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OUKU Unbranded

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OUKU Unbranded
OUKU Unbranded.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Head Unit
Manufacturer: Tonghai Create Electronics Co.,LTD 32px
Release Date:
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: Double DIN (Slightly oversized face)
Weight: 3Kg (shipping)
Display: 6.2" WVGA 480x800 LCD (And up depending on car model variants)
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 512 MB RAM, 4GB/8GB NAND
Memory Card: microSD/HC up to 32GB
Networks: N/A (via usb-host)
Wi-fi: N/A (via usb-host)
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: Phone/headphone from phone built in. See details below
GPS: Yes
Video out: 2 rear out
Camera: Rearview Cam in (not visible by android)
Secondary Camera: Audio/Video In (not visible by android)
Battery: N/A (powered by vehicle)
Other features
Additional Features: DVD, TV (depending on model), Radio, Ipod connection, Steering wheel controls, remote control, USB Host


Codename: OUKU


There are dozens of sellers on eBay and other sites selling Chinese no-name car entertainment systems, some based on Android, some cheaper ones on WinCe. Some are purely Android, while others are a hybrid of another OS (generally believed to be Windows CE) and Android. This page regards the "pure" Android units. Forum discussion is taking place in this lengthy thread later forked for different versions/models/variants (see below). The unit codenamed OUKU is caracterized by PURE android (No WinCE) 2.3 running on FREESCALE I.MX535D Cortex A8 1GHz manufactured by Tonghai Create Electronics Co.,LTD - url:
All these type of units, whether "pure android" or WinCE based ones, or even those with neither, are built with a couple of layers of hardware working together to allow integration of all components involved into a seemingly singular interface. It is important to know the basics of how these units are assembled and how they operate because it will allow us to understand reasons for certain limitations and problems as well as the benefits. Please read the MCU Explained Wiki page to better understand how these units differ from typical android devices and the role of MCU and 'native apps'.

Model identification

There are many variation of the same models, such as vehicle specific versions with just the front panel changed. Furthermore, there are different models that looks exactly the same on the outside. This makes it somewhat hard to identify exactly what model you are looking at. Specs and what shows in the "about" is often the best way to identify your model. When looking at ads for purchase, looking at screenshots, the advertised specs etc. can help. For example unit that have an "android" icon on the home page are tipically believed to run on WinCe and have android running as an emulator. If in doubt, please ask in the thread mentioned above.

OUKU Unbranded

The OUKU Unbranded model consists of several model variants manufactured by Tonghai Create Electronics Co.,LTD - url:

Model TH8581GA

Generic 2DIN Model - Model TH8581GA


Model TH6592GD

VW/SEAT/SKODA 2DIN variant - Model TH6592GD


Model TH6582

FORD 2DIN variant - Model TH6582


See the OUKU Unbranded wiki page for more specs, details and howtos

  • Hardware
    • Operating System: Android 2.3.*
    • CPU: FREESCALE I.MX535D Cortex A8 1GHz
    • Ram: DDR3 512M
    • iNand Memory: 4G/8G (two variations)
  • Audio
    • 4x 45w Amplifier outputs
    • 1x Subwoofer output
    • 4x Pre-outs
    • Built in microphone
  • Features
    • External Memory:
      • Up to 32GB/SD Card
      • Up to 1TB Usb mass storage drive
    • Built-in Bluetooth (For hands free phone/audio streaming only)
    • GPS
    • iPod
    • RDS
    • Steering Wheel Control
    • WiFi and 3G (with USB dongle NOT HOT SWAPPABLE)
    • Connection of multiple USB devices through a USB hub, including wireless keyboards, USB memory sticks, and wireless dongles. These types of devices are hot-swappable.
    • Subwoofer Output
    • Resistive or Capacitive Touch Screen
    • Digital TV or Analog TV options
    • Display Ratio 16:9
    • Screen Size 6.2 inch (And up depending on car model variants)
    • Screen Resolution 800 x 480
    • DVD player Media Type DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, AVI, MPEG4, CD, CD-R/RW, CD+R/RW, VCD, Mp3, WMA, JPEG, Mp4, DVD, WMV, MKV, WAV, JPG, TXT, PDF
    • Radio Response Bandwidth AM: 522 KHz-1620 KHz;FM: 87.5 MHz-108 MHz
    • Amplifier Max Output Power 45 Watts x 4
    • Remote Control
    • Connectors: 1 x A/V IN, 1 x A/V OUT, 1 x REARCAMERA, 1 x STEERING WHEEL CONTROL, 1 x IPOD, 1 x TV ANTENNA, 1 x POWER, 1 x AUX-IN, 1 x SUBWOOFER, 1 x USB, 1 x GPS ANTENNA
Note:Units that use the same case/face are coming out with newer android 4.x and upgraded internal hardware. Those are completely different units hardware-wise, Roms are not interchangable. They are believed to be variations of the AN-21 U model. (unverified).


