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FAQ: What is HardSPL?

   * a custom G4 SPL patched by Olipro which let your device think it has SuperCID (aka CID unlocked)

What is difference between Hard and Soft SPL?

   * Soft SPL is temporary, this solution is semi-permanent, it will be removed by flashing an original G4 SPL using SoftSPL. Read on for a complete tutorial on how to remove HardSPL.
   * If you use HardSPL, you don't need a separate loader in the future, just use the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU) provided in the ROM package.

Can I use it for other devices than for a G4 wizard and Blackstone?

   * There is a G4 Users Version, Use at your own risk!
   * There is a Blackstone Version
   * You can use it for another device if you want to have a shiny new BRICK.