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Samsung Galaxy S/ICS FAQ

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Preliminary work has begun on a port of Android 4.0.1 to the Samsung Galaxy S.

The main discussion thread for this is at:

The development thread which should be used for bug reports and downloads is:

User questions should NOT be posted to this thread.

This FAQ is an attempt to distill some of that content, to save you from reading through some 236 pages (as of 2011-11-24).


What is the latest version of ICS on the Samsung Galaxy S?

The latest version of Onecosmic's ROM is RC4.2, released on the 09.02.2012. This is available on the project Google Code page at:

What works and what doesn't work? (Beta 2.5.1)


  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Audio
  • calls, sms, 3g - no more script needed.
  • Touch
  • Wifi
  • SDCards (internal and external)
  • Market
  • Contacts sync
  • Calendar sync
  • camera
  • panorama mode
  • face unlock
  • Gps
  • data usage
  • Partition schemma is now including datadata back to avoid issues with slow movinand devices
  • usb support
  • bluetooth

Not Working

  • Camera (video recording)
  • Phone encryption

How do I install ICS on the Samsung Galaxy S?

The user ybinnenweg has compiled a nice howto guide for installing Alpha 6 here:

If you are installing Alpha 7, make sure to use Superuser 3.0.7 ( and enable3gv3 (

I seem to be stuck at the Fugu booting screen.

Some user's have noticed that after installing the ICS ROM image, it seems to hang at the Fugu loading screen.

The solution seems to be to wipe /data, /cache and the Dalvik cache again, then re-install the ROM image ( again.

That is, wipe everything, install the ROM image the first time, then wipe again, and install again.

If that does not work, just wiping /data, /cache, and Dalvik without a further ROM flash appears to work for some.

I seem to be stuck in a reboot loop after installation.

Do a full wipe (wipe /data, wipe /cache, wipe Dalvik cache), then flash the ROM and kernel again.

Sometimes it can take a few tries.

If you are coming from stock Samsung firmware, you may want to try formatting /system as well before flashing the ROM and kernel. This has been reported to be successful by users who otherwise cannot get the ROM to install.


I don't seem to have mobile data (3G) connectivity?

This is a known issue as of Alpha 7. There is a known fix for this, if you follow ybinnenweg's instructions above, you should already have installed this fix.

Essentially, you need to install Superuser - ynnebisc has provided a zipfile that you can install this using ClockWorkMod recovery.

If you are on Alpha 7, make sure you use Superuser 3.0.7.

Then, you need to go into Google Market to install "Script Manager". You'll need to login to your Google Account for this - hence, you'll need a Wifi connection.

Once you've done that, you need to add the script /etc/init.d/99enable3g

Do *not* run the script. Simple enable run as root, run at boot, and run on network change by clicking on the corresponding icons. You can click on the Help button to see what the icons mean.

Then save, and reboot your phone.

Note that installing this will delete your normal Nexus boot animation - the reason for this is that the bootanimation had to be removed to make room for the 3G fix.

If you still haven't got working 3G this is most likely because your root is not working. This can be verified quickly and accurately in a Terminal Emulator (download from market). Do NOT use adb shell, as this automatically gains root, and therefore cannot be used for testing root.

In your Terminal emulator type "su" and press enter. If the command fails, your root is not working, and you need to fix this before 3G can be fixed. Most likely fixing root will automatically fix 3G. See the "root" section under applications for fixing root.

I still don't seem to have (3G/Network) connectivity

If you are still experiencing connectivity isssues, such as baseband showing 'Unknown' and IMEI 'unknown' try flashing another radio via CWM, like XXJVT modem from CM7 which can be downloaded from

Bluetooth doesn't work.

This is a known issue as of Alpha 6.

Fix available?

I can't send MMSes

This is a known issue. Receiving MMSes will work, sending them will not.


You can try using the OLD version (0.6) from GB.

Mount cifs/samba/Windows shares

  • CIFS not able to mount SMB:// shares

SOLUTION: Insmod must be used with the .ko modules in /system/lib/modules like this

insmod /system/lib/modules/tun.ko
insmod /system/lib/modules/md4.ko
insmod /system/lib/modules/cifs.ko

To do this i have used Terminal from the Market, or you can copy'n'paste this lines to a file and push it to your phone (via adb/mail/dropbox...) and run it with Script Manager with root privileges.

