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Template:Registry Tweaking

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Changing the Registry


Changing the registry can be a dangerous thing to do - do not make these changes below unless you know what you are doing and that you have a way to revert the changes if they do not do what you expect.

If any of the changes listed below do not work then do a soft reset of your phone. Many programs only pick up their registry settings when they start up and do not notice changes while they are running. A soft reset ensures that every program restarts, and picks up any changes that have been made.

After you make a registry change, be sure to wait approx. 30 seconds and/or place your device into standby mode a few times before doing a soft reset. This will give your device enough time to register changes.

Registry Editors

There are a lot of registry editors for PocketPC out there, if you don't have one try one of these:

Also HTweakC (previously known as fit4cat Hermes Tweaker) forum thread

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