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Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Not Known [[image:{{{manufacturer}}}-icon.png|32px]]
Release Date: Not Known
Operating System: Not Known [[image:{{{os}}}-icon.jpg|32px]]
Dimensions: Not Known
Weight: Not Known
Display: Not Known
Chipset: Not Known
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: Not Known
Memory Card: Not Known
Networks: Not Known
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: Not Known
NFC: Not Known
GPS: Not Known
Video out: Not Known
Camera: Not Known
Secondary Camera: Not Known
Battery: Not Known
Other features
Additional Features: Not Known



| name               =
| sortname           = 
| model              =
| type               =
| manufacturer       = 
| releasedate        = 
| os                 = 
| dimensions         = 
| weight             = 
| chipset            = 
| display            = 
| networks           = 
| wifi               = 
| usb                = 
| bluetooth          = 
| NFC                =
| GPS                =
| video              = 
| camera             = 
| secondarycamera    =
| ram                = 
| internalmemory     = 
| memorycard         = 
| battery            =
| additionalfeatures = 


  • Name: Should be the marketing name used in publications
  • Sortname: Simplified name with manufacturer name removed, used for sorting of devices in category lists
  • Model: If device covers multiple model numbers, leave this empty and list them on the page itself
  • Type: Device type, must be one of:
    • Phone: Any device capable of making native voice calls, includes small tablets
    • Tablet: Any tablet that cannot make native voice calls.
    • Set-top box
    • Wearable (i.e. smartwatch)
    • Emulator
  • Manufacturer: Device Manufacturer, i.e. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.
  • ReleaseDate: Date the device was first released - format "Jan. 00", if there are multiple release dates, only include the earliest one
  • OS: The OS the device came with, e.g. Android, Windows Mobile.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions in Width x Length x Height (in mm.)
  • Weight: In grams
  • Chipset: If known, processor name, bits, GHz and cores and GPU info.
  • Display: Display size (in inches), type, and resolution
  • Networks: Cellular networks
  • Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5.0GHz
  • USB: number of ports, type and version (i.e. 2 ports microUSB, 2.0). USB-OTG Yes/No.
  • Bluetooth: Yes/No and, if known, version.
  • NFC:
  • GPS:
  • Video: video out No / Yes and type HDMI/microHDMI/MHL.
  • Camera: Rear Camera, if device only has a front camera: use secondary camera and not this one
  • SecondaryCamera: Front camera
  • RAM: Built-in device RAM
  • InternalMemory: Internal NAND/HDD storage
  • MemoryCard: Memory card slot(s)
  • Battery: Capacity in mAh
  • AdditionalFeatures: If known, vendor code and device codename. Additional info should not include software features, as that is dependent on the ROM used


It will automatically add:-

  • Some categories:
    • Phones
    • (Manufacturer Name)_Phones
    • OS
  • Page Title, i.e. the device name


See Prestigio PAP4055DUO.