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Huawei Ascend Y530

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Huawei Ascend Y530
Y530, Y530 U00, Y530 U051
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Huawei Huawei-icon.png
Release Date: March, 2014
Operating System: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean 32px
Dimensions: 67.00 x 132.5 x 9.3 millimetres
Weight: 145 grams (battery included)
Display: 4.5 LCD IPS FWVGA(480 x 854), 16M colors
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM 8210 at 1.2 GHz (can't be overclocked)
RAM: 512MB
Internal Memory: 4 GB ROM
Memory Card: microSD, SDHC support, 32 GB max
Networks: GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS1: 850/1900/2100, UMTS2: 900/2100, HSDPA:21Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL
Wi-fi: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
USB: 1 MicroUSB 2.0 port
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
NFC: no
GPS: Yes, A-GPS (Assisted GPS), Geotag support
Video out: 30fps (MP4 / H.263 / H.264 ) FWVGA decode
Camera: 5 MPx, LED flash
Secondary Camera: Front, 0.3 MPx
Battery: 1750 mAh battery, replaceable
Other features
Additional Features: Accelerometer, proximity, ambient light sensor, flashlight

Huawei Ascend Y530

Y530-atom.jpg Y530-back.jpg Y530-gmail.jpg

Also known as

  • Huawei Y530
  • Huawei Ascend Y530 U00
  • Huawei Ascend Y530 U051

It seems that Y530-U00 and Y530-U051 are the same as regards hardware, and firmwares are exchangeable. Only the market destination differs: the former is sold in Europe and Asia, the latter in America.


This is an entry-level android device manufactured by Huawei, distributed by various operators throughout Europe, America and India. This device ships with an incomplete Emotion UI (EMUI) 1.6 which can be generally adjusted in two "styles": standard and simple, being "standard" closer to EMUI 1.6 full experience (no app drawer home) and "simple" a more straightforward interface resembling Microsoft's Modern UI. EMUI 1.6 themes are partially compatible with Y530.

Unlocking bootloader

Note: On 2016 seems that the procedure changed. Huawei Unlocking Bootloader

Note: : Huawei is not longer (2018-07-25) providing unlock codes [1]

The recommended way to unlock bootloader is the official method. IcemanSR describes the official method clearly. You need to send an email to [email protected] Your email must contain the following information:

Title: Bootloader unlock request Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxx IMEI: xxxxxxxxxx Product ID: xxxxxx Model: HUAWEI Y530-U00

Serial, IMEI and Model are located under battery. Product ID can be obtained by "calling" to * # * # 1357946 # * # *, after doing this your phone must display a code with 8 characters. From minutes to days you will receive an email from Huawei with your unlock code, be careful not to filter it to spam or recycle bin.

Unlock method without an e-mail from Huawei :

You must go to the Chinese Huawei EMUI website because on the english site it's not gonna work. I recommend to you to use Chrome because it's integrated website translator. But you can do it different if you want to. Click on the third button in the white title bar called "download". A site with many phones should come up, click on the opened lock symbol called "brush unlock" in google translator but it should be called "bootloader unlock". A pop up windows should pop up (If not deactivate you pop up blocker or adblocker temporary) Click on the button right next to the first entry. You will be sent to an login page where you have to either log in with you huawei account (If you have one) or register (when you haven't got one). You have to click the lock and the button in the pop up menu again. Then you must accept the security and information text with clicking the small check box and click next. Next you need to choose the second entry called "smartphone" in the first drop-down menu and then choose "Huawei Y300-0100" in the second drop-down menu. (Why Y300 ? Because Y530 isn't in the list and the Y300 code works on our phone.) In the first text field type in your serial number and in the second one the IMEI (When you don't know how to find them look at the sentence above my text) Then just enter the security code and click next. Your unlock code should be shown on the site. Please note your code somewhere and the follow the instructions below.

