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Universal ROMS Radios

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The Different Universal Versions Available

Links to the xda-developers FTP Server will no-longer work. see this thread

Objective: To provide a list of:

1. Know Model IDs, Device Names, Operator Codes, Keyboard Layout, SIM Lock Status
2. Links to Official Product information pages

Model Operator Opercode Name Where Layout Sim CE ROM Ext-Rom Radio Post
WWE Versions WWE.png
PU10 Unlocked Unknown iMate JASJAR USA,UK,Portugal QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.30.76 WWE 1.30.164 WWE 1.09.00 details
PU10 T-Mobile Unknown T-Mobile MDA Pro Netherlands QWERTY Locked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14352.0.1.0) 1.20.34 1.20.118 WWE 1.06.00 details
PU10 O2 Unknown O2 XDA Exec UK QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.38 WWE 1.13.139 WWE 1.04.02 [[]]
PU10 O2 Unknown O2 XDA Exec UK QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.195 (Build 14847.2.0.0) 1.30.107 WWE 1.30.162 WWE 1.09.00 [[]]
PU10 Orange Unknown SPV M5000 UK QWERTY ?? OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14355.0.1.2) 1.13.49 WWE 1.13.130 WWE 1.03.00 details
PU10 Dangaard Unknown Qtek 9000 Norway,Portugal QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.64 WWE 1.13.151 WWE 1.03.00 details

GER Versions GER.png
PU10 T-Mobile Unknown T-Mobile MDA Pro Germany, Austria QWERTZ locked OS 5.1.195 (Build 14847.2.0.0) 1.30.113 GER 1.30.185 GER 1.10.03 details
PU10 QTEK Unknown QTEK 9000 Germany, Austria QWERTZ unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14352.0.1.0) 1.30.96 GER 1.30.186 GER 1.09.00 download

ESN Versions (Spain) SPA.png
PU10 Vodafone Unknown Wireless PDA V1640 Spain QWERTY Locked? OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.59 ESN 1.13.175 ESN 1.04.10 details
PU10 Unlocked Unknown Qtek 9000 Spain QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.79 ESN 1.13.169 ESN 1.04.10 details

ITA Versions ITA.png
PU10 Dangaard Unknown Qtek 9000 Italy QWERTY ?? OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.75 ITA 1.13.170 ITA 1.03.00 details
PU10 Vodafone Unknown V-1640 Italy QWERTY Unlocked OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.60 ITA 1.13.171 ITA 1.04.10 details

FRA Versions FRE.png
PU10 Orange Unknown SPV M5000 France AZERTY ?? OS 5.1.195 (Build 14847.2.0.0) 1.30.86 FRE 1.30.175 FRE 1.03.00 [[]]
Chinese Versions CHI.png
PU10 Unlocked Unknown Dopod 900 Hong Kong INFO INFO OS 5.10.1700 (Build 14354.0.1.1) 1.13.70 CHT 1.13.165 CHT 1.04.02 details

Links to Official Product information pages

German T-Mobile MDA Pro

Spanish Vodafone Wireless PDA 1640

Hong Kong Dopod 900

Taiwan Dopod 900

Swedish Qtek 9000

Norwegian Qtek 9000

Upgrades Available For Your Universal

Links to the xda-developers FTP Server will no-longer work because we do not care for our users. see this thread

Operator Language OP ID CE ExtRom Radio XDA-FTP Thread Type Testing
WWE Versions WWE.png
O2 WWE OP ID 1.13.82 1.13.188 1.04.02 Download Thread INFO
IMATE WWE OP ID 1.13.53 1.13.137 1.03.01 Download Thread INFO
QTEK WWE OP ID 1.30.77 1.30.176 1.09.00 Download none INFO
Orange UK WWE OP ID  ??  ???  ??? Download Thread INFO
T-Mobile WWE OP ID 2.00.41  ?  ? Download Thread INFO
WWE Versions With Arabic Customizing WWE.png ARA.png
GER Versions GER.png
T-Mobile GER OP-ID 1.20.34 1.20.118 1.06.00 Download Thread INFO
T-Mobile (08/2007) GER OP-ID 2.00.40 2.00.135 1.17.00 Download Thread INFO
A1 GER OP-ID 1.30.91 1.30.9052 1.09.00 Download INFO
Traditional Chinese Versions CHI.png
Dopod CHT OP ID 1.30.108 1.30.219 1.11.00 Download Thread INFO
ITA Versions ITA.png
Vodafone ITA OP-ID 1.13.60 1.13.171 1.04.10 Download Thread INFO
Dangaard ITA OP-ID 1.30.89 1.30.177 1.09.00 Download none INFO
FRA/FRE (French) Versions FRE.png
ESN / SPA Versions (Spanish) SPA.png
PTB Versions (Portuguese) POR.png
CDMA Versions

