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chips: TNETW 1100B ZHH (TNETW1100BZHH C E 65AC9CT), MAXIM MAX2820 (MAXIM MAX2820 ETM615 NN7N1LQ) and i2c eeprom: 2408 WP (near the TNETW and MAX2820)

this matches up with the firmware for the acx which includes an RFMD module and a maxim module.

the sable wireless is acx100, at the same address as the HTC_Universal: 0x08000000. the guesses as to what the initialisation and IRQ are have been marked up in SableASIC3. the powerup initialisation sequence guessed at so far may be wrong.

the firmware upload worked - but i am not sure if the rest did. it doesn't help that i am currently using wireless_tools v19 with a 2.6.18-hh0 kernel which only supports v20. ok there are 5 gpio pins two of which can stay high, the other three can be pulled up in sequence with time-delays.