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Nvflash is a computer program written by NVIDIA that allows device makers and hardware developers to interact at a low level (read/write/erase/repartition/reformat) with the storage (e.g. eMMC) connected to the NVIDIA Tegra chip on a low level from a connected PC. NVIDIA releases nvflash in binary form only, for Windows and Linux. Nvflash works below the Android level and is therefore Android version–independent.[1]

Nvflash can fix every brick situation that is the result of incorrect contents of the internal eMMC. You can backup and restore the Tegra boot config table, the bootloader, partition table, kernels, recoveries, and all other partitions. For the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101, as long as you can turn it on and activate APX mode (which shows up as "NVIDIA APX" USB device on the connected PC), and you have obtained the needed files beforehand, nvflash can fix it.[2]

For devices that use the Tegra's Secure Boot Key (SBK) feature, it is necessary to provide this key as an nvflash argument. Wheelie works around this in some cases.

Nvflash is variously stylized "NVFlash," "NVflash," "NvFlash" (on the TF101 APX-mode screen), and "nVFlash."


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