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Odin Stock Flashing

What is ODIN? ODIN appears to be a Samsung factory piece of software that is designed to flash multiple phones at one time. Works very well and is easy to use.

Odin (1.85):

Odin (1.61):

Samsung EB13 official update tool:

(Odin, wrapped in a Windows installer-like U.I.)

USB driver, under the Software category here:

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you have installed the drivers before starting. Also, remove the SD card from the phone (this may not be necessary, but having the SD card installed has caused Odin to fail for a number of people, so might as well just do it).

1. Open ODIN on your PC (desktops are preferred over laptops and use a USB port that is directly soldered into the motherboard).

2. Put your phone in download mode (Shut it off, wait for lights to all go out, then hold 1 on the keyboard while powering up). Please note that if your phone doesn't go into download mode it is in all probability that you were pushing down on more than the single number 1 key. The download mode shows an Android using a tool to dig through a pile of rubble (no kidding). If it still will not go into download mode, removing the battery and powering it up with only USB power (holding 1 while turning it on) might work.

3. Connect phone (you should see odin put a Com4 or something like that in the first box. The actual number is NOT important what is important is something popped up there when you connected your device, meaning ODIN can see it)

4. Select the victory_8G_100528.pit on the right in the pit section

5. In the PDA Section place the full Stock DI18 tar (SPH-D700-DI18-8Gb-REL.tar.md5 approx 255 MB) for a full wipe and full return to stock. You can get the file from a number of sources here:

6. Hit start. It will do its thing. Doesn't take long you can see the progress bar. If it sits on File Analysis for longer than 30 seconds its not going to happen. See the troubleshoot section below.

7. Device should reboot and should be done. You will have to root / install ClockworkMod.

OK so you did this and it didn't work or you are stuck at "File Analysis" or you got a Failed error

1. Check and make sure you do NOT have any other boxes on the left checked besides Auto Reboot & F. Reset Time

2. Make sure you have the .pit file in the pit section and the .tar in the PDA section.

3. If you are stuck at File Analysis and you made sure that # 1 and # 2 were done or if you got an error then:

3a: Reboot your PC and pull the battery on your phone

3b: Wait for PC to reboot

3c: Open Odin

4c: Put battery back in phone, boot to download mode

5c: Once in download mode connect via USB to the PC

6c: Run it again

If you get a FAILED error after it writes "param.lfs", try this method:

1. Reboot the phone and reset Odin

2. Load the pit file and place the tar in the Phone section

3. Start the recovery

4. The process will hang while writing "factoryfs.rfs"

5. Reboot the phone and reset Odin

6. Load the pit file, place the tar in the PDA section, and start the recovery again

7. It should now complete in about 3 mins.

8. Congratulations! Thank noobnl

If that doesn't work, take out the battery and reboot into download mode with only the usb cord plugged in.