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Motorola Atrix 4G/Unlock

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I created this guide as a walkthrough of my unlock process. It is intended to clarify the steps needed to do to unlock the Motorola Atrix.

First test

First thing to try:

./fastboot oem unlock
(bootloader) OEM unlock is not implemented
OKAY [  0.000s]
finished. total time: 0.000s

okay, I need to flash a unlocker SBF. (n.b. this wipes the phone completely!)

Flash unlocker SBF

thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % ./sbf_flash intl-fix-try1.sbf
SBF FLASH 1.24 (mbm)
=== intl-fix-try1.sbf ===
Index[5]: Unexpected chip 16
Index[6]: Unexpected chip 16
00: RDL03 0x00000000-0x002FFFFF 7F75 AP
01: RDL01 0x00800000-0x008407FF 3556 BP
02:  CG02 0x00000010-0x0000580F 4615 AP
03:  CG03 0x000000A0-0x0008009F 2135 AP
04:  CG42 0x00000020-0x0030001F F03C AP
05:  CG44 0x00000050-0x0030004F 0C66 AP
06:  CG47 0x00000070-0x0008006F E7CB AP 
 >> waiting for phone: Connected.
 >> uploading RDL03: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> verifying ramloader
 -- OK
 >> executing ramloader
 -- OK
 >> waiting for phone: Connected.
 >> sending erase
 -- OK
 >> uploading CG02: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> uploading CG03: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> uploading CG42: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> uploading CG44: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> uploading CG47: 100.0%
 -- OK
 >> rebooting 

got Failed to boot 1

Restart and press vol up at startup.

Screen says:

Starting Fastboot protocol support

Time to unlock

thomas@thinky ~/dev/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools (git)-[master] % ./fastboot oem unlock
(bootloader) Unlocking your device can permanently VOID your warranty.
(bootloader) This process cannot be reversed.  If you wish to proceed,
(bootloader) reissue the unlock OEM command containing the unique ID
(bootloader) of your device: 00000
OKAY [  0.001s]
finished. total time: 0.001s
thomas@thinky ~/dev/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools (git)-[master] % ./fastboot oem unlock 00000
(bootloader) Device is now unlocked
OKAY [  1.819s]
finished. total time: 1.819s

Restart device in Fastboot mode

Get moto-fastboot

Flash CWM

127 thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % ./moto-fastboot32 devices
TA7440IUWY	fastboot
thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % md5sum recovery-dark-green-atrix5.img
c8a4438e5889d5e681a754555c40bc51  recovery-dark-green-atrix5.img
thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % ./moto-fastboot32 erase recovery
            erasing 'recovery'... OKAY [  0.017s]
thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % ./moto-fastboot32 flash recovery recovery-dark-green-atrix5.img 
  sending 'recovery' (4708 KB)... OKAY [  0.297s]
            writing 'recovery'... OKAY [  0.350s]
1 thomas@thinky ~/dev/atrix/unlock (git)-[master] % ./moto-fastboot32 reboot   


Insert SD Card, go to CWM.

Try to mount,

go to backup & restore, backup with webtop, go.