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Motorola Defy

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Motorola Defy
Motorola Defy.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Motorola Motorola-icon.png
Release Date: 10/2010
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 107 x 59 x 13.4 Millimeters
Weight: 118 gramms
Display: 3.7 inch (9,40 cm), 854 x 480 Pixel, 265 ppi (pixel per inch),68Hz Refresh Rate
Chipset: Texas Instruments OMAP3610
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 512 MB RAM / 2 GB ROM (1.2GB available)
Memory Card: MicroSD upto 32GB
Networks: Quadband GSM
Wi-fi: TI wL1271 802.11 b/g/n
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR
NFC: Not Known
GPS: Yes
Video out: Not Known
Camera: 5.0 megapixel with LED Flash
Secondary Camera: no
Battery: 1540 mAh
Other features
Additional Features: "Lifeproof" IP67, but not certified



XDA-Developers Forums for the Phone

The sub-forums on XDA Dev are located here.

There are four sub-forums:

  1. Defy General
  2. Defy Android Development
  3. Defy Themes and Apps
  4. Defy Accessories


  • Unsimlock your Defy Make your Defy work with different providers for custom roms based on CM. (original SIM is needed)

Network issues:

Mod Stock Firmware

Old: (usable to a certain point)


How to unbrick your Defy

See Rooting DEFY+ Bootloader v7 (few lines under this text) and this guide how to unbrick (even hard-bricked) Defy:

How to root your Defy

The fastest and easiest way is achieved by using the Framaroot app.

How to root your DEFY/DEFY+ with Framaroot

Framaroot is an one-click application to install Superuser and su binary on phones. This is the actual, easy, working method for rooting all Defy and Defy+ devices irrespective of CG signature versions, simply :

  • download and install the Framaroot .apk (version 1.8.0 is known to work, later versions may not work with Defy?)
  • Select "install SuperSU" (default choice on an unrooted device)
  • Choose "Gimli" exploit, success message should appear.
  • Reboot and enjoy your rooted Defy!

How to root your Defy - the old way

Older versions of Android in Defy are easily rootable by simple application. See:

Rooting DEFY+ Bootloader v7

Rooting DEFY+ Bootloader v7 means that you have already updated your phone to Android version that closed big security vulnerability used for rooting in previous versions (or you got phone with that new version already installed). In this case low level flashing of modified original Motorola's Android is required by special utility RSD Lite (this is impossible to root phone by simple application with exploit like before/above). If you can, use notebook, as it may run on battery in case of power failure to avoid bricking your Defy!

  1. Charge fully your phone (or for at least 50%)!!!
    • If you don't, you'll brick your phone because in BootLoader mode, the phone is not able to recharge and runs only from its own battery!!!
    • If your battery drains in BootLoader mode, you'll be not able to recharge it again. See below how to fix this. You have been warned!
  2. Install Motorola USB Drivers on your Windows system (or Mac OS X)
  3. Install RSD Lite (RSD Lite 5.7)
  4. Get SBFs from step 2 and 4 at [How-To] Root für BL7 Stock ROMs (2.6.3, DFP-188 und höher) -
    • pick only first link from step 2 and then first link from step 4
    • if it does not work, use links after word Alternativ: in both steps (second file is in two parts so you need three files total and merge last two in one)
  5. Rename these two SBF files to a shorter name, mark it as first (1st) and second (2nd)
  6. Boot phone into BootLoader menu
    • turn off phone
    • press and hold volume up and power on button
    • when display comes on, but stays black, release keys and white text appears on display
      • you will see white text on black screen with: Bootloader... Connect USB Data Cable
    • connect phone to PC by USB cable
  7. Start RSD Lite (install in and then use icon on your desktop to run it)
    • this program could be detected as malware because is used for rooting phones so you may want to go over this warning and disable your antivirus checking for a while
    • you have to see your phone in one line in lower part of RSD Lite window next to one port number (Port No.) and under Status you will see Connected.
    • click button with three dots (...) to pick first SBF file (1st)
    • click Start button in RSD Lite, then Decompress and flash, and be patient and let it finish (up to 10 minutes)
      • you will see "Transfer Mode: USB" on the phone and then "SW Update In progress.."
      • so the flashing process starts... and RSD Lite shows "In process..."
      • after flashing, there is checking phase which takes looong, just wait, wait, wait... until next step (phone reboots)
      • then (after looong time) phone reboots and comes up. DO NOT INTERRUPT the process!
    • when you see Please manually power up this phone under Status in RSD Lite:
      • pull battery out, unplug from USB/cumputer, put your battery back
      • boot into Stock recovery (hold Volume down and Power button until green Android robot with triangle with "!" mark appears)
      • press both Volume buttons (up+down) simultaneously and recovery menu appears
      • choose Wipe data/Factory reset and Wipe cache (move by Volume Up/Down, use Power button to submit your choice)
      • choose Reboot system now
  8. Again boot phone into BootLoader menu
    • click button with three dots (...) to pick second SBF file (2nd)
    • click Start button in RSD Lite
    • wait until finished and phone check in RSD Lite is marked as PASSED