Android Market

The Android Market doesn't yet display all applications because some developers haven't specified that their app will run on ICS. If you've used it in the past, you can contact the developer and suggest they look at updating it. Otherwise if you have another non-ICS device, you can sometimes use things like the App Backup functionality in Astro File Manager to download it on your alternative phone and then send the .APK across and manually install it.


Change the screen DPI

edit /system/build.prop and replace the value from dpi=200 to dpi=240

ro.sf.lcd_density=200 >>> to ro.sf.lcd_density=240

My calendar is not showing any events.

Did you install the calendar fix, as detailed above in "How do I install ICS on the Samsung Galaxy S"?

My gallery seems to be displaying duplicate images.

  • This is a known issue in Alpha 6.

There is a fix detailed her (

Remove ext SD. Turn on phone. Open music and manually remove all music. Open gallery and do the same. MAKE SURE YOU DELETE ONLY FOLDERS THAT ARE ON EXT SD ONLY!!! I just put all files on ext SD to be sure. Then turn off. Insert SD and switch on. Presto. One of each file.

There is a second fix detailed here (

you can also go to System Settings > Apps > All > Media Storage > Clear data. Reboot and give the media scanner a minute. Worked for me.


  • Youtube isn't working

This is a known issue in Alpha 6. A fix will

One workaround is to use tube mate down loader then watch with Vplayer (

Video playback doesn't work

This is a known issue - use Vplayer, which is known to work (

Voice search doesn't work

Flash this (

I have SuperUser (latest) but root doesn't work.

To verify if this is a problem or not, download Terminal Emulator from Android Market and open a terminal session. Note: You cannot use adb shell for this test, as adb shell already has root. This test must be done on the phone.

Open Terminal Emulator and type "su". If the command fails, your root is not working. If reflashing SuperUser doesn't fix this, chances are your /system partition is full. To check this, type the following in terminal emulator or adb shell (both are good): "df"

The result of the command should give you a list of partitions and how much space is left. If /system reports less than 1MB free SuperUser install is guaranteed to fail and reflashing it wont help. You will need to clear space on /system. The easiest way to do this is to delete applications from /system/app

I recommend the following candidates:

  • GoogleEarth.apk (big, and can be downloaded from market later, if you really want it)
  • PinyinIME.apk (only needed if you want to write Chinese on your phone, if not, it's one menu option less cluttering your view)
  • OpenWnn.apk (same, but for Japanese)

To delete these, use adb shell and type rm /system/app/AppName.apk. Adb shell has root so this should be allowed.

Before deleting, you may have to remount the /system partition read-write. Type "mount -o remount,rw /system" in the adb-shell to do this.

After removing these, try reflashing superuser. You should now have root.

I get multipel FC (force-closes) every time I lose 3G connectivity, or switch from 3G to wifi

This seems to be a known issue on Alpha 7, even with the 3G enabler fix.

This may be something to do with the hack we're using to get 3G connectivity?

Does anybody have background or a root cause for this?


I can't seem to use auto-brightness for my display.

This was a known issue in Alpha 6.

It should be fixed in Alpha 7.

I can't seem to find tethering

Wifi hotspot tethering wasn't available in Alpha 6.

However, it should be available in Alpha 7, under System Settings, Wireless & Networks, More.

Camera doesn't work.

This is a known issue in Alpha 6.

However, in Alpha 7, the rear camera should be working fine.

The front-facing camera works, but not 100% correctly. The resulting picture is horizontally elongated and looks distorted.

Some people report that this breaks face unlock, while others report that face unlock works fine.

I can't seem to use USB storage mode.

USB Storage mode on Ice Cream Sandwich is supported.

However, it is not yet implemented as of Alpha 6.

DerTeufel1980 has kindly provided a script which allows for USB Storage.

Download to your device, remove the .zip extension, and run with Script Manager after connecting the phone to your computer.

No Haptic Feedback on Captivate Home Button

This is true as of Alpha 6, but fixed in Alpha 7. If you do not want to upgrade, do the following to regain home haptics.

Edit /system/usr/keylayout/aries-keypad.kl

Change the Home entry from WAKE to VIRTUAL

I can't write to the external SD card

Emmc with root explorer (

There is a flash/green tint when I lock the phone

This is a known issue in Alpha 7, and is harmless.

A quick fix is to go into the Voodoo Control application and set gamma to 2.3.3 defaults.