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Hermes UpgradeGuide

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This guide is out of date as latest version of HardSPL stops itself from being overwritten.

Upgrading to a newer ROM using Hard-SPL

The Hard-SPL bootloader allows you to install any ROM on your phone without having to SuperCID your phone (which will void your warranty), it also allows you to flash unsigned code (ie: cooked roms) and prevents your phone from being irreversibly damaged in the event that flash fails during a rom upgrade.

With hard-SPL installed you are always able to flash back the original ROM in case you need it for warranty reasons, but you must be careful not to overwrite hard-SPL with other bootloader when flashing a full shipped upgrade.

The following guide shows how to modify a shipped upgrade to remove the bootloader from it, keeping Hard-SPL installed on your phone.


  • Step 1: Download to your PC, extract the contents in a folder and run ROMUpgradeUt.exe to install it on your phone. Flashing a bootloader is just a few seconds.
  • Step 2: Download NBHextract and extract the files.
  • Step 3: Download nbhgen0.1 and extract the files.
  • Step 4: Download the original shipped ROM or the cooked ROM you want to flash to your phone.
  • Step 5: Unzip/Unrar the ROM you just downloaded.
  • Step 6: In the folder where you extracted the content of the ROM, you should see a file with .nbh extension, generally named RUU_signed.nbh but the name can vary. Move that file to the folder where NBHextract was extracted.
  • Step 7: Open a command/DOS prompt and navigate to the NBHextract folder in the DOS prompt. Then typeNBHextract.exe filename.nbh and press enter. Your folder should look similar to this

Note: depending on the contents of the NBH file, you can have more or less*.nb files

  • Step 8: Delete 00_IPL.nb, 01_SPL.nb and RUU_signed.nbh from that folder.
  • Step 9: Copy all the .nb files to the folder where nbhgen0.1 is extracted.
  • Step 10: In the nbhgen0.1 folder, there's a file calledsample.txt. It should look like this

Note: make sure the names of the*.nb files match the names on thesample.txt file for each rom part

  • Step 11: The first four lines are the Model ID, CID, ROM version and the language respectively. Change the Model ID to your model ID e.g. HERM300 but you can leave CID, ROM version and the language unchanged. Delete the lines that say 100,00_IPL.nb and 200,01_SPL.nb. Also change the line900,04_ExtROM.nb to *700*,04_ExtROM.nb. Save the changes.
  • Step 12: Open a command/DOS prompt and navigate to the nbhgen0.1 folder in the DOS prompt. Then typenbhgen.exe sample.txt. This should generate a file nameedRUU_signed.nbh in the nbhgen0.1 folder.
  • Step 13: Move the newly createdRUU_signed.nbh to the folder where you extracted the content of the ROM you downloaded, make sure it is the only NBH file on that folder.
  • Step 14: You are ready to perform your upgrade. Make sure your phone is connected to your PC and run ROMUpgradeUt.exe. Follow the instructions and hopefully everything should be ok.

In this little guide, we installed Hard-SPL to the phone, extracted the bootloader from the ROM we wanted to flash to the phone and performed the upgrade. The bootloader is removed from the ROM so that it doesn't overwrite the Hard-SPL bootloader that was installed on the phone.

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