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Modifying your Himalaya cradle

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The Modification of the Himalaya Cradle to charge from USB is quite simple:

Underneath the little USB-Connector inside the cradle there is a test-point that carries USB-5V. Scratch the green paint from the pcb trace that carries the testpoint. Solder the scratched surface to get a solderpad. Kolophonium is your friend here.

Solder a Shotty-Diode to the pad. The Anode of the Shottky should be connected to the testpoint. Solder a Bluewire (other colors wont work though :-) from to the Kathode of the Shottky to the internal side of the Fuse which is intended to protect the external 5V-Supply from short circuits.

The Mod was carried out yesterday.

Pictures and a detailed Desciption will follow soon.