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Heimdall One-Click

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Heimdall One-Click is a automation tool designed to make flashing firmware easy while keeping you informed of risks and the firmware contained within.


Heimdall One-Click utilizes several safety features. Some are inherent to the upstream package of Heimdall, and some are introduced by the One-Click itself

PIT Verification The partition tables are verified by Heimdall to match the package contents to be flashed. If the pit does not match, then the package will not be flashed without repartitioning

Bootloader Verification In order to flash bootloaders you must first flash without and then check the "Flash Bootloaders" button. This prevents one-click flashing of improper bootloaders and is desinged to make the user think twice about it.

Bootloader Grouping The bootloaders group includes more then just a Primitive Bootloader and a Secondary Bootloader. Repartitioning, PARAMS and others are also considered bootloaders by Heimdall One-Click. This prevents black-screen booting or overwriting partial blocks with a repartition.

Bootloaders Last Heimdall recognizes bootloaders and will flash them last. This, together with other failsafes ensures that if anything else fails during flash, bootloades will not be flashed.

Unpackagability Unlike Odin One-Clicks, you can unzip a Heimdall One-Click JAR file. This allows you to verify, repackage and inspect the contents for potential problems.


You must have Java installed on your computer. You can verify that you have the latest JAVA version here:

Heimdall One-Click has been designed to automate installation of all drivers and dependencies. The following are platform speciffic details.


Heimdall One-Click will install the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package and drivers. For the most part, you simply click "next" During the installation of drivers you will observe a popup which explains that you must "Show All" devices in the menu.


A debian package will be installed for 32 or 64 bit depending on your platform. This requires a password to be entered and the system will handle the rest.


A standard package installer will be presented. After installation, the system must be rebooted.


1. Put your device into "Download Mode"

2. Launch Heimdall One-Click

3. Verify that the package is intended for your device, then click flash.

4. If the device will not boot, check the "flash bootloaders" checkbox and click flash again

Heimdall One-Click is a work in progress


I'm seeing a message about "PIT" matching.. What does this mean?

In heimdall 1.3.0, the repartitioning is broken. You may use Linux. If you are using a newer version, then the packaged ROM is not compatible with your current partition table and you should check the "Flash Bootloaders" button to activate repartitioning.


I want to use Odin3, how do I do this?

Simply run the Samsung Drivers installer. Samsung decided to use proprietary and closed source drivers with Odin. You can find them here:

Windows 32 bit drivers Windows 64 bit drivers