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Motorola Defy/JB status

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This page is intended to help keep track of the state of the many JB builds by Quarx2k and Epsylon3.

Defy/Defy+ XDA Threads

To download JB CM10 Quarx Builds (Defy/Defy+ GB Kernel) see this thread: [1]

For BUGREPORT all versions and kernels see this thread: [2]

Limit the number of described builds here and remove older builds as they get replaced by newer just as stable builds.

Defy/Defy+ CM10 helping locate issues with nightlies

There is a lot of people reporting issues with nightlies based on little information and with very little information to help the developers squash the bugs.
So when you want to report an issue with a nightly build, first check if others have reported this bug? If it is reported, try to be specific when adding your information. This is also important it none have reported it yet - Furthemore Then you should make sure that it really tied to the nightly. You can help the developers immensly by trying to narrow down what causes the bug to appear. If it's not reported yet, chances are that the bug requires a special setup to be seen.
On the Jellybean thread I have seen the following types of apps/scripts do more damage than good:

  • Launchers other than Trebuchet (the standard one) can cause FC's, lag and higher battery consumpion.
  • Apps that takeover/extend lock screen (MIUI - cause lockscreen not to switch off).
  • scripts that change kernel settings (speed optimization scripts from GB kernel caused lag on 2ndboot kernel).
  • High battery consumption because of apps that changed the way they access the internet.

Guides, How-Tos & Tutorials

Upgrading to newer build

  1. Download new nightly zip
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Install Nightly Zip
  4. Wipe Cache
  5. Wipe Dalvik
  6. Install ICS Battery Fix (ONLY RED LENS MB525)
  7. Reboot phone

Right after an upgrade the phone might react a bit slow for some time after the upgrade. It may also use more battery. So give it a day before reporting lag and battery issues.

If going to a different build, e.g from CM9 to AOKP. You might need to wipe data as well as cache, dalvik cache.

Upgrading from CM9 to CM10

It can work without wiping data. However if you do have stability issues or bugs not mentioned try wiping data Remember to make backup before wipe You will need new google apps for CM10 they take up more ROM than the google apps for CM9 - There is a Minimal gapps zip on XDA

Upgrading to 2ndBoot Releases

If upgrading from previous CM10 release -

  1. Download new Nightly Zip
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Install Nightly Zip
  4. Install kernel update if available (for instance the for 11.10 nightly)
  5. Wipe Cache
  6. Wipe Dalvik
  7. Reboot phone (takes some time for 1st Boot)
  • For 1st upgrade to CM10, Wipe Data off the phone completely through Recovery before installation (Remember to do a BACKUP!).
  • Upgrade from 11/10 to 12/10, just install like any other CM10 release. If upgrading from any other release you need to install 11/10 before 12/10.

P.S - For 10/10 release -

2ndBoot FAQs

  • Where is the Package for Defy (MB525) ?
    • From 2ndBoot Release there is only 1 package for both Defy & Defy+.
  • Do I have to install the Custom Kernel separately ?
    • No, the Nightly Zip already includes the Custom Kernel, but there might be a newer kernel released without nightly. i.e. there is a newer kernel ( for 11.10 build)
  • Must we change the Boot sequence to 2ndBoot in 2ndInit ?
    • No, the Upgrade does this for you.
  • Is a Data Wipe required ?
    • Only if you are coming from builds other than CM10 (Quarx's). There is no harm in doing a Data Wipe otherwise also.
  • My phone lags after Boot up.
    • Its a bug in the Custom Kernel. To solve just turn off Wifi/Internet, Screen Lock & keep idle for a couple of mins.

Improving battery life

There are several tricks that can limit battery drain. Some tricks will however limit the functionality (I.e. activating flight mode) where as others actually just makes the phone run "smarter". Thus this section is divided into two. One section with tricks that don't limit functionality and one section that limits the functionality

Tricks and tweaks that helps without limiting functionality

Several things that could improve battery life:

  1. On Jellybean with custom kernel(2ndboot), lower zRAM or switch it off - It helps to make more RAM available to Apps by compressing data in memory, but does so at the expense of battery usage. So it's a compromise to be made.
  2. Best CPU settings? And how to set them? (e.g. using "SetVSel" to adjust max CPU levels based on battery state)
  3. Use gingerbread builds together with the 4.5.2-109_DHT-22 kernel to get deepsleep. (for bootloader<6 only!)
  4. Use ported Droid X CPU governors [3] (lncluded in latest epsylon builds)

General tricks

The tricks in this section is all the battery tricks that increase battery life on all builds, but also limits funtionality.