Links to Offical Download information pages

  • QTEK Sweden Cant read it but it has WWE Roms
  • QTEK Finland Userid Password needed
    • Link (None yet)
  • QTEK Dangaard Italia Userid Password needed
  • QTEK Dangaard Norway
    • Link (None yet)
  • O2 Asia Userid Password needed
  • NZ Telecom Harrier
  • Siemens USA SX66
  • Audiovox USA XV6600WOC

Universal Cooked ROMS

List of Available ROMs for the Universal

Thanks to TehPenguin for compiling this list

Most ROMs can be found at TehPenguin's hosting: [1]

NOTE: This is NOT a complete list. Feel free to add\modify where appropriate

NOTE: The list is sorted by Date of Release (based upon the first post in the thread\when the file was uploaded to my server)

About AKU

This is the "Adaption Kit Upgrade", its like a Service Pack for Windows Mobile. The current version is 0.7 (this may also be written at 0.7.0)

About version

This is the version number that the developer\cooker has given the ROM.

About Bootloader

Some ROMs require specific Bootloaders\PDA Versions. The way to tell which PDA version you have is to get into Bootloader mode and look for the Bootloader version. If its 0.xx or 1.xx then you have a G3 device; If its 2.xx then you have a G4 device. If the column for Bootloader has been left blank, this means that it works for both (although you should always check the thread)

About Flavour

Developers tend to add applications and customisations to their ROM. This is referred to as the ROM's flavour. A Vanilla ROM has no, or very few apps\customisations; Business ROMs have a few useful apps added; and Full Flavour, or Chocolate, ROMs have a lot of apps added. To check what is in a ROM's flavour, see the thread for that ROM

About Build

This is the internal build number for Windows Mobile. Technically it should be 5.2.y.y.y.xxxx.xxxxx (where y is the AKU number and x is the build number). Be careful: a higher build number doesn't always mean that the ROM is better

About Thread

This is the thread on the forums associated with the ROM. If that thread is being used for a later version, please remove the link.

About Mirrors

These are the download sites that you can get the ROM from. Please clean up any dead links, and notify TehPenguin if there is a ROM not on his server