Once you have your unlock code use fastboot to unlock bootloader. To setup fastboot in your computer, you can see this little guide. To get into fastboot mode there are several ways:

  • turn off quick boot, then turn off the phone, turn on it using Power and Vol- buttons and connect it to PC through USB cable; or
  • don't turn off quick boot, but turn off the phone, extract the battery and leave the phone without it for at least 10 seconds, then turn it on as described in previous point; or
  • if you have ADB, enable USB debug, then exec this command: adb reboot bootloader.

You know you are in fastboot mode because you'll see only the Huawei logo stuck or your firmware is informing you so in display.

In your computer with the phone attached open a file browser and go to the folder containing fastboot executable. Open a command prompt or terminal (in Windows you can do it by shift + right click, being careful you have no files or folders selected in file manager) write down fastboot oem unlock 123456789012345678, where 123456789012345678 has to be replaced with unlock code Huawei sent you. Type fastboot oem get-bootinfo to make sure the bootloader is unlocked.

Common problems and solutions

  • If Huawei is not sending back your unlock code check again spam and recycle bin folders in your email account. Send the very same email to alternative Huawei email accounts: [email protected] or [email protected] Some users gmail and hotmail users have reported they didn't receive their unlock code anyway, trying from a domain other than or seems to solve this problem. Finally, you can use PieroV's template, which worked for some users.
  • However note that users VisualTech48 and himister have gotten their code easily when they sent the mail in the evening of CHINA (+8 CST), around 7-9 o'clock China time.
  • If unlock code is not unlocking bootloader. You may have an already unlocked Y530 device. In fastboot mode use fastboot oem get-bootinfo
  • If you don't want your bootloader unlocked anymore. Go into fastboot mode and write down fastboot oem lock


  • dload folder method

Unbricking this device is possible with dload folder method if you have stock recovery, first, you need to download a stock firmware. The stock firmware version must be the one you are using or a higher version, one of these stock firmwares (we call it "B189") you can download from B189 here.

When your firmware has been downloaded, you need to extract it and copy dload folder to your SD Card root (i.e. not inside any other folder), and hold Vol- with Vol+ and Power button together. It will take a couple of seconds until upgrade routine.

  • CWM method (needs an unlocked bootloader)

Unbricking this device is recommended with this method.(Require clockwordmod-custom recovery) First you need download rom Link 1 or Link 2, then extract files from Now enter STOCK_mod folder and you will see a folder called 1970-01-, copy it to sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/, then reboot at CWM holding Vol+ and Power button, now when you get booted into CWM go into backup and restore and select restore option and then restore 1970-01- and it will take you few minutes the go back and reboot device and always select NO on message("ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?).

  • Flashing with fastboot(Hard method)

About this unbricking step everything can be founded on this post.

Installing CWM

Any recovery image installed in this device, if compatible, can be booted from a completely powered off phone (i. e. power off the phone and take out the battery for about 10 seconds, then put it back) pressing Vol+ and, while holding it, pressing and holding too the Power button until the phone display turns on.

At the moment exists a fully working CWM which can be flashed to this device (direct link). You will obtain a "recoveryXYZ.img" file, to use this file as a recovery you have to flash it to the correct partition, we present two methods but there are more.

Using fastboot (recommended)

Put recoveryXYZ.img in your desktop computer hard disk, preferably in the same directory where you installed fastboot. From your phone, boot into fastboot mode as described in "unlocking bootloader" section. Once in fastboot mode open a command window in your desktop computer and inputthe following command: fastboot boot recoveryXYZ.img. The terminal will send the image to the corresponding partition and is gonna reboot to the new (CWM) recovery. You are now using the CWM recoveryXYZ.img but only for a test drive. At this moment, explore the backups and restore menu in CWM with Vol+- keys and perform a (nandroid) backup of your current stock firmware.

If everything went well, you may want to permanently flash CWM to your device, to accomplish this repeat the steps above only this time you'll use fastboot flash recovery recoveryXYZ.img instead of fastboot boot recoveryXYZ.img.

