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Legacy Devices

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HTC Smartphones

HTC P Series

HTC S Series

HTC T Series

HTC X Series

Other Devices Manufactured by HTC

Unreleased HTC Devices

  • HTC Blizzard.png
    HTC Blizzard
  • HTC Erato.png
    HTC Erato HTC S420
  • HTC Foreseer.png
    HTC Foreseer Crown Castle Modeo 3389
  • HTC Kii.jpg
    HTC Kii Vodafone 920
  • HTC Muse.png
    HTC Muse Qtek S300
  • HTC Vivida SMT5500.png
    HTC Vivida Audiovox SMT5500

  • Quanta

  • HTC Atom.jpg
    Quanta Atom O2 Xda Atom / O2 Xda Atom Pure / O2 Xda Atom Life / O2 Xda Atom Exec / Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6828

  • HP

    Sony Ericsson Smartphones