Finally, the List

Developer Version AKU Bootloader Flavour Date Build Thread Mirrors
luca16thebig WM6.1 (5.2.20764) 1.4.3 G3/G4 Full and Vanilla 01-02-2009 20764.1.4.3 ] Link Vanilla Link Full
VNInt WM6.1 (5.2.20931) ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 12/12/2008 20931.1.5.0 Link Link Link
minhanhtran WM6.1 (5.2.20755) ??? G3 64Mb 30/09/2008 20755.1.4.0 Link Link
tomal V8.0 (6.1 Pro) ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 17/07/2008 19591.1.1.7 Link Link
mo3ulla V1.5 ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 05/06/2008 19588 Link Link
ranju V7.7 (6.1 Pro) ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 27/05/2008 19900.1.0.2 Link Link
ranju V7.1 (6.1 Pro) ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 13/02/2008 19188.1.0.0 Link Link
ranju V7 (6.1 Pro) ??? G3/G4 64Mb&128Mb 10/02/2008 19188.1.0.0 Link Link
mo3ulla 1.02 0.7 G3/G4 64Mb Version 06/02/2008 1948.18548 Link Link
mo3ulla 1.02 0.7 G3/G4 128Mb Version 06/02/2008 1948.18548 Link Link
PDAViet WM6.1 ??? G3 Hybrid WM6\6.1 27/01/2008 1938 (Hybrid) Link Link Link
ranju 6 0.7 14/01/2008 1933.18548 Link Link
mo3ulla 1.01 vanilla 0.7 G3/G4 64Mb Version 07/01/2008 1938.18538 Link Link Link Link
mo3ulla 1.01 vanilla 0.7 G3/G4 128Mb Version 07/01/2008 1938.18538 Link Link Link Link
ranju 5.1 0.7 30/12/2007 1933.18533 Link
Thingonaspring 3.2 0.7 17/12/2007 1933.18533 Link Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V3.9 0.7 G3 16/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V4.0 0.7 G3 16/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V3.9 0.7 G4 16/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V4.0 0.7 G4 16/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
Jwrightmcps 2.12.08 0.7 15/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
BeastyLeo 2.09.01 0.7 03/12/2007 1938.18538 Link Link
Thingonaspring 3 0.7 26/11/2007 1933.18533 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V3.0 0.7 22/11/2007 Link
BeastyLeo 2.08.01 0.7 Business 16/11/2007 1933.18533 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V2 Mix 0.7 14/11/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V1 JW 0.7 12/11/2007 Link
Jwrightmcps 2.12.06 0.7 10/11/2007 1933.18533 Link Link
BeastyLeo 2.07.05 Full Flavour 04/11/2007 Link
BeastyLeo 2.07.05 Business 31/10/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V1 Self 0.7 31/10/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V1 0.7 28/10/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V3 0.5 25/10/2007 1708.18159 Link Link
Jwrightmcps 2.12.04 0.7 24/10/2007 1921.18521 Link Link
Jwrightmcps 2.12.02 0.7 21/10/2007 1921.18521 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V2 0.5 21/10/2007 Link
Jwrightmcps 2.12.00 0.7 12/10/2007 1921.18521 Link Link
mamiware 2.15.00 0.7 07/10/2007 1921.18521 Link Link
Laurentius26 Videocall 3 0.7 Business 04/10/2007 1708.18508 Link Link
mamiware 2.10.01 0.7 30/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
mamiware 2.10.00 0.7 27/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
Thingonaspring 1 RealVGA 27/09/2007 1908.18508 Link
mamiware 2.07.11 0.7 24/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
mamiware 2.07.10 0.7 22/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
mamiware 2.07.09 0.7 19/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
mamiware 2.07.06 0.7 16/09/2007 1921.18521 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V1 0.5 04/09/2007 Link
mamiware 2.51.05 0.3 03/09/2007 Link
atnonymous 2.11 0.7 01/09/2007 1908.18508 Link Link
indra_s XOJ 13/08/2007 Link Link
KDSkamal Ultimate Edition 30/07/2007 Link
KDSkamal 1 24/07/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V6a 0.3 12/07/2007 1413.17913 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan Elf V2 0.3 08/07/2007 1413.17745 Link Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V6 0.3 08/07/2007 Link
Laurentius26 7 Videocall 2 Business 27/06/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan Elf 0.3 18/06/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V5 0.3 18/06/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V4 0.3 14/06/2007 Link
Laurentius26 4 0.3 12/06/2007 1413.17913 Link
PdaViet 2.10.08 02/06/2007 Link
PdaViet 2.10.08 Clean 02/06/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan Midget\Original 0.3 24/05/2007 Link
Grayme 0.1.0 Vanilla 17/05/2007 Link
Lt_Cmdr_Ivan V2 0.3 17/05/2007 Link
Midget_1990 1 0.3 11/05/2007 1413.17913 Link Link
Jwrightmcps 2.02.02 0.0 23/04/2007 318.15341 Link ???
Jwrightmcps 2.02.00 0.0 12/03/2007 318.15341 Link ???
Jwrightmcps 2.01.06 0.0 13/02/2007 318.15341 Link ???
helmi_c 1.1 0.0 28/01/2007 318.15341 Link Link
Midget_1990 0.1 0.0 Vanilla 16/01/2007 318.15341 Link Link
??? ??? 0.0 First ROM 14/01/2007 318.15341 Link

Working With The Extended ROM

If you want to modify your extended rom (the area that holds all the cabs your device installes after a hard reset) you will need the following files.

Ext Rom Unlocker - it unlocks the ext rom

Default_Signed_DisableSecurity.CAB - allows the install of unsigned cabs


Total Commander or similar explorer (can't use File Explorer, it won't go to the ext rom)

You will also need your choice in backup programs to backup your data. Remember....


You're going to need to copy to the device (anywhere is fine) and run it. You will see "success" once or twice.... then do a soft reset.

Install and/or fire up your file browser (I like Total Commander) and go to \Extended_ROM

Copy config.txt to another location accessible to active sync (sd, my documents, etc), and copy to your PC (via active sync)

Config.txt will look like this

EXEC:\Extended_ROM\cusTSK.exe \Windows\T-Mobile.tsk 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_MMS3.5_TMHR_Universal_WWE_070817.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_PictureVideo_reg_signed.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP-Shorcut-MMS1-JAVA6XX-CV-VOICE-TMO-061009.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\Enable_VT_20061026.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_TMOUK_Material_TMOSTK_2_00_105.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_TMOHR_Material.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_ExtVersion.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PurgeSIM.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\P_CommManager_1.7.2.0_TMO_0409.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ITS880_ms2_usbfn_universal.CAB 
RST: Reset 

You will need to edit the config.txt to reflect your cabs that you will copy over in a moment, like this

