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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

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There are two models of Galaxy Tab 7.7 device:



Download Mode (Odin mode)

Main article: Odin mode

This phone has Odin mode available as other Samsung Galaxy phones do. You may invoke it by pressing Volume Down + Power ON. See main article at the link above for more info.

Flash with Odin from Windows system

  1. deinstall Samsung Kies from your computer
  2. download and install USB drivers
  3. download Odin
  4. extract and run Odin (no installation is needed)
    • make sure the only checked Options (box on left in Odin) are "Auto reboot" and "F.Reset Time"
    • make sure you DO NOT CHECK RE-Partition (!!!)
  5. click on PDA and pick your custom ROM (in .tar.md5 format)
    • if custom ROM is in ZIP format, uncompress it to get .tar.md5 format
  6. connect USB cable to the phone
    • yellow rectangle should appear under ID:COM box and text "Added" in Message box
  7. click Start
  8. wait for download to complete (downloading ROM to the phone)
  9. wait for autoreboot (of the phone)
    • then you may disconnect USB cable from phone
    • it may take a long time the phone to fully boot (about 10 to 20 minutes is ok)
  10. you are done!

Recovery mode

Main article: Recovery

Base CWM is in stock firmware. The key combination for entering recovery mode is Volume Up + Power ON. See main article linked above for more info. Extended CWM could be flashed via Odin mode or from stock CWM (see below).

Flashing custom CWM by Odin

  1. download custom CWM
  2. enter Odin mode (see above)
  3. run Odin (see above where to download)
  4. pick up downloaded CWM (by pressing PDA button)
    • make sure you DO NOT CHECK RE-Partition (!!!)
  5. start flashing by Odin (see above)
  6. wait for autoreboot
    • after succefull flashing of CWM, you may enter Recovery mode



If you find yourself to be catched in bootloop (ie. the system boots, but reboots itself before going up), go into the Recovery mode and do Factory reset (you may try to wipe Dalvik cache only in CWM).

Force close

When flashing various mods of Android, sometimes the system goes mad. The apps stopped, are unresponsive and force-close window pops up. This happens when Dalvik cache contains data about more recent applications (ie. you flash app with older time mark than has the same app in Dalvik cache before). You have to go to Recovery mode and in CWM choose Advanced menu and delete Dalvik cache.