When it's done your phone is rooted! You then need install Custom recovery (2ndInit) if you plan to flash another ROM from ZIP file. See next chapter how to install this tool in your phone.

Installing Custom recovery (2ndInit) to the Defy phone

  1. Download SndInitDefy_2.3.apk from 2ndInit Recovery Installer and put it on your SD card (ie. version 2.3 or later if available)
  2. Enable install from Unknown source (the menu is under: Settings - Applications - enable Unknown source)
  3. Enable USB debugging (the menu is under: Settings - Applications - Development - USB debugging)
  4. Run Files and find APK file on your SD card, tap on it
    • If it says you have to enable unknown source, go ahead to enable it
  5. Install APK with SndInitDefy
  6. Run installed Defy 2ndInit application
  7. Click the button with Install 2ndInit BootMenu
    • The app asks you to allow Superuser Request (ie. root access) multiple times. You have to agree and Allow it!
    • Do not click the button second time, just wait a while for another Superuser Request, Allow it until app tell you that you are done
  8. Wait for successful installation of Custom bootloader which is signalized by greed led on the top of your phone and green text 2ndInit Menu currently installed on top of the screen
  9. You may now boot to custom recovery and install favourite Android ROM

Dual TWRP/CWM recovery

You may flash dual recovery from here:

More info

How to enter bootloader menu

Switch phone off, press and hold volume-up button then switch phone on. From here, you can flash Motorola's official rom's (check sbf sticky thread and All-in-one defy beginners guide)

How to start the 2ndinitdefy bootloader/recovery menu

Download 2ndInit Recovery Installer v2.0 and install, reboot and when the blue led lights hold volume-down (usb debugging has to be off).

How to enter recovery mode

There are two different recovery's for the Defy. The stock and the custom recovery.

To get in Stock recovery

Stock recovery is builtin recovery provided by Motorola. This recovery is always accessible even the phone is rooted and custom recovery is flashed into the phone. To enter stock recovery, switch phone off, press and hold volume-down button then switch phone on (by power on button on the top of the phone). When the android robot with the exclamation mark appears, you have to press both volume keys (for more info, check All-in-one Defy beginners guide)

To get in Custom recovery

To enter Custom recovery switch off the phone. Then power on, press vol-down when blue led is on (else you'll enter 2ntInit bootmenu). In Boootmenu tap on Recovery => Custom Recovery. Check 2ndInit and All-in-one Defy beginners guide.

Old custom recovery's:

How to backup your current ROM

Enter custom recovery in 2ntInit bootmenu (power on, press vol-down when blue led is on, else you'll enter 2ntInit bootmenu) and chose Recovery => Custom (or latest) recovery and chose Nand backup from there.