EXEC:\Extended_ROM\cusTSK.exe \Windows\T-Mobile.tsk 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_MMS3.5_TMHR_Universal_WWE_070817.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_PictureVideo_reg_signed.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP-Shorcut-MMS1-JAVA6XX-CV-VOICE-TMO-061009.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\Enable_VT_20061026.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_TMOUK_Material_TMOSTK_2_00_105.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_TMOHR_Material.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_ExtVersion.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\PurgeSIM.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\P_CommManager_1.7.2.0_TMO_0409.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\ITS880_ms2_usbfn_universal.CAB 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\Default_Signed_DisableSecurity.CAB   <-----NEW 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\                     <-----NEW 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\                     <-----NEW 
CAB: \Extended_ROM\                     <-----NEW 
RST: Reset 

Make sure you install the Default_Signed_DisableSecurity.CAB at the end of the existing list before before your added cabs, and then add your cabs to the list (where "yournewprog#" is the actual name of the cab you want installed after every hard reset).

Now you will need to copy over your cabs and config.txt to the device (and then use your choice in file commander to transfer those cabs to the unlocked ext rom). Rename your original config.txt to config.old (just in case you need it later) and then copy and paste your cabs and config.txt to the Extended_ROM.

Make sure you have all the data you need backed up, and do a hard reset. Go through "Setup," and then watch to make sure your programs get installed.

Universal ROM Upgrade

Ok, so this is old but I was given a JasJar by one of my friends and after going through all the hoops and following outdated information this is what I found, and here are the steps.

Note for Vista/Windows 7 Users:

You will need to install the modem drivers for the bootloader as per this thread. If the link is dead, pm me and I'll be able to pass on a copy. Once this has been installed, you can proceed as normal.

Unlocking the CID/SIM (Unsure if this is needed now, but hey, it unlocks the SIM and who doesn't want that?)

Download this and unrar/unzip it. Follow the instructions contained to unlock both the SIM and CID of your phone. Remember to copy the exe to your phone and run it!

Flashing your custom ROM.

Most ROMS nowadays come with their own tool to flash them: UniversalRUU. If for some reason you get an archive that contains an nbf file, and nothing else, you will need to download UniversalRUU here and put it in the same directory as your*.nbf file.

Either way, you need to put your phone in bootloader mode by holding down Backlight (Bulb, near the volume control), Power, and inserting something in the soft reset port. You may think that it hasn't turned on, but you should be able to faintly read the word "Serial" on the screen (Or "USB" if it's plugged in to a USB port).

Open up the Update Utility and follow the onscreen instructions, once you've finished do a hard reset just to be safe.

I've left the old instructions here, seeing as they go into far more detail on some of the more basic steps, but be careful, some of the links lead to HTC Wizard tutorials, and following these WILL result in BAD THINGS.

These instructions are only a guide. Please cross reference with other sources to check that the information given is correct.

I just got my I-mate JASJAR (HTC Universal/Dopod 900/QTEK 9000/Orange SPV m5000/O2 XDA Exec/T-Mobile MDA/Vodaphone V1640 ... whatever you want to call it) a week ago and updated to WM6. I know the trouble i had to go through to get it right, so, here's a guide for the noobs by a noob :)

I was on a Windows XP Professional/ActiveSync 4.5 with my JASJAR connected to the system via USB cable. The JASJAR had Windows Mobile 5.0 installed (don't think this matters)!

Vista x32 users read this first. And Vista x64, read this as well!

You don't want to end up bricking your device, so, read up as much as you can. Here's a few must reads!

How To Flash a New ROM

You need to make sure whether you have a G3 device or a G4 device and then install a ROM that is meant for your device! Installing G4 ROMS on G3 devices WILL brick your device!

"You can tell if your device is G3 or G4 by entering into BootLoader mode. If the BootLoader version is less than 1.99999 than it is a G3 device. If the BootLoader version is greater than 2.00000 than it is a G4 device." (King of Rapture)

