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Samsung Galaxy S/SGH-T959/ROMs

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Eclair / Android 2.1 Based

T959UVJfd OTA Stock (Odin)

  • Short Description: Stock firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (SGH-T959).
  • Version: Stock JFD
  • Android Version: 2.1
  • Based on ROM: Stock JFD
  • Based on Kernel: Stock
  • Responsible Developer/Team: Samsung
  • XDA ROM Home URL:

Official T-Mo Vibrant JFD (Odin)

FroYo / Android 2.2 Based

Blue Frankenstein

  • Short Description: A mix of modified FroYo ROMs and Themes with a few tweaks.
  • Version: Final
  • Based on ROM: Android 2.2 Frozen Yogurt
  • Responsible Developer/Team: fishman0919, Sombionix, Romanbb, jellette, EDT, Team Whiskey, ksr007
  • XDA ROM Home URL:

Bionix-V FishmanMod

Bionix V


JK6 Leak (Odin)

Deodexed Stock JK2 Froyo

Stock JK2 (Flashable Zip)

Unofficial TMO 2.2 SD fix 2E Recovery (Odin)

FroYo / Android 2.2.1 Based

Bionix Frost

Gingerbread / Android 2.3.7 Based

CyanogenMod 7.2

  • Summary of Issue: Inability to dial 911
  • Originally Reported By: CyanogenMod
  • Original Report Date: 10/10/2011
  • Resolution: Install a nightly


Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0.3 Based

Note: ROMs based on Android 4.0.3 requires Gingerbread bootloader for Vibrant.

Codename Android

  • Summary of Issue: No mobile data/internet.
  • Originally Reported By:
  • Original Report Date:
  • Resolution: Flash alternate kernel compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich. (Icy Glitch and subZero kernel are recommended.)

ICS Passion

ICS Euphoria


  • Short Description: A pure ICS ROM compiled directly from Google's Android source code, ported to the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.
  • Version: RC4.2
  • Based on ROM: Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Based on Kernel:
  • Responsible Developer/Team: Team ICSSGS (DemonWav, Nushor, Onecosmic, PaulForde, RaymondDull, Trae32566)
  • XDA ROM Home URL:

CyanogenMod 9 Alpha

Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0.4 Based

Note: ROMs based on Android 4.0.4 requires Gingerbread bootloader for Vibrant.

Slim ICS

  • Short Description: A lightweight, clean, and simple ICS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.
  • Version: 3.3
  • Based on ROM: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Based on Kernel:
  • Responsible Developer/Team: krarvind
  • XDA ROM Home URL:


Eclair / Android 2.1 Compatible


FroYo / Android 2.2.x Compatible




Gingerbread / Android 2.3.x Compatible


Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0.x Compatible

Icy Glitch


ICS Kiss




  • Summary: "By Developer: I present to you my personal blended/kanged/port of Black n Bold by theBowers at mixed with my personal style and now called BlackFroyo for Obsidian v4.2 (confirmed working on other froyo roms listed below install instructions)."
  • Developer: Samcrow
  • XDA Forum Link:

Vanilla Android Look