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pin mask description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOA00 0x0001 cleared after BT enable (Blue LED) O
GPIOA01 0x0002 IR/serial related O 1
GPIOA02 0x0004 GSM select bootloader O
GPIOA03 0x0008 Charger enable O
GPIOA04 0x0010  ? O
GPIOA05 0x0020  ? O
GPIOA06 0x0040  ? O
GPIOA07 0x0080  ? O
GPIOA08 0x0100 Headset (plugged=1) O
GPIOA09 0x0200 Mic ? O
GPIOA10 0x0400  ? O
GPIOA11 0x0800 PWM0 O PWM0
GPIOA12 0x1000 PWM1 O PWM1
GPIOA13 0x2000 battery related (+kioctl2a24) O
GPIOA14 0x4000  ? I 1
pin mask description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOB00 0x0001 GSM Reset2 O
GPIOB01 0x0002 GSM Reset1 O
GPIOB02 0x0004 backpack related O
GPIOB03 0x0008 LCD_5V O
GPIOB04 0x0010 phone buttons backlight O
GPIOB05 0x0020 IR/serial enable(=0)related O 1
GPIOB06 0x0040  ? O
GPIOB07 0x0080 LCD_ON O
GPIOB08 0x0100 LCD_NV_ON O
GPIOB09 0x0200 backpack related O 1
GPIOB10 0x0400 LCD backlight O
GPIOB11 0x0800 LCD_9V O
GPIOB12 0x1000 possibly speaker power? O
GPIOB13 0x2000 Speaker ? O
GPIOB14 0x4000 Vibrator on O
GPIOB15 0x8000 set when a phone call is made - sound-related? phone works! O 1

pin mask description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOC00 0x0001 Red LED O LED0
GPIOC01 0x0002 Green LED O LED1
GPIOC02 0x0004  ? O
GPIOC03 0x0008 BOARDID0 (HimalayaBoardIDs) I
GPIOC06 0x0040 backpack detect (nk.exe) I FE
GPIOC07 0x0080  ? O
GPIOC08 0x0100 ? O
GPIOC09 0x0200 rocker button: all I FE 1
GPIOC10 0x0400 rocker button: up or right I FE 1
GPIOC11 0x0800 rocker button: down or left I FE 1
GPIOC12 0x1000 rocker button: up or left I FE 1
GPIOC13 0x2000 rocker button: down or right I FE 1
GPIOC14 0x4000 slider: up I FE 1
GPIOC15 0x8000 slider: down I FE 1

pin mask description Input/Output IRQ ALT Sleep Init
GPIOD00 0x0001 Rec Key (nk.exe) I FE 1,0
GPIOD01 0x0002 Cam Key I FE 1,0
GPIOD02 0x0004 10sec periodic I RE 1,0
GPIOD03 0x0008 OWM irq I RE 0,0
GPIOD04 0x0010 GSM int (nk.exe) I FE 0,0
GPIOD05 0x0020 GSM power? O  ? 1,0
GPIOD06 0x0040 ? O  ? 0,0
GPIOD07 0x0080 ? O  ? 0,0
GPIOD08 0x0100 carkit detect (nk.exe) I FE 1,0
GPIOD09 0x0200 SD write protect(=1) I RE? 0,0
GPIOD10 0x0400 headset (un)plug ? I RE 0,0
GPIOD11 0x0800 EP (earphone) detect (nk.exe) I FE 1,0
GPIOD12 0x1000 sound related O  ? 0,0
GPIOD13 0x2000 SD card inserted = 1 I RE 1,0
GPIOD14 0x4000 AC in (nk.exe) I RE 1,0
GPIOD15 0x8000 BT INT (nk.exe) I FE 0,0