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WinCE Bootloader
Physical Virtual' Size' Virtual Size Description
0x00000000 0xA0000000 0x200000 0xA0000000 0x200000 PXA263 Flash ROM 32Mbyte
0x44000000 0xA8000000 0x010000 PXA263 LCD controller (not used)
0x48000000 0xA8100000 0x010000 0xAF800000 0x010000 PXA263 Memory Controller
0x4C000000 0xA8200000 0x010000 - - -
0x58000000 0xA8300000 0x010000 - - -
0x5C000000 0xA8400000 0x010000 - - -
0x0EC00000 0xA9000000 0x010000 0xAF700000 0x010000 Debug port (not used)
0x04000000 0xA9100000 0x010000 0xAFD00000 0x010000 HTC_DiskOnChip
0x0C800000 0xA9200000 0x010000 0xAF900000 0x010000 ASIC3 SDIO
0x0D800000 0xA9300000 0x010000 0xAFA00000 0x010000 ASIC3 GPIO & misc
0x0D000000 0xA9400000 0x010000 0xAFB00000 0x010000 AIC2
0x0C000000 0xA9500000 0x010000 0xAFE00000 0x010000 ASIC5
0x10000000 0xA9600000 0x040000 0x9C000000 0x400000  ? (empty)
0x08000000 0xAB000000 0x100000 0xAB000000 0x100000 ATI W3200
0x20000000 0xAC000000 0x010000 0xAC000000 0x010000 pcmcia0 IO
0x28000000 0xAC100000 0x010000 0xAC100000 0x010000 pcmcia0 attrib
0x2C000000 0xAC200000 0x0E0000 0xAC200000 0x0E0000 pcmcia0 memory
0x30000000 0xAD000000 0x010000 0xAD000000 0x010000 pcmcia1 IO
0x38000000 0xAD100000 0x010000 0xAD100000 0x010000 pcmcia1 attrib
0x3C000000 0xAD200000 0x0E0000 0xAD200000 0x0E0000 pcmcia1 memory
0x40000000 0xAE000000 0x200000 0xAE000000 0x170000 PXA263 Peripherals
0xA0000000 0xB0000000 0x400000 0x90000000 0x400000 SDRAM 64MB
0xA4000000 0xB4000000 0x400000 0x94000000 0x400000 SDRAM 64MB
0xA8000000 0xB8000000 0x400000 0x98000000 0x400000 (SDRAM 64MB)
0x14000000 0xBC000000 0x200000 0xA6000000 0x400000  ? (empty)

The full mmu dumps can be found here: