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Baseband processor: RL - 20000 E1 0520 Z14

LNA and mixer: LN22 P1 6Y 60527 - could be a G0527

the tomtom registry settings show that the BaudRate is 57600, and the ComPortNumber is 7. this could be a red-herring because none of the PXAxxUARTS are involved.

also, ASIC3 GPIO pin B12 goes bananas when GSM data is being sent/received.

it's all very odd.

12nov2006: a guess by lkcl at there being something connected to the asic3 reminded cr2 that there is an SPI port on the ASIC3 and ASIC2. confirmation that the GPS is connected to Asic3 followed very quickly. the blurb on the GL20000+LN22 shows that it has several interface modes: 8-bit parallel, rs-232 and SPI.

stripping out the data from a wi trace shows that it's a 19-byte cycle of complete garbage:

the data there i have placed the 16-byte 19-long data written to the SPI port on alternate lines so that it visually lines up with the 8-byte 19-long response data.

as you can see it's totally binary proprietary formatted. hurrah! (update: found that it is possible to set the devices into 'legacy NMEA' mode but of course until we see a trace of that actually happening it's not possible to enable it).

i've sent a request to to see if they will assist us by providing tech sheets and app notes on their chipsets. update: well, their sales people in taiwan were extremely polite and helpful, and very kindly referred me to this guy who turned out to be a complete embarrassment. and a liar. so we can expect no help from global locate. oh - and he banned my email address [email protected] from being able to reach globallocate's domain. ha ha what a fearful loser he must be.

further research of global allocate's web site shows that the marlin chipset is conformant to the following standards (it seems that pretty much all these GPS chipsets' datasheets quote them):

Assistance data standards
· UMTS/GSM:    3GPP TS 25.331,
               TS 44.031, OMA SUPL
· CDMA:        3GPP2 C.S0022-0-1