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MediaTek Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that provides system-on-chip solutions for wireless communications, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray.[1] Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the company has 25 offices worldwide and was the 4th largest IC designer worldwide in 2013.[2][3] Since its founding in 1997, MediaTek has been creating chipset solutions for the global market.[4][5][6] MediaTek also provides its customers with reference designs.[7]


MediaTek systems allow access to several modes useful to power users and developers alike, they are:

  • Engineer Mode is a software mode allowing higher access to the system, this can be useful for rooting and making modifications to non S-On (Locked Bootloader) devices.
  • Factory Mode is mentioned in MediaTek's documentation and can be seen in the bootloader/preloader binaries.
  • META Mode is a method for accessing MediaTek devices even if the device no longer boots into the Android OS (Corrupt System/Bootloader/Preloader), this is extreamly useful for fixing soft-bricked devices as you have write access to the raw partitions.

MediaTek Chips

MediaTek chips are preffixed as MT [8]

  • MT6516
  • MT6577 is a Cortex A9 (ARMv7) 1,2 GHz, 2-core chip
  • MT6589 quad core at 1.2GHZ
    • first phablet micromax canvas HD A116
    • zen ultrafone 701hd, used this chipset. (i did not know what is the chinees name for this phone)
  • MT6592

MTK Droid Root and Tools

MTK Droid Root and Tools is used to make backup, recovery, rooting, scatter and so on in MediaTek based devices. [9][10]

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