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NANDroid is a de-facto standard directory structure for storing Android system backups. Nandroid is also a utility, accessible through Recovery Mode or standalone scripts, that allows you to backup your phone and restore to the exact condition at backup.

NANDroid was created by XDA user Infernix and initially published on December 8, 2008[1]. A second major revision was published on December 15, 2008[2][3].

NANDroid backups can be created and restored using ClockworkMod, other replacement recoveries, and some Android apps, e.g.

The name NANDroid is a portmanteau of "NAND" (as in Wikipedia:Flash memory#NAND flash) and "Android."[1]

Circa Jul 17, 2012, ClockworkMod 6+ started generating backups in a different directory structure, to support data-duplication.[2]. (Does the term "NANDroid" track with this new format, or for compatibility does it refer exclusively to the previous format?)

Comment on the above paragraph: Perhaps the same term can be applied to both if we start applying a version number to it: Nandroid 1 and Nandroid 2.

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  1. Original publication of NANDroid
  2. Version 2.0 of NANDroid
  3. Is there an official spec defining the “Nandroid” backup format? If not, what was the first-ever tool which could create such backups?