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HTC Sable/Ipaq6915

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HTC Sable

great device. expensive, but really good quality components. doesn't have UTMS (3g) but does have GPS and GSM.

nearly everything is supported on the kernel side that makes this device a useable PDA. enough research has been done to access all the major hardware, with the remainder being a fairly easy tidy-up job, or hardware shared with other devices.

the only major bits of work are now primarily user-space related: the GPS (which is a known proprietary chipset, with people 'on the case') and the GSM. the protocol to communicate with the GSM is known: it could in fact be pretty easily done as a tty line-discipline module (if i knew how to write tty line discipline drivers, i'd do it...)



kernel modules - todo

  • Battery monitor (needs asic3_owm common code with universal and hx4700, based on ds1wm)
  • Suspend/Resume (look at h4000, take the jump address from universal)
  • Charging (gpio trace and IRQ needed)
  • camera (same as magician and universal)


CPU: PXA270 PXA280C5C4

sound: AKM 4641VN (same as on HTC_Universal - see HTC_I2C_IDs for i2c address)

bluetooth: TI BRF6150 E1 (same as on HTC_Universal)

1st container

wlan: TI ACX100 includes TNETW 1100B ZHH (TNETW1100BZHH C E 65AC9CT), MAXIM MAX2820 (MAXIM MAX2820 ETM615 NN7N1LQ) and i2c eeprom: 2408 WP (near the TNETW and MAX2820)

(same as on HTC_Universal)

dual-supply bus: wd4245 (WD4245 5CJ AC2L G1) 32-bit dual-supply bus transceiver datasheet:

2nd container

PXA power management: MAXIM MAX 1587A ETL 603 NTIP1FX

sound: AKM 4641VN 0612JBH - in same area as power management, ASIC3 and PXA270.

rtc: R8564 EF096A - right next to ASIC3 drivers/i2c/chips/rtc8564.c

unknown: LC404ZC 75MN6 A602RR10 - right next to ASIC3 (probably a lattice cpld for clock distribution)

RAM: Infineon B HYB18L256160BF-7.5 WVV26909 0614

ASIC3: HTC 30H80028-01M S17102 JAPAN 0605EGI F0038ZAE

diskonchip: m-systems DiskOnChip G4 WD 8832-d1G-V3-X-P JAPAN0615KFD1XU9710

3rd container - lots of weird stuff

i thought you might appreciate this: some other people, on a chinese forum, are also doing disassembly of erikson phones, and finding the same chips as listed here :)

unknown: DB2011 751979AZ 59A9FEW SA RIA GI CPU_DB2011.jpg (apparently same chip used in sony/eriksson k500/k700)

unknown: 3040L0YTQ0 A6077631 Z609I228B - 0s could be Os in the first two numbers. vague preliminary searches indicate that this might be an intel flash memory chip.

unknown: DB2202 751543Z 64A20KW $4 RIA GI

unknown: AB2001 R1A TWL93004CZ R61E73KT - on some random russian site apparently this looks like it's a power supply IC.

references to AB2001 R1A here: someone talking about flashing an EROM (whatever that is)... again: it's something associated with an eriksson k700i.

4th container

bluetooth: B6150E1 63DVKDT

5th container - probably GSM/GPRS

unknown: RF9388 0614 D013NLB - possibly a power amplifier.

unknown: RF 2010 P1P8M cPG605 P38/1

unknown: 6012 58

unknown: 1RA4B 2020L05 - very difficult to read. chip is 5mm square, 20-pin round edges.

6th container - GPS!

Baseband processor: RL - 20000 E1 0520 Z14

LNA and mixer: LN22 P1 6Y 60527 - could be a G0527

both the LN22 and the RL-20000 have a picture of a globe on them. the LN22 is tiny (4mm x 7mm) with edge-pins and the RL-20000 is a BGA 8x8mm

this area has a crystal in it: R4009 Y63B 4T

other info

Power IC TWL93004 SonyEricsson K500/K700

2408 WP - some random information:

ASIC 3 - one rev up from the other ipaqs and HTC smartphones (the same as on HTC Universal).

can't edit the HTC_Partnumbers page to add this one. full chipset number is obscured by a cage shield that is soldered to the circuit board. which i just cut away :)

MAXIM 1587A:

rs232 / connector pinouts

resetting your hw6915 into bootloader

action button* action button + reset (all at the same time for a few seconds)

reset can only be pressed with a stylus. action buttons are the ones in between the phone buttons and the funny joystick selector thingy.

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