x80000 APPSBL (SPL)
+0x80000 0x40000 unused
0x024c0000 +0xc0000 0x20000 MFG
+0x00 CID
+0x10 enter_bootloader
+0x20 cold boot (DeviceWarmBoot)
+0x30 goupdateloader
+0x40 (NBH)
+0x50 CE Serial InUse\0Debug Cable Ena\0CE USB InUse
+0x60 (DEB)
+0x70 (USB)
+0xb0 (IMG)
+0x80  ?
+0x84  ?
+0x1000 0x400 conf
+0x13c4 C4 4A 6B (BD05EBB5) - GS cal
+0x20000 0x10000 unused
0x02500000 +0x100000 0x20000 MISC config
+0x0000 0x800 wifi eeprom. 0x12 0x51 0xee 0x00
+0x0800 0x800 wifi eeprom2 (leo)
+0x4000 0x40  ?
+0x8000 0x14 numbers?
+0x8014 0x4 OK
+0x8040 0x10 WiFi Exist
+0x9014 0xc HT*
+0x9014 ClearAutoImage
+0x20000 0x20000 unused
0x02540000 0xa0000 splash, logo
+0xa0000 - unused
0x02760000 0x20000 splash, sublogo (enmpty)
0x02780000 0x80000 wince dmesg
0x02820000 APP (wince)
0x02820000 0x200 E9FDFF00 +
0x02820800 MSFSLH50
0x02821000 wince nk.exe
0x20000000 END

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