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'''Doogee''' was Founded in March 2013, Chinese National High-tech Enterprise KVD International Group built DOOGEE in Madrid cooperated with the largest electronics chain store in Europe - Media Market. Products of DOOGEE include, DG, F, Y , T, X and Shoot Series. DOOGEE contributes to sell in the global market, featured with exquisite appearance, Smart operation, "cost-effective" and "micro-innovation". DOOGEE business has covered more than 50 countries and regions, over 13,000 retail terminals around the world, and also has established strategical cooperation with Amazon, Ebay, ALIExpress as a leading Smart phone brand online.
[[File:Doogee.png|thumb|Doogee Logo]] =='''BRAND PHILOSOPHY'''==
With the brand philosophy ”Connect people and the world”, DOOGEE always passes enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life, focuses on user experience and brings people convenience and enjoyment. Xin Chao, CEO of DOOGEE, believes that quality is the soul of DOOGEE. Attaching great importance to the product quality is the fundamental to assure DOOGEE astonish its customers all the time..
The company unveiled its first device, the TURBO DG2014, on 24 February 2014. In March 2014, alongside the release of the TURBO DG2014 , DOOGEE announced that to partner with the Villarreal team, which is the second mobile phone brand to sponsor the La Liga team after HUAWEI, a Chinese brand which is the first one.
The total shipments ranked TOP 7 among all mobile brands in Hungarian market. Reaching strategical cooperation with Russia's largest operator MTS, the largest chain store of Svyaznoy and will be fully enter Russian large chain of super and operator stores in 2017.
On November 21th, 2016, the parent company KVD International Group became Chinese National High-tech enterprise .
[[File:doogeef3.jpg|thumb|Doogee F3]]
DOOGEE F3 which has a refreshing design has been crowned with the MIIT Best Mobile Design of 2015.
DOOGEE was born in Spain in March, 2014.
=='''PRODUCTS'''== 2017 Launched Doogee Shoot 2, first dual camera phone from Doogee [[File:Doogee-shoot-2.jpg|thumb|Doogee Shoot 2]]   
Launched Y6 MAX 3D with 6.5 inches FHD screen which redefined the home theater with naked eye 3D technology on Nov. 17th.
Pre-sold 1000 Valencia2 Y100 Pro within 20 minutes in the experience stores in Egypt on June 25, 2015.
Launched the first fashionable water-proof TITANS2 DG700.
Launched the first business rugged phone Titans 2 with andriod android 5.0 system.   
Launched the first Quad-core phone MAX DG650 with 6.5 inches big screen.
=='''External links'''==
* [ Official website (Global)]