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LinExec was initially developed to allow booting of an XScale kernel from Windows on a PDA. A modified version of the one in the HandHelds CVS is avaliable from the XanaduxCVS:

The information below is on this version of LinExec.

Next to the executable itself, the following files are needed:

  • A kernel image (for example _zImage_).
  • Optionally a compressed InitRD file.
  • A configuration file called params.txt either located in \My Documents\ or in \Storage Card\

The configuration file describes where the other files can be found and it specifies the arguments that should be passed to the Linux kernel. An example of _params.txt_ looks like this:

 \My Documents\zImage
 \My Documents\initrd.gz
 init=/linuxrc keepinitrd root=/dev/rd/0

In this case the console information is printed on the frame buffer console. By redirecting it to the serial port, it is easier to read, log and debug (this is the info for Wallaby):

 \My Documents\zImage
 \My Documents\initrd.gz
 init=/linuxrc keepinitrd root=/dev/rd/0 console=ttySA0

If no InitRD file is present, leave the second line blank. The program expects three lines according to the format above!

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