How to COMPLETLY wipe your Defy

There is a ZIP for complete wipe of your Defy from recovery. This ZIP does not contain any files for flashing, just script to wipe out all Android partitions (this scrip is run from recovery when this ZIP is "flashed"). DO NOT REBOOT until you flash another ROM or you end up in SBF flashing.

There is another ZIP that completely wipes the system but keeps the Recovery. That way an accidental reboot doesn't lead to starting from SBF.

Annotation: For newer ROMs of CM11 KitKat 4.4.4 (by Quarx) this ZIP will NO MORE save the (old) TWRP Recovery file structure ("bootmenu"). The background here is, that the folders have now other names and the ZIP tries to save the old ones, doesn't find them, but goes on with wiping all folders/files and wipes the recovery, too. Now, rebooting before flashing another ROM/Recovery will force you to start all over from SBF. - Again, DO NOT REBOOT until you flash another ROM or you end up in SBF flashing as well.

How to get RSD lite to recognise a phone that won't boot

You flashed, something happened, now screen is black, phone doesn't react, u are in a boot loop, rsdlite cant recognize the phone. you're right here.

To get RSDLIte to recognize your phone you have to enter boot loader mode. this means press VOL-UP + POWER If nothing helps, try pushing VOL UP before!' you put the battery in (RSDLIte should be running and awaiting a new connection at that time) If you are using Windows 7, try seting RSDLite to "compatibility mode: Windows XP SP3".

Fixing "Battery Low - Cannot program" on bootloader aka McGyver Hack

You ran out of battery during flashing or similar? If you're in flash progress (boot loader mode) and the phone isn't able to load the battery, you got stuck because you ran out. Indicators:

 - Only see white LED 
 - Black screen 
 - Phone not booting
 - Phone doesn't get to the Motorola logo

You can try this: [1] Some pictures on how it should look like: [2]

How to use non-Motorola charger

Some chargers have data wires present so your Defy does not recognize you are trying to charge your battery. In this case, just short data wires and it may work (if you have non-broken USB charger). More info at:

ROMS & Recoveries

Android 2.1 (Eclair) Stock ROMs

A list of currently known stock ROMs can be found at


Android 2.1 (Eclair) Custom ROMs

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Stock ROMs

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Custom ROMs

Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) Stock ROMs

Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) Stock ROMs

Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) Custom ROMs

Android 4.0.x (ICS) Custom ROMs

Android 4.1.x (JB) Custom ROMs

Wiki page for Defy(+) JB CM 10 builds:

Threads on XDA:

Android 4.2.x (JB) Custom ROMs

Android 4.3.x (JB) Custom ROMs

 4.3 Gapps Minimal

Android 4.4.x (Kitkat) Custom ROMs

Non-Android-based ROMs

Google Applications

Google Applications (simply just Gapps) are needed to support linking to Google account (cloud service). This means that you have to provide username and password for (one or more) Google accounts (ie. account for service) and then your contacts are synced with Google contacts in service. This account is needed to use Google Play to online download applications (and possibly music and other multimedia), links to Google+, account etc. Without Google Applications this is still possible to use the phone, but there is no auto contact backup, no Google Play etc. Some of Google Apps are possible to install from another phone (by install APK files downloaded to SD card from Internet, from another phone etc.), some are not. To ease connection with Big Brother Google, you have to have just minimal Google Applications set ready in your phone, because there are some hidden essential applications that are not presented to the user. If you want to waste your internal flash space, have a lot of processes always running even you don't use all the gadgets, install full Google Application set. These packages should by installed by Custom Recovery menu (see above).

Custom ROM from XDA-Developers don't contain Gapps usually. But this may vary, so you have to read HOWTOs and threads about your favourite custom ROM before you are installing anything on your phone. It's OK to install pure ROM, test it and then install Gapps and then connect to your Google account. But don't mix various Gapps without replacing whole ROM if you don't want to go into the trouble. Remember that once Gapps are installed, they are updated online via Google Play store so you need to install Gapps just one time.