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LG Nexus 4/Partition Layout

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Stock Layout

Name Location Filesystem Size Comments
modem mmcblk0p1 fat32 Radio.img
sbl1 mmcblk0p2 None Bootloader.sbl1.img
sbl2 mmcblk0p3 None Bootloader.sbl2.img
sbl3 mmcblk0p4 None Bootloader.sbl3.img
tz mmcblk0p5 None
boot mmcblk0p6 None Boot.img
recovery mmcblk0p7 None Recovery.img
m9kefs1 mmcblk0p8
m9kefs2 mmcblk0p9
m9kefs3 mmcblk0p10
rpm mmcblk0p11 None Bootloader.rpm.img
aboot mmcblk0p12 None Bootloader.aboot.img
sbl2b mmcblk0p13 None Bootloader.sbl2.img
sbl3b mmcblk0p14 None Bootloader.sbl3.img
abootb mmcblk0p15 None Bootloader.aboot.img
rpmb mmcblk0p16 None Bootloader.rpm.img
tzb mmcblk0p17 None
metadata mmcblk0p18
misc mmcblk0p19 None
persist mmcblk0p20 ext4
system mmcblk0p21 ext4 System.img
cache mmcblk0p22 ext4 Cache.img
userdata mmcblk0p23 ext4 Userdata.img
DDR mmcblk0p24 None DDR.bin
Grow mmcblk0p25