  1. Lower screen brightness and/or use auto brightness (beware not to set custom levels so low the it's completely unusable!)
  2. Set screen off timeout low (e.g. 15s)
  3. Do not use live wallpaper and avoid desktop widgets
  4. Disable mobile data
  5. Disable 3G
  6. Disable wifi
  7. Disable gps

Buttons can be added to Notification bar for quick control of these. Many settings can be controlled easily/automatically with power control applications from the play store, including based on location (e.g. disable Wifi when away from home/office, etc.).

  1. Install LBE and limit applications access to hardware
  2. Use a battery statistics tool to monitor patterns and usage, e.g. "Battery Monitor widget" (by 3C).
  3. Reboot phone to clear most running apps (before removing charger)
  4. Identify apps that autorun (e.g. at boot) and disable unnecessary ones. "Gemini App Manager" (SEASMIND) is good for this.
  5. Use a process monitor like "OS Monitor" (EOLWRAL) app, to check which processes are running.
  6. Use a CPU state checker like "CPU Spy" app, to ensure the phone is going into deep sleep.
  7. Wake locks: identify any apps that can prevent your phone from sleeping.
  8. Synchronisations: reduce sync frequency or set to manual (check accounts, e.g. for email, calendar and contacts syncs)
  9. Scheduled processes: change frequency or disable any unnecessary, e.g. AV scans, Titanium backups, etc. (and make sure they don't happen while on battery)
  10. Application Updates: disable any unnecessary auto-updates in app stores.
  11. Background user processes: hold down Home key (from desktop), and swipe any unnecessary to close.
  12. Enable "close on long-back" (kill apps when finished with them).
  13. Network access: use a firewall (e.g. "DroidWall") to block apps unnecessarily using the network.
  14. Advertisements: use a blocker, like AdFree and browser plugins like Ghostery & AdBlockPlus to limit additional network requests (check this doesn't breach your app usage permissions)
  15. Ensure battery is fully charged by checking charge mAh (ignore battery 100% status if still drawing a charge current).
  16. Consider aftermarket high capacity batteries (e.g. Mugen)
  17. Use profiles to quickly manage settings.

Download Defy Nightly Builds (links)

By Quarx2k:

JB CM10 for Defy+Defy GB Kernel: [4]

JB CM10 for Defy+Defy Froyo Kernel: [5]

Jelly Bean 4.1 CM10 Nightly builds Custom kernel

Quarx2k Defy+/Defy Bugs latest build (9.11)

  • Button light can't be dimmed - Light can be switched off in defy parts by first setting button backlight to 100%, then hitting ok, re-entering menu again and setting it to 0. Setting it in between 0-100 does not do anything.
  • Compass calibration does not work

Jelly Bean 4.1 CM10 Nightly builds

  • JB 4.1 Google Apps [6]
  • Temporary fix for hangs Phone App and black screen while playing mp3:
Settings - Sound - Uncheck "Touch Sounds", "Screen lock sound" and "Dial pad touch tones"
  • NOTE: Froyo Kernel + MB526 or GB Kernel + MB525 Build = Not working proximity

Quarx2k Defy+/Defy Changelog

NOTE: Froyo Kernel + MB526 or GB Kernel + MB525 Build = Not working proximity.

