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Himalaya GSM

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Phone Ringtone Script -HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0

change the value of "Script"

heres the code

a - stands for display

r - repeat/replay the script again

c - sets the volume C50, c150, c100

f - means flash .. f1 flash for 1 second and f0 stands for flash continuously

p -means play ringtone

v- vibrate then incorporate with number to state how many seconds it will vibrate example. v3 vibrate for 3seconds or v0 for continous

w - stands for wait or pause then specify how many seconds like w3(wait for 3 seconds)

heres the example

Flash - af1w60f0

Ring - apw3r

Ring Once - ap

Increasing Ring - c50apw3c150r

Vibrate Then Ring - v3w3apw3r

Vibrate - av3w3r

Short Vibrate - av1w3r

Vibrate Long Then Ring - v3w3v3w3apw3r

Vibrate And Ring - av0pw3r

Increasing Ring And Vibrate - c50apv3w3c150r

Fast Vibrate And Flash - af1v1w1f0r

Vibrate and Ring Continously without pausing - av0pr