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Samsung Galaxy S/SPH-D700/Kernels

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Kernels for 2.3

Kernel Build Version Kernel Version Kernel Developer Date Features
CleanGB EL30 toadlife 01/26/2012
  • Most things from EI22 CleanGB kernel updated to EL30
ShadowKernel EL30 bbelos 01/25/2012
  • Root
  • MTD(TW/CM)/BML(EXT4/RFS) support
  • init.d support
  • 3-button hard reset
  • kexec support
  • support
  • Linux wired tether (RNDIS) support
  • Installs Bash if not present
  • Reboot to CWM Recovery support
  • Built-in TUN, CIFS, FUSE, & TCPMSS
  • Keyboard & other mkasick patches
  • Additional CPU Governors: SmartassV2 & interactiveX
  • Additional I/O Schedulers: BFQ & SIO
  • Overclocking/Undervolting support up to 1.4 GHz with Voltage Control support
  • Voodoo Sound / Color
ShadowKernel EI22 2.6.3x bbelos 12/6/2011
  • Overclocking... etc
Samurai EI22 2.6.3x earthbound[iap] 1/17/2012
  • Overclocking... etc

Kernels for 2.2

Kernel Build Version Kernel Version Kernel Developer Date Features
VisionKernel 1.1 thomasskull666 03/08/2011
  • 1.3ghz, 1.4ghz
  • Undervolted 1ghz, 800mhz and 400mhz
  • Pretty much everything from Twilight Zone v1.0
  • Voodoo Sound v7
  • Voodoo Color mods courtesy of supercurio
Twilight Zone - Hisako 1.0 tanimn 03/01/2011
  • 1.2ghz Default Overclocked and Undervolted
  • Dual filesystem support (rfs and ext4)
  • Native ext4 support compiled right in
  • Kernel based root permissions
  • Built-in busybox (version 1.18git. 1.18.3 is gimped)
  • Init.d script support
  • RNDIS/ADB Coexistence
  • TCPMSS Clamping (Allows mismatched MTU's to function properly)
  • Idle timer from 2.6.34 kernel
  • Cortex A8 Optimizations
  • Hardware Keyboard Tweaked (fix for dropped keystrokes)
  • Fully optimized build for the fastest code available
Genocide - EB13 Kernel 0.3a Rodderik 02/26/2011
  • 1.2GHz overclock
  • 1 Ghz 25mV undervolt
  • Eb13 & Dk28 Compatible
  • EXT4 & RFS Compatible
  • Video lag and camera force close fix by mkasick
  • Changelog - github
Dual Filesystem EXT4/RFS EB13 Kernel N/A Dameon87 02/21/2011
  • EXT4 and RFS Support
  • Stock EB13

Kernels for 2.1

Kernel Build Version Kernel Version Kernel Developer Date Features
GPL - MixUp 1036 Geniusdog254 11/10/2010
  • Overlock/Undervolt Kernel w/ Voodoo
  • CIFS support
  • VooDoo Sound support. Still beta.
  • 1.3Ghz & 1.6Ghz OC.
  • Light & CPU tweaks from Devin
FluffKernel Epic 4G 1.0.5 skeeterslint 10/16/2010 Rooted Battery Saver + Performance
Andromeda Kernel 1.4.1 2.6.29 noobnl 11/05/2010 Prototype tvout (start a shell & type in "start tvout)
Phoenix Kernel 1.49 tehdarkknight 11/04/2010
  • Initramfs: Initscript support.
  • Kernel: Undervolt the higher frequencies.
  • Network tweak for speed.
  • Updated Kernel w/ interactive governor.
  • Custom or Stock Boot Options.
Xtreme Kernel 1.2.0 DevinXtreme 11/05/2010
  • Overclock to 1.3GHz. (Older versions to 1.6 GHz) Requires SetCPU which is, for some reason, defaulting to performance. Make sure you change it to conservative.
  • Switched from MPLL to APLL. Smoothness and speed increase.
  • Added Voodoo color mod, tweaked version, courtesy Hero_Over.
  • Tweaked the light sensor. Should save battery and transition smoother. Also pols a little more often.
  • Tweaked scaling rules for 1.3GHz, saving battery.
  • Framerate unlocked (78-80fps)
  • Built for ROMs with a custom boot. Makes stock boot look like garbage. We're working (still) to fix this.
  • Undervolted