12.07: Boot up
14.07: Phone, Mobile Data, USB, Mass storage, Sensors, Camera(Photo), GPS/AGPS.
18.07: Audio (thanks to maniac103), Video rec/play, Panorama, FM-Radio.
19.07: Install app to sdcard, mp3 codec, video codec fixes, rework fm-radio, cyan update.
22.07: Usb fixes, USB Tethering, Data Usage, Preferred Network (umts/cdma) selection, CrystalTalk
23.07: Fix audio lock-ups (thanks to nadlabak), a2dp, fix volume change, OS FMRadio and fm volume change in background by maniac103, leds
26.07: Themes, button backlight, fix lag bootanimation, imei/mac... cyanogen updates.
28.07: re-fix button backlight, holo fm-radio, Option for enable/disable On-Screen Button(36dp)
04.08: Fix volume rocker music controls, Realtime switch of OnScreenButtons and size of it, Phone/SMS apps now in memory all the time, Enable CPU TLS Register, Auto-Backlight Settings, Boosted governor by default... maybe forgot some more..
08.08: Improved stablity of camera (bayer have problem with sound), DroidSSHD, Trebuchet, common stablity fixes.
10.08: update Moto RIL to v4, fm-radio to lockscreen, hwui blacklist on mb525, fix realtime OnScreenButtons, Fix MotoPortal, Disable get local ipv6 adress.
12.08: Auto-backup battd, Port phone features from cm9, Add national data roaming and make it optional (from AOKP).
22.08: Fix ability change brightness of buttons(Defyparts), compass fix, Apollo intent fix (which fixes etc), dalvik heap 128mb -> 48mb, wifi changes
25.08: Disable lock in memory Phone and sms apps(by users requests), fix OnScreenButtons, ipv6 tweaks.
28.08: Fix 00:00:00:00:00:00 SSID in apps, fix audio routing in dock modes
03.09: Fix Audio in video rec(not ideal) and decrease fps in preview camera (not in video), 2Channels for audio, DSP-Manager in software which support JB (ex, apollo) it's not a bug, support multiboot, wifi-tethering (thanks ot devs of ml2, maybe have bugs, not tested)
04.09: Fix compass, update sgx libs to JB, fix wallpapers, improve video perfomance, new touch driver (for test, only 2 fingers for now, more will be enabled in next build).
12.09: Fixed touch driver (allow touches upto 10), Fix for data connection, thanks to SlugZero, also some more fixes for stability ril, disable fps limit in preview.
24.09: Video rec fixes, add 720p rec (not by default, unstable),cyanogen updates.

2ndboot builds:
10.10: Android 4.1.2, CRT-Animation , custom kernel, experimental. Included patch for flashlght(not tested, but shouldn't burn it)
11.10: Fix red camera, updated 2ndboot.ko, fix pds mount and permissions.
12.10: Kernel update - fix wifi tether(reboot), reduce battery drain, compiled with linaro 4.5.
13.10: Kernel update - fix wifi tether(reboot), reduce battery drain, compiled with linaro 4.5, fix charge only mode, cleanup unused drivers.
18.10: Kernel update:fix wifi tether(reboot), reduce battery drain, fix charge only mode, cleanup unused drivers, fix button lights, fix slow boot and lags after boot.
02.11: Add power hal, interactive governor+bootpulse(should be default in bootmenu for correct work power hal),kernel fixes from upstream, cleanup/disable unused drivers, fix SGX clocks, add bp_ptc service(only service), fix battery drain, add fuse rw-ntfs/extfat fs support(not tested, but should work), fix backlight settings, fix small problem with fm-radio on notfication drawer, add cm file manager(can work incorrect), restore live wallpapers, cm sync....
17.11: Update kernel to 2.6.32-60, backport some optimisation from 4.2, fix mount options for ext4, cyanogen update, restore conversion to RGB->YV12 for video.
18.11: Apply many optimisations: Android compiled with latest Linaro toolchain GCC-4.7, kernel compiled with Linaro toolchain GCC-4.5.4. Little wifi fixes.
28.11: Disable linaro for android, fix adhoch(?), new battd, fix bt.
04.12: Partial linaro, Fix upnp/dlna(thanks to nadlabak), fix reboot in bootmenu/recovery, cyan fixes.
05.12: Fix root, fix adb, fix ROOT/ADB settings from dev menu , cyan fixes.
22.12: Stability fixes, cyan updates.
23.12: Fix shutdown, built-in call rec function(thanks to nadlabak).
29.12: Revert to .9 kernel (for audio tests and stability), fix root permissions on CMFileManager, adb can be disabled now, bootmenu now has only one custom recovery option.
30.12: Restore .60 kernel, some fixes in android which can cause ringing problems.
07.01: Again fix root permissions on CMFileManager, fix battery when ADB disabledl, again some fixes which can cause ringing problems.
17.02: rgnd service, increase performance of camera.
07.03: Fix for deskclock (from YetAnotherForumUser). Based on clean 2.6.32 moto tree, should fix many random problems... or add more

Other useful information


Information for who want install more than 1 ROM in your Defy[7]

Collection of mods for CM9

As mentioned in thread, be carefull with using mods not made for CM10. This is even more importent with the and custom kernel!
Anyways here is the link: [8]

Stock Original ICS Boot Animation for Defy


Locking Apps in Memory

To keep specific app in ram[10]