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Niki Android

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Welcome to the Nike Android Port Wiki page

This has a lot in common with Kaiser and Polaris projects. Indeed, part of the code we are using comes from these projects.

Some of the builds are day to day usable if you don't need the camera or bluetooth. If you have a question, please go to the forum

You can find files and information on the (abandoned) Android thread here DEVELOPERS: If you want to help, contact the nike forum. There is work for everyone!

Nike Research

Here you can find some information about the internals of the HTC Nike:

Minimal Requirements

This project is on development, but there are some things to check before trying to run Android:

  • Use recent Radios: should be the one you use, you can find it here
  • Have, at least about 350 Mb of free SD space for the boot kits and about 600 Mb for installation on ext2 partition.
  • Have as much free RAM as possible. If it doesn't work at first, try doing a soft reset and try again.
  • All files you download should be either in \Storage card or \Storage card\andboot depending on the build

Kernel Status

If you want to compile your own kernel, check this

Boot The kernel boots from HaRET, cold boot partially working
Display Working, both on portrait and landscape mode.
Touchscreen Working, not calibrated.
LEDs Working
Keyboard Working.
Gpio switches Working
Storage Internal Storage Not working.
External (SD) Storage Working.
Audio routing
External Speaker Working
Internal headphone Working (adjusting volume not possible)
Internal Microphone Working
External Headphone connector Work in progress.
USB USB works
GSM / GPRS / 3G Working
Cameras Front (video call) Not working
Back (2 MP) Not working (same camera as htc vogue)
Power Management features Display Working (sort of..)
Keyboard Backlight lights up when lid open or when pressing a key, shuts down when screen goes off.
CPU PM Battery life up to 2 days (build dependant)
Battery Management Working (charge from usb (slow) & ac (fast))

How to install Android on your Nike

Here is a HowTo that explains the necessary steps.

Latest Basefiles

Recent Kernel

Android builds working on Nike

Ion Cupcake (2009-09-12)

  • Working: Yes, except bluetooth / cam / incall volume adjustment. Good battery life (confirmed with Rootfs method). Some apps have problems with 320*240 resolution.
  • Get it here: ??? No known download location, maybe someone can upload "" ???

Myn's warm Donut

  • Working: Yes, except bluetooth / cam / incall volume adjustment. Good battery life (confirmed with Rootfs method)

Nike Eclair

  • Working: partially, google apps don't work. No bluetooth / cam / incall volume adjustment. Needs special basefiles included in the build.

Donut AOSP Eclair

  • Reported as working with SQSH / recommanded basefiles

Parameters for default.txt

You can set some parameters on the kernel commandline:

Choose board-htcnike-keypad.keypadlayout=0 if you have a 20 key Nike (english).

Choose board-htcnike-keypad.keypadlayout=1 if you have a 16 key nike.

Choose board-htcnike-keypad.keypadlayout=2 if you have a 20 key Nike (french - azerty).

Choose board-htcnike-keypad.keypadlayout=3 if you have a 20 key Nike (german - qwertz).

board-htcnike-keypad.sticky_timer_time_ms=XXX keypad time out after pressing a key. With this you can tune how much time the the phone will wait to set the last character typed. This way you can type faster, by using values between 350 or 500 if you write fast, or a little more in case you miss-type.

board-htcnike-keypad.slide_override=0 put this to 1 if you want to disable slider reporting.

Key Assignments

Function Hardware Button
Android Menu Key Camera key
Back key' RED (end call) key
OK D-Pad Center Key
End Call / Suspend (end_key) Power button

Audioparam.csv parser (to get audio parametters in C friendly format from \Windows\audiopara*.csv files):

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