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Samsung Galaxy S II/SPH-D710/Kernels

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For a complete collection of all available kernels please visit Rwilco12's XDA Kernel Repository Thread.

The table below is obviously outdated. It lists a few kernels leading up to the EL29 OTA.

These kernels and almost every kernel created for the E4GT can be found at Rwilco12's Kernel Repository (linked above).

Please be sure to read necessary information at each thread as some features/info pertaining to the following kernels might not be documented here.

Name Version Base Recovery Prepared by Download Built for Notes
Hitman v1.5.0 EL29 Clockword Mod Touch Ed. SteadyHawkin Thread TouchWiz How to install
Stock EK02 Repack v1.0 EK02 CWM5/ACS5 chris41g Thread TouchWiz
Stock EK02 Repack v1.1.1 EK02 Rogue SteadyHawkin Thread TouchWiz
Stock EL13 Repack v1.1.2 EL13 Rogue SteadyHawkin Thread TouchWiz
Stock EL26 Repack v1.0 EL26 CWM5/ACS chris41g Thread TouchWiz
Stock EL26 Repack v1.1.3 EL26 Rogue SteadyHawkin Thread TouchWiz
Stock EL29 Repack v1.1.4 EL29 Rogue SteadyHawkin Thread TouchWiz
LoStKernel Stable & Exp. CWM5 chris41g Thread TouchWiz How-to video