Custom Rooted ROMs are linked within the xda-thread. The latest rooted ROM can be found on this post. Please take time to click "Thanks" if it has been helpful to you.

  1. Download the correct file for your unit; Resistive or Capacitive Screen. The ODBII BT/USB type is inconsequential unless you already have a specific adapter type and will be using Torque immediately. A slight modification can be performed at a later time to adjust the difference.
    • [Resistive USB OBDII SW] - for resistive screen units that use a USB OBDII dongle with Torque Pro
    • [Resistive BT OBDII SW] - for resistive screen units that use a USB to BT Dongle & BT OBDII with Torque or Torque Pro
    • [Capacitive USB OBDII SW] - for capacitive screen units that use a USB OBDII dongle with Torque Pro
    • [Capacitive BT OBDII SW] - for capacitive screen units that use a USB to BT Dongel & BT OBDII with Torque or Torque Pro
    • Older custom ROMs found in the thread had two u-boot-skip.bin files. The default is for resistive models and the the other is named u-boot-skip.bin.capacitive.
      1. Extract files to SD card and if your unit is capacitive.
      2. Delete u-boot-skip.bin
      3. Rename the u-boot-skip.bin.capacitive file to u-boot-skip.bin
  2. Extract all files to the root of the SD card.
  3. Turn unit off.
  4. Turn unit back on holding any of face buttons and the volume knob pressed until the update process begins.

It provides:

  • Built-in root access via Superuser
  • Support for USB to Bluetooth adapter to connect to the OBDII ELM327 dongle with Bluetooth interface and other bluetooth capabilities (requires installing bluetooth settings app such as Quick Bluetooth Lite Since there is no bluetooth configuration in the settings.
  • Support for Serial to USB interfaces based on FTDI, Prolific (PL2303) and Silicon Labs (CP210x) chips; e.g, OBDII ELM327 adapters with USB cables.
  • Ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks using the mode AdHoc, including OBD2 ELM327 adapters with Wi-Fi interface
  • Support for large disks with NTFS through FUSE module
  • Automatically create APN settings in 3G-modem
  • Built-in fix to increase /cache mount point for downloading large apps from the Play Store
  • Support for Play/Pause, Next & Prev controls (via steering wheel or faceplate) with all android apps

Common problems

Touch screen not working after firmware update

On models that have resistive and capacitive variations, this is generally due to flashing firmware meant for the opposite type. Reflashing with the correct type should fix this.

Compatible USB devices

Replacement WiFi Adapters

Any adapter that uses the RTL8188CU chipset should work.

Bluetooth Dongles

Komodo Mini Bluetooth Micro Wireless Dongle Adapter

3G Dongles

USB Hubs

Self Powered

CL-U2MNHUB-4B 4-Ports Plug-in Module USB (made by SYBA or Connectland)

Bus Powered

USB Storage Devices

About any Mass storage compliant device should work. Attention needs to be paid to the power consumption of the devices, external power supply or powered hub is strongly suggested for non solid state hard drives


Model TH8581GA

OUKU Unbranded front.jpg

OUKU Unbranded Front Ports.jpg

OUKU Unbranded Size.jpg