Using Nandroid manager (easier, but first you need to root)

Download Nandroid Manager * ROOT from Play Store. Open the app and give it superuser permission and accept license. Go to Recovery tab, tap on "Flash new recovery" and select the source of your recoveryXYZ.img. Confirm.


We have a sensitive topic here. Somehow it depends on firmware but not in a clear way. Anyway, to root via desktop PC you are going to need USB debugging enabled. If in Settings you don't have the "Developer options" section visible (where you can enable USB debugging), go to "About the phone" and tap about 8 times on "Compilation number" until Android calls you a developer.

Most of the Huawei Ascend Y530 users will recomend to use Kingroot, a desktop application for Windows which requires an internet connection to work, the more cautious users will recommend to take SIM and SD cards out and activate airplane mode while rooting via Kingroot. This program will send a su binary that is compatible with Y530 to /system/xbin. Additionally, Kingroot will install a lesser known Superuser app named "Kinguser". Kinguser acts like a tool to manage access to root privileges, similar to others like SuperSU and Superuser. Less would recommend Kingoroot desktop for Windows, which is not the same than Kingroot. Both apps are very straightforward to use, install on your computer, launch them and follow instructions.

If none of these programs seem to root your Y530 try installing towelroot. This is an Android app (apk file) which can be installed in yout Y530, provided you have enabled unknown sources in your phone in security settings. Once towelroot is installed, launch it, and tap on the "make it ra1n" button (you need internet connection) to push a su binary into /system/xbin. After "rooting succesful" confirmation, connect your phone to desktop computer and try again with Kingroot or Kingoroot.

Rooting with no desktop computer

Sometimes you don't need a PC to root your phone and some firmwares (confirmed on B509) can be rooted without a PC. To accomplish this, you need two apk files: towelroot and kinguser. First, install towelroot and tap on the "make it ra1n" button; after confirmation of success, install kinguser, launch it and update su binaries if you must.

Most of rooted stock firmwares can't use the trusty SuperSU Android app and have to stay with Kinguser because when Kinguser is replaced with superSU, after a reboot and/or update of su binaries, superSU blocks access to internal SD memory for most apps.

The only known method to install superSU without any downsides is demonstrated only for B512 and B515 firmware. First, root using towelroot with "make it ra1n" button. Download and put it in external SD card. Boot to recovery and flash the downloaded zip file using CWM. When you reboot to your Android OS CWM will offer you to fix su binary, remember to always answer "no".

Stock ROM tweaks

Hidden menu

There is an hidden menu that allows to change various settings. It can be opened just dialing this number: *#*#2846579#*#*.

It can be useful, for example, to reset USB port mode, if it doesn't work anymore.

Custom ROMS known to be working for Huawei Ascend Y530

  • There are only 2 ROMs,1 cyanogenmod porting and 1 Stock based ROM
  • Until now, there is no stable custom ROM. There are some attempts to port Cyanogenmod 11.
  • There is a Clockworkmod recovery. which can be used to install modified stock ROMs.

B515 Stock based Modded

The latest version is B515v3 and is hosted in (link not valid) MEGA:

 The highlights are little and the principle is to keep it minimal and open source:
 1. No live wallpapers at all
 2. Based on B515 firmware
 3. Degoogled and debloated (except for Google Keyboard, Play Store and Play Services)
 4. KitKat launcher
 5. Lollypop-like UI (thanks to @ciubi93. I managed to mod HwToolbox.apk and bundle it to the theme. I think the result is pretty, I tried to do the same with Phone and Contacts apps, but it was a complete failure. The screenshot shows the integrated HwToolBox to the overall theme.
 6. Better sound thru extremebeats and Ponqualizer
 7. 3G turbocharged with zeppelinrox's tweaks.
 8. Build.prop tested tweaks. These ones are related with dalvik heap. If you want a device with more free RAM you can change vm. dalvik.heapsize to 128 and reduce heapgrowthlimit, heapminfree and heapmaxfree values in build.prop (I modularized 3G tweaks and dalvik tweaks so they are easy to find, edit, delete).
 9. Minimal open source basic apps: Vanilla Music Player, Simple Explorer, CM11 calendar and e-mail client, lightning browser and system app mover. The latter is a recent addition that I just foun, extremely useful to change system apps to data apps (allowing the uninstallation of system apps) and viceversa.
10. Rooted (includes SuperSU) and busyboxed.

G630 Cyanogenmod

EloyGomez began the port of the Cyanogenmod 11 to the Huawei Ascend G630. However it lacks some some core functionalities (audio in calls, camera, sensors...).

There are many other problems, like resolution, etc...

OTA Package port

Last G630 OTA Package from EloyGomez can be downloaded from here:

                                              *******CAMERA NOT WORKING****** 
                                                Other things seems working


1- Having unlocked bootloader
2- Paste in the root of your sd card ROM.
3- Enter modified recovery "" CWM ""
4- Perform wipe data and cache.
5- install zip from sdcard.

The file must be saved in UNIX format: chose in your text editor Unix/Linux format or newline/linefeed/\n line ending. Don't choose Windows/Mac OS classic/carriage return and line feed/\r\n/\r. In Linux and Mac OS X you shouldn't have problems, on the contrary on Windows you need a good text editor, like Notepad++.


The source code of stock kernel can be downloaded from official EMUI page. It has been released only on July 2014.

Most similar Code Aurora Forum kernel has tag LNX.LA.3.5-05011-8x10.0, and it has been released in November 26, 2013.

MSM8210 in kernel sources is treated as MSM8610, as those SoCs differ only in supported networks.

Huawei released a KitKat kernel for Ascend G6 (not the 4G one) which works on Y530, too.

Similar devices

There are devices based on the same SoC: Motorola Moto E, ZTE Kis3 and others.

The most similar device from Huawei is Huawei Ascend G630: it has a MSM8212 SoC, which differs to MSM8210 only on core number and frequence. Indeed they have lots of differences (RAM, display size etc...), but their kernel is the same. G630 has an experimental Cyanogenmod.

Both, Huawei Y300 and G530, seem similar to Y530, but they are very different devices. Please avoid to flash a custom ROM for Y300 or G530 in a Y530, you may brick your phone.

Gaming Section

Also gaming on android phones are going to very high perfomance required. But our device have only 512mb RAM(or 420 how system read), but there is a way to play high perfomance games using 2 tools(ROOT REQUIRED).

Use this post for setting up Ram Expander

First you need install GLTools.apk, and open it and it will ask you for root authorise accept it check all three boxed and press install, device will reboot. Now using GLTools looks complicated but it very easy. Open it and choose game which one you want to change and tick first box(Enable custom settings...) for apply changes. Anti-aliasing set as Disable(forced) cuz we need low graphic, Use lower render resolution set as 0.5x will be enough cuz setting lower smash graphic to much, ticking Force 16 bit rendering and optimising GLSL shader will cause some games just force close. Texture decompression and recompression dont change cause games run slower, downscale textures usually can be changed at 256x256(Note: Changing this you cange graphic resolution or quality, and some game will not be changed after using downscale textures, like Deus Ex: The Fall) Using fake GPU and CPU is good for games which use one obb for Adreno, Mali, PowerVR and Tegra, but if game obb is for Mali and you using them on Adreno it will cause black screen or just force closing. Also using fake GPU and CPU is good for games which only and maked for Tegra devices(like Half-Life 2), change it in Use a template at Tegra 2 (O2X) and you can play Tegra game at Adreno device. Also in a GPU CPU template choosing we have 7 choices, it mean Tegra 2 (O2X) is lowest graphic and Mali-T604 is graphich, good for games which use one obb for all GPU's. And there are also Emulation Options, they are using for adding features at device which doesnt have support for it, ussually use Half-float texture hack for better games optimising.

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