  1. First things first, you need a WM6 ROM to burn on your HTC Universal. You'll find most of them here at XDA Developers Forum
    • There's alot of "cooked" or customized/enhanced ROMS floating out there. YOU need to make sure you download one that is reliable and virus-free. One mistake and you end up "bricking" your device.
    • The best way to find a reliable ROM is to check the 50 pages of comments that follow the download link :P
    • There is no single best ROM, so, keep googling and keep updating! XDA Forum has the best resource i could find, and the great guys there keep making and posting newer and newer ROMs!
  2. The ROMs are usually compressed in ZIP/RAR/7z format. Extract the compressed files to any folder (using Winzip, WinRAR, 7z). There will be up to 3 ROMs in the package: ms_.nbf (Extended ROM), nk.nbf (OS ROM), radio_.nbf (Radio ROM)
  3. Delete those which you don't want to install. (If you just want to upgrade the radio ROM for instance delete ms_.nbf and nk.nbf and leave radio_.nbf)
  4. Before proceeding, you need to make sure that you unlock your PDA COMPLETELY. This includes removing CID/EROM locks etc. The unlocker and more tools can be found here or here
  5. Download the unlocker, transfer it to your PDA. Running the unlocker on your PDA should display a "SUCCESS" message and do an automatic soft reboot to ensure everything is unlocked! ( NOTE: AND IF IT DOESNT RESTART ITSELF DO A SOFT RESET YOURSELF)
  6. Now you need to download and install UniversalRUU from here or here. This is the software that actually does the ROM updating!
  7. Extract into the folder containing the nbf files you want to install.
  8. Remove the SIM and SD cards from the Universal (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  9. Download the latest Synchronization Stack you use (ActiveSync 4.5 for XP and Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista). (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  10. Go to "Connection Settings" for your Synchronization Stack and uncheck "Allow USB Connection". You'll have to check it back again once you're down upgrading your Universal, so you can synch normally with your PC.
  11. Uptil now, you have with you:
    • your PC running the right OS/SyncStack
    • a folder on your PC with UniversalRUU and the ROMS you want to burn
    • your PDA NOT connected to the PC, unlocked properly
  12. Connect your Universal to your PC via the USB cable. The PC should detect the device (but the Synchronization Stack won't).
  13. Now, you need to go into BootLoader mode. You can do this by holding the BACKLIGHT_BUTTON and the POWER_BUTTON and then pressing the RESET button. This might be needed to be pressed and held by several seconds. The BootLoader screen should be unlit and it should say "USB" at the top and a version at the bottom. If you have not connected the USB, it should say "Serial".
  14. Go to the folder containing the extracted files and the ROMs and double-click on RomUpdateUt.exe to start burning the ROM. Follow the (really simple) instructions and DONOT disconnect the Universal at any time from your PC.
  15. When UniversalRUU tells you, disconnect your PDA from the PC.
  16. You will need to do a soft reset OR a hard reset depending on the ROM. Instructions come with the ROM you download (NOTE: some say do a soft reset / others a hard reset ... possibly someone with more knowledge could correct me here, but until then it's best to investigate the matter for yourself on the forum.)
  17. To do a soft reset, just push the reset button with your stylus
  18. To do a hard reset, push the two menu buttons ("-") on the keyboard and then the reset button at the same time. Doing a hard reset will result in you losing all your installed apps and data so make sure you have a backup of everything first. On restart, you'll be asked to perform basic device configurations.
  19. As soon as you are finished with the configurations, the OS will automatically start installing the customizations/enhancements. The device will soft reboot once the installation is complete.
  20. If after doing a hard reset you want your Universal not to install the extras from the Extended ROM wait until setup is complete and then do a soft reset as soon as the installation popup window appears (you have 3 seconds before it installs ExtendedROM)
  • P.S. Some user's have had problems with having a single Installer ROMs instead of the 3 nbf files i mentioned above. Everything works exactly the same as i've explained, the only difference is that you execute the installer when your PDA is connected to your PC in BootLoader mode.

Universal Radio Upgrade

To upgrade the radio follow the instructions on this page.

If you have a radio NBF on it's own start from step 5.

Latest version is v1.18.00 Check the Universal upgrading thread for information.

(For WM5 Rom KDSkamal Ultimate Edition you will most likely want 1.15 as 1.18 has been reported by KDSKamal to miss Alarm Notications)

Added Comment: This page and this page are near duplicate's of Uni Rom Upgrade

(Suggest that content below is removed and just above content is kept.)


  1. First download the ROM you want to install.
  2. The best way is to use winRAR to unpack it to a folder. I've also posted a screen print of the file list below, showing the appropriate files.


    (Added Comment: This image is old. Using MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe is now considered old school and not safe. Image should show ROMUpgradeUt.exe directory)

  3. There will be up to 3 ROMs in the package: ms_.nbf (Extended ROM), nk.nbf (OS ROM), radio_.nbf (Radio ROM)
  4. Delete ms_.nbf and nk.nbf
  5. Go to and download the attached zip file (Also available on TehPenguin's hosting)
  6. Extract it and copy into that folder the radio_.nbf files you want to install
  7. Enter BootLoader mode by pressing and holding the power button and backlight button whilst performing a reset with the stylus.
  8. Doubleclick ROMUpgradeUt.exe and follow the instructions
  9. When the upgrade is finished pull out the USB cable from the Universal.
  10. Do a soft reset

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