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Modifying your Wallaby cradle

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USB charge cradle

With a small modification, you can use the power from the USB port to charge the XDA. This way, you can keep the charger in your travel suitcase, taped to the little adapter plug that makes it go straight into the XDA.


You could easily break your cradle, computer, and XDA doing anything detailed here. At the very least, you would void any warranty on the cradle.


  • Open your cradle by removing the four small rubber pads from the bottom, and unscrewing the little torx-screws underneath.
  • Take it apart and remove the little circuit board.
  • Unplug both connectors from the board. The USB cable is plugged back in later, the power connector stays unplugged.
  • Solder a small wire just like the red wire shown below.


The red wire connects the uppermost pin on the little USB connector with the leftmost three pins on the power connector. The power connector is left unplugged so that the adapter can't be hooked up to the power of the USB, because this would create possible power conflicts if the voltage differs.

  • Put it all back together again
  • Make mental note: "Can't use cradle without computer, doesn't work from adapter anymore."

If you abosultely must have a cradle that takes both inputs:

  • Put a low-drop diode in place of our red wire, with the cathode (the line) facing towards the left.
  • Clip the red wires leading to the plug that's hanging loose in the picture, Put the three adapter-facing wires together and tie these to the anode of another low-drop diode, and connect the cathode (line) to the three wires going to the little connector hanging loose in the picture.
  • Reconnect the little connector

We would like to thank Charlie Reverte for his page describing the same mod for the old model iPaq cradle:

USB charge cables

Ofcourse, one could also make a cable that connects the USB port and charges from it as well. Just connect the USB power pin to the power on the XDA connector. Or buy the cable at this site:

A word about USB power

We have observed that although USB ports seem to charge the phone, the amber charge light takes longer to go green. The adapter supplied with the XDA supplies 1 A, a USB port is rated at 500 mA. We